Ilija Rudman – Calypso review

Artist: Ilija Rudman
Title: Calypso
Label: Red Music
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Ilija Rudman releases another hot EP on his own label, Red Music. “Calypso” seems to point towards the forthcoming summer, with chunky funk laced basslines and light percussion. Both Rudman and his label continue to prove why they are held in such high regard with another fine release.

This release follows on from Rudman’s “Call Me Tonight” through his own label, “What Am I Gonna Do” on Under the Shade as well as several releases for the likes of Electric Minds, Rebirth and Tirk.

It picks up in the same place however, with Rudman’s instrumental knowledge and musicality shinning through. Like all his productions, this one was made in his full analogue vintage studio. The result here is a spectacularly live sounding slap bass that forms the spine on “Calypso.” He uses the beat wisely too, turning simple drum patterns in a seductive rhythm that accentuates the vintage feel of the track. The occasional key slide adds even more charm to his production here and elongated, warm synth stabs complete the wholly enticing atmosphere.

Review: Tom Jones