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Featured DJ Chart: Dapayk Solo

Dapayk Solo is one of the many musical monikers of Niklas Worgt, who has been producing since the early 90s. Starting off as a D&B and breakbeat DJ, Worgt began making techno in the early 2000s. He’s one half of the minimal-meets-pop project Dapayk and Padberg (alongside Eva Padberg), and started the Marek Bois pseudonym in 2006, with releases following on Trapez and Rrygular. After amassing a decade’s worth of music as Dapayk Solo, Worgt has just released a couple of superb compilations of his original work and remixes of his material. We thought it was the right time to have a peek into the mind of this fascinating artist and see what 12″s he’s been feeling this month.

1. Jamie Lidell  – I Wanna Be Your Telephone (Warp)

“I’m a huge Jamie Lidell fan! His current album is amazing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it, and everytime I find something new in the tracks.”

2. Olene Kadar – Kadar’s Bitter (Clap Your Hands)

“Olene is one of the best live acts/DJs I know. His productions are groovy as hell, he plays with clichés and combines them with total experimental madness. This EP contains his more housey stuff, but you should check out his more edgy tracks as well.”

3. Daniel Stefanik/ Marcin Czubala – Hi Five Mobilee Part 2 of 3 (Mobilee)

“When it comes to deep house tunes, Daniel Stefanik is one of the best. Marcin’s track on this EP is cool too, but Daniel Stefanik’s “Tripando Los Colores” is the one for me!”

4. Dave Aju & The Soul Percussion Ensemble – Two Tone (Circus Company)

“Funky as hell! Dave’s productions are always top notch. He always tries something new, but also keeps his eyes on the floor.”

5. Marbert Rocel/Hundreds – A Parrots Yellin (Fenou)

“Mabert Rocel is a real band. Their music is cute, housey and experimental. It’s perfect for the early or late hours in the club.”

6. Butane feat. Midnight – Damned Lecherous Old Men (Rrygular)

“Butane is Mr. Deep! If you combine his ability to play with dark, groovy tools with Lauda Midnight’s even darker, almost gothic voice, you’ll get a pretty interesting minimal track. My favourite on this EP is Bruno Pronsato’s remix. Ten minutes and 55 seconds isn’t enough!”

7. Marcel Knopf – Dusty Dance remixes (Mo’s Ferry Productions)

“The Jeff Samuel remix on this record is what I call a cool remix.”

8. Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes 2 (Vakant)

“Mathias Kaden’s album Studio 10 is a beautiful piece of work. These are two more floor orientated remixes – check out the Luna City Express & Tanzmann version, it’s perfect.”

9. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Walking In The Naked City (Mule Musiq)

“I love all his albums! The current one sounds definitely less electronic than the one before, but I like that. It’s so soulful and jazzy and absolutely not elevator music.”

10. Dapayk Solo – Berlin Bedlam (Leena)

“Sorry, but I have to do this! Haha… I made “Berlin Bedlam” over a year ago, it just came out and I still love the sound of the tracks.”