Arto Mwambe’s Robert Johnson mix

Arto Mwambe will release the sixth edition of the famed club’s mix series, following on from the likes of Prins Thomas, Thomas Hammann & Gerd Janson and Roman Flügel.

The German duo  (real names Chris Beisswenger and Phillip Lauer) have eschewed the normal DJ compilation format, instead choosing to perform a ‘mix’ live, utilising drum machines, pianos and synthesisers in the insouciant way they have become known for.

The press notes accompanying the release say this method gives the mix a “often dearly missed element of surprise, spontaneity and wit”. There is a mixture of the duo’s new material plus current tracks altered by the live format.

Live at Robert Johnson Volume 6 will be released on August 16.


1. Intro (M.T.A.I.)
2. Duster FC
3. MIDI Vice
4. Interlude 1 (Home Strainer)
5. Greatest Love
6. N ‘No r‘ G
7. Interlude 2 (Winter Hut)
8. Ohm Balance
9. One Lonely Knight
10. Love Lift
11. Btwo