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Featured DJ Chart: Kruse & Nuernberg

About 15 seconds into the Kruse and Nϋrnberg remix of Motorcitysoul’s “Deliver Me”, a kickdrum hits that elicits an unexpected “phwoar” from anyone who hears it on a decent soundsystem. It’s deliciously crisp and heavy, and showcases how the Hamburg production duo walk the line between deep and tech house with aplomb: bouncy enough the keep shoes shuffling but deep enough to keep the heads nodding. Already with a healthy slew of releases on labels like Moodmusic, Time Has Changed and Will Saul’s Simple Records, the pair have made serious strides in just three years as a duo. We caught up with them to find out what was in their record bags this month…

1. Kruse & Nuernberg – Don’t Fret (Time Has Changed)

“The guys who made this track suck big time! But the groove and the summer feeling of “Don’t Fret” is awesome.”

2. Elef – Sunday To Monday (Feygin Remix) (Save Room Recordings)

“Elef is a young and very talented lad from Dusseldorf, Germany. We recently signed two nice and deep tracks from him, and there is a remix by his friend Feygin from New York, who is really on fire at the moment.”

3. Pezzner – The Tracks Are Alive (Rozzo Remix) (Freerange)

“Freerange delivers quality as usual. The name of the track is so cool and Rozzo simply found the right shuffle!”

4. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is (Bedrock)

“Okay, these guys suck as well, ha! Seriously, we think this is one of the best productions we have ever done, with our friend Stel from Athens. It works perfectly in the beginning of a set.”

5. Taras Van De Voorde – 1998 (Rebirth)

“Wicked tune! Definitely makes things rumble on the dancefloor.”

6. Mutant Clan – On & Amp (Vincenzo Remix) (Bedrock)

“Brilliant remix by Florian’s brother Vincenzo. The chords are massive and they do their job pretty well.”

7. Office Gossip – Var. II (Dark Energy)

“Nothing but quality from Office Gossip, who is probably one of the best producers out there at the moment.”

8. Loco Dice – La Bicicletta (Cocoon)

“Simple and effective. Very good tune – fits in every set.”

9. Johnny Dangerous – Mr. V’s Revenge (Kruse & Nuernberg’s Wer V Was Remix) (Nite Grooves)

“It was a great pleasure for us to do this remix, and in grand US style it’s dirty and filthy! It was big fun in the studio.”

10. Melohman & Javi Bora – Tierra – Julien Chaptal Remix (20:20 Vision)

“20:20 Vision is one of our favorite labels. On the Macbook speakers this remix sounds very smooth and not so interesting, but played loud it’s a bomb!”