Azari & III – Reckless With Your Remixes review

The clamour and hype surrounding Tensnake’s remix of Azari & III’s “Reckless With Your Love” has surpassed the inner disco circle and spread as far and wide as Pitchfork and The Metro. That comes as no real surprise as both the remixer and remixee are certainly Premier League material. The liberal usage of C & C Music Factory splits audiences once the signature piano stabs are dropped in, but this remix alone is likely to secure Permanent Vacation one of their best selling 12 inches to date.

But yet, it’s not even the best remix on this record: that honour falls to Midnight Magic, who have already won many a heart via their debut single “Beam Me Up”. Employing a similar sound to that track, Midnight Magic’s remix has a vintage disco bump that submerged in cavernous echo, with the soaring string and horn arrangements laced over the chorus a true delight. Tuff City Kids aka Gerd Jansen and Phillip Lauer (Arto Mwambe/Brontosaurus) dispel with the vocal refrain and opt for some prime Muzic Box jack which brilliantly teases out an acid tinged variant on the original’s distinctive synth melody. The less than prolific German duo of Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt return from the wilderness with a brilliant burning deep house rework which rounds off a superlative remix package.

Tony Poland