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Tiefschwarz feat Cassy – Find Me review

Artist: Tiefschwarz feat Cassy
Title: Find Me
Label: Souvenir
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Tiefschwarz issue the first single to come off their forthcoming album on their own Souvenir imprint. Featuring Berlin based techno luminary Cassy, the inimitable “Find Me” comes in both original and dub version.

The German duo will release their third studio album, Chocolate later this year. Mapping the development of their experiences of the last few years, the album takes on an innovative new sound aesthetic that displays more diversity than we have seen before from the two brothers.

They waste no time on “Find Me,” launching straight into distorted FX that make way for strutting drum patterns and rolling basslines. The groove lays down the track’s momentum, sweeping the listener away of their feet. Dark and disturbing jazz keys add character but the groove is quick to swing back in place and remove any sinister feeling.

Panorama Bar resident Cassy features, peppering her influence all over the track. Her most notable inclusion however comes on the echoed, Diva-esque vocal, the likes of which appeared on her latest In The Mix compilation for Cocoon. ‘Find Me, Love Me, Hold Me Tight, Show Me, Teach Me, Everything Alright’ turns this chugger into a complete song, as good for the dancefloor as it is on your home stereo. The dub version strips the original back, allowing the bass to drive things forward. High end sounds shake and rattle over the top, creating a unique atmosphere that matches the individuality of the original.

Review: Tom Jones