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Featured DJ Chart: Beg To Differ

Our latest featured chart comes courtesy of two of New York’s finest in Nick Chacona and Roy Wurst.

Chacona is one of the Big Apple’s most venerable exponents of contemporary musical excellence with a CV that includes releases for Bear Funk, Internasjonal, Stilove4Music, 20:20 Vision, Moodmusic and most recently Roy Dank’s Wurst label. “Slice Of Life” is the latest in a long run of quality output from the Wurst stable that has already put out deep heat from Reade Truth, Neurotic Drum Band and Great Weekend.

Long term friends, the duo have only recently taken the decision to work together under the name Beg To Differ, with the first fruits being a well received remix of Detachments, released on Thisisnotanexit last year. Beg To Differ remixes of UK indie types The Hours and Chacona himself  have recently followed on Wurst and Moodmusic respectively, with forthcoming treatments of Lonelady and Max Skiba & Snax for Warp and Under the Shade on the way. Expect some original Beg To Differ material too with an emphasis on vocal driven tracks. Expect giant hooks, ecstatic arpeggios, lots of live instrumentation and effects, and a heavy, heavy rhythm section. Both are excellent DJs in their own right and they hit us up with a top ten of vinyl  delights both new and old.

1. Name In Lights – Eld & Lagor EP  (FEED)

“Quite possibly my new favorite producers, this Stockholm trio totally nails that chuggin’ electro-disco-rock thing. Cannot wait to hear what they do next.

2. Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende (Rush Hour Holland)

“Rush Hour is just on fire these days, between all of their new releases, reissues and retrospectives, as well as their sub-labels (Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct in particular is amazing)! “Liebe Suende” is the one for me on this EP, and easily my favorite cut from this Romanian fella.”

3. IBEX – Meltdown EP (Yore Germany)

“Stoked Mr. Ollivierra is back on the scene. Was a huge fan of his early work on Planet E and his latest does not disappoint. Love the bump of the title cut and those signature Detroit strings on “Mystery Babylon” give us goosebumps. Here’s hoping there’s more to come soon from this talented gent.”

4. Justin Vandervolgen – Clapping Song (Golf Channel US)

“Not exactly the newest and certainly not a release that anyone’s sleeping on, but we play both sides so much we just had to chart it. Justin’s a bud and we’re stoked to hear more from his twisted mind.”

5. Beg To Differ – The Remixes  (The Wurst Music Co)

“Nick and I banged out a slew of mixes this past spring and summer, but these two we’re especially proud of. And excited to release them on the Wurst label, to boot!”

6. Tiago –  Rider (Ene Japan)

“Our Portuguese homey can do no wrong at the moment. Between his live band Gala Drop, his myriad production aliases, and the music under just his first name, we’re kinda diggin’ all of it. Which is just weird. And amazing.”

7. Hannulelauri –  Super Monkey EP (Seahorse & Castle Finland)

“Roy played with the Lauri half of this Helsinki duo this past summer and fell in love with “Super Monkey”. No wonder Headman just licensed it for release on Relish. Big tings in store for these Finns.”

8. COS/MES – Chaosexotica (ESP Institute)

“We tend to get quite excited whenever Thomas Bullock makes music, and his rub of Cos/Mes’ “Chaosexotica” is no exception. We’re hoping we get to play this super late in a huge room just to see what exactly will go down, especially during the latter half.”

9. Runaway – Black Label Honey (On The Prowl)

“A year old and we’re still rockin’ this one. Still our favorite TBD remix, and on our good friends Runaway’s label to boot. How’s that for a family affair?”

10. Levon Vincent – The Medium Is The Message (Novel Sound US)

“We mainly charted this so Levon gets enough requests for this one that he’ll repress it. Roy sheds a tear every time Nick plays this because he slept on the initial pressing.”