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Wolf + Lamb – Love Someone review

When first hearing that Wolf + Lamb’s debut LP is more like a disparate collection of tracks as opposed to an album proper, you would be forgiven for feeling a little cheated. Yet when you take it all on board it starts to make wonderful sense. The fact that it is a collection of songs seems fitting considering that they were made last year whilst on the road, gigging off the back of the success that has turned Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg into a truly worldwide act these past eighteen months. The tracks were recorded in Zurich, Matt Tolfrey’s London studio, Berlin and of course, The Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. All this seems right for the album as Wolf + Lamb are now recognised as much – perhaps even more so – in these European hotspots as they are in the US. The fact that there was a brief hiatus at the start of the year when Zev travelled and Gadi DJ’d and released slew of impressive solo productions also seems to round off the most important part of Wolf + Lamb’s history so far rather nicely. As of course, does the very fact the record is called Love Someone.

It is a short album but one that displays diversity and innovation, whilst keeping the deep house sound at its core. No tracks display their diversity more than the experimental art-jazz workout “Monster Love” which is as detached from dance music as they could conceivably go. The record comes with all the emotion that has littered the Wolf + Lamb label catalogue and parties also. Tracks like the slow, dubbed out “Sunshine Boogie,” “Want Your Money” and “Therapist” display a kind of melancholic attitude twisted around their sleek and minimal, deep underground tastes whilst title track “Love Someone” unashamedly jumps into a joyous celebration of funk, house and general good times. Label cohort Dyed Soundorom also makes an appearance with a lush remix and we see Wolf + lamb’s experimental approach to dance music bear some delicious results from “I Know You’re Leaving”, “I’m” and “Must Be Brooklyn”.

Review: Tom Jones