Marbeya Sound – Blind Cause review

Hot on the heels of their popular EP for Solardisco, US duo Marbeya Sound trade Glasgow for Milano. We’re big fans of Mad On The Moon, the label run by The Heels Of Love, thanks to some superlative releases from Ajello, The Love Supreme and the label bosses themselves and Marbeya Sound’s induction is just as good. Epic space rock riffs set the tone on the cavernous low slung dub of “Blind Cause” with strains of flamenco and soft shimmers of synth riding the most part of meteoric groove. The Love Supreme is enlisted to remix the track and opt to strip back the instrumental excesses in favour of indulging the bass and the drums in a superlative array of dub and delay. Once the psychedelic acid tinged groove kicks this remix really hits the spot. “Gangsta Reedflex” is all about building the momentum with an over the top synth ever rising over the meaty kicks for six minutes. Parma based duo The Mushroom Project add to their growing repute with a deep atmospheric reflex that keeps you waiting a whole three minutes before the brilliantly rusty beat kicks in.

Tony Poland