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Featured DJ Chart: Basic Soul Unit

Toronto based producer and DJ extraordinaire Basic Soul Unit aka Stuart Li has enjoyed a fine 2010 to date, with one exceptional release in the shape of his Tuff Love EP for the Crème Organization and the introduction of a production style that touches on dubstep as Herman.  Combine this with some heavyweight Detroit and Chicago leaning releases for the likes of Ostgut Ton, Philpot, Left Of The Dial, Versatile, Mule Electronic and Mathematics Recordings and it’s not hard to see why Li is considered a talent on the rise. Stuart has already graced the pages of Juno Plus in a very interesting interview back in June so we decided to quiz him again,this time on the tracks that are standards in a Basic Soul Unit DJ set right now.

1. Alex Agore – Freedom (A mix) (Royal Oak)

“This sounds like a funked and pumped cut up of Larry Heard. Alex is a name I’ve only been wise to recently but glad I came across him.”

2. Walt J – Reborn 1 (DJ Qu’s Journey Towards Remix) (Curle)

“Been really feeling Qu’s stuff especially of late. Always slightly askew but heavy and rhythmic. ”

3. Marcellus Pittman – In Due Time (Rush Hour)

“One of my favourites among many other great tunes on this comp. Love the Toms and the keys on this. A smoky and melancholic late night jam.”

4. The Revenge – Forever In Their Debt (Bottle Of Scotch mix) (Home Taping)

“A driving deep remix. I like that it invokes Chicago but the wobbly bass kinda adds a different touch.”

5. Basic Soul Unit – Fly By Night (Void)

“A Jam I did for my friends at Void for their first release! Toronto bizniz.”

6. Shed – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) (Ostgut Ton)

“A man that needs no introduction. Really liking the new album as a whole but this is one of the tracks that would probably fit better into my sets.”

7. Two Dogs In A House –  Scream In The Night (Lies)

“A Retro sounding tune that could’ve been made in the 80’s but then I’ve never had any problems with that. Really nice.”

8. Jus Ed – First Time Ever (remix) (Underground Quality)

“I love when Ed gets into an abstract atmospheric groove (a la AM Mix), and this one does it for me. The askew bleeps is a nice contrast to the silky vocals and almost gives it an ethereal feel.”

9. Amplified Orchestra – Disco Acid (Amplified)

“A freaked out edit of an old favourite. Nuff said.”

10. Bilal – All Matter (Plug Research)

“Not a dancefloor tune (well, maybe an end of night song for an intimate dancefloor), but one of my favourite listening songs. Of course, the version with Robert Glasper is already a classic but this version is nice too.”