Popular People’s Front – Limited Series 03 review

We fully expect this third Popular People’s Front Edit 12 inch to swiftly follow the previous editions into the realm of “sold out and only available for ridiculous amounts on Discogs”. Rightly so too, as the third volume is the best one yet and worth buying for the A Side alone. “Abah Dabah Dis” is a marvellously drunken disco throbber, replete with heavily phased horn arrangements and over dubbed Eastern vocals. The ever present acid bassline guarantees smiling faces and encourages hip movement. The B Side is equally as good though, commencing with an Everlasting Chorus Edit of Cheryl Lynn’s all too rare “You Saved My Day” which expands the vocal refrain and rearranges the song progression to take advantage of the infectious hand clap rhythm section. Heavily dubbed vocoder reverberates out over the vintage outer galactic p-funk groove of “Party Over Here”, the final track on another superlative and varied selection of edits from the PPF camp.

Tony Poland