Popnoname – Hello Gorgeous review

A staple on the Cologne scene, Jens-Uwe Beyer, AKA Popnoname has released two acclaimed full length albums on Italic, worked on the Sound of Cologne project and recently collaborated with Can percussionist Jaki Liebezeit. Now, following a string of contributions for Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, he joins Kompakt Pop to unveil his latest work to the masses.

His original version of the track is an epic sounding piece of electro house that is loaded with Beyer’s pop credentials. Somewhere between the traditional sound of Kompakt and 80s pop from the likes of Pet Shop Boys, “Hello Gorgeous” has a classic shine. The tight drums, clean bass and shaking percussion is all brought together harmoniously by Beyer’s strong vocal performance. Later in the track, the dance vibe starts to filter through as xylophone melodies begin to fuse with trance-style pads. Preceding the original however, are two dance remixes that signal Popnoname’s intent from the off.

Opening with a rework from veterans Terranova, “Hello Gorgeous ” is turned into a streamlined, functional club track. Swirling synth arpeggios unload over a jacking house groove in this killer remix. Popnoname’s own “Le Klub Mix” keeps more in line with the original, however all but drops the vocals in favour for more trance and techno styled elements.

Review: Tom Jones