Remix Calibro 35; appear on EP with KZA and Serge Santiago

Milanese band Calibro 35, best known for rescoring the soundtracks to 60s and 70s Italian films, have launched a remix competition for their new song “Eurocrime”. The winner will have their remix released on an EP alongside two of the biggest underground heads in disco: Serge Santiago and KZA.

The choice of remixes is impressive but unsurprising: UK producer Santiago has had a long love affair with all things Italo, as evidenced buy his work as one half of Retro/Grade, while KZA – aka Ikuzumi Kitazawa – has an enviable record collection that includes a fair share of Italian disco and prog.

To enter, simply send a blank email to and you will receive a link to download the “Eurocrime” stems package.

Once your mix is complete make an MP3 (under 10MB) and email along with your name, address, email and phone number to before August 17.

The winner will have their remix included on the band’s new remix EP, due for release in October.