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Instra:mental – Let’s Talk / Vicodin

Naked Lunch unleash two effortlessly cool, idiosyncratic productions from Instra:mental. “Let’s Talk / Vicodin” are two slow and atmospheric tracks that bridge the modern day gap between dubstep, house, techno and drum & bass.

Last year’s anthem, “Watching You” was an innovative slice of future dubstep that brought the production duo of Instra:mental to the attention of many. Since then they have had releases on Exit, Apple Pips and their own NonPlus+ imprint in addition to mixing a Fabriclive compilation. “Let’s Talk” is an ocean deep, slow burning crossover between house and dubstep. It utilises the warm, clicky tone of the constant kick drum that penetrates the atmospheric soundscape of background chime and tension building static. Echoed melody snatches and pulsing synthesized bass stabs create an ominous sense of foreboding that is heightened by the somewhat unsettling, down-pitched vocals. The sheen from the pads give the track a calmness that makes it sound even more menacing.

On the flip, “Vicodin” picks up the tempo as the duo indulge their dubstep palette once more. Keeping their futurist sentiments in hand, they keep the sound unique and fresh with some intricate percussion and beatless structure. Wrapped around thumping sub bass and Detroit styled piano chords, this is an atmospheric stepper that moves with a fluid arrangement for the deepest part of the night.

Review: Tom Jones