Guido – Anidea review

A giant leap for Punch Drunk, this debut LP by Bristol producer Guido could lead to an avalanche of fans for the burgeoning “purple sound” of young Bristol producers like Guido, Joker, and Gemmy. After only a handful of singles and remixes, Guido has fashioned a perfect album that drips with freshness and originality. Combining post-dubstep styles with a pop sensibility and the production clarity of The Neptunes, there’s a host of unlikely sounds thrown into the mix that strangely end up working – check the Kenny G-style sample flipped perfectly in the appropriately named “Mad Sax” as an example.

While the album starts off on an exclusively instrumental tip, “Beautiful Complications” bucks the trend and features a deliciously warped female vocal that works a treat with Guido’s sparse and gritty beats. As the album steadily grows in energy, tunes like “Way You Make Me Feel” and “You Do It Right” pack more beats into the bars and the album really feels like a journey, not just a random collection of songs. Not only is it an accomplished debut, it’s fiercely original and exciting, and comes very highly recommended indeed.

Review: Oliver Keens