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Nick Thayer – Just Let It Go review

After an almost constant stream of great singles, EP’s and remixes over the past six months, Nick Thayer’s album finally drops and it definitely lives up to the hype. Encompassing all the colours of the rave rainbow (breakbeat, electro, hip-hop and dubstep all fused together), it’s a full on party album from start to end and a real triumph for the Australian DJ.

The Daft Punk-isms of “Bring On The Drums” kick things off with style. Thayer has a knack of making any tempo work, and so even a moderately slow tune like this one still gets filled out and beefed up so well that it’s impossible not to throw yourself around after seconds. “Alarm Bells” picks up the pace soon after and mixes Crookers beats with martian-synths and some eye-watering builds. “Zombies” follows and kicks some serious octave-riding bass into the mix and some bubbly drums.

While Thayer’s got the heavy breakbeat workers in check, he also brings MC’s Mike Beatz and Lex One on board for some new-skool hip-hop business on “Can’t Touch Me Now” and also on “Gimme Some More” featuring Sporty-O, which marries dirty bass with some equally dirty raps. Fellow hype-masters Black Noise also make an appearance on the collaborative “Rockin’ It” which is a masterpiece of bass driven lunacy powered along by some hard-hitting retro drum breaks. With sixteen hardcore gems on the album, Nick Thayer’s certainly excelled himself on Just Let It Go.

Review: Oliver Keens