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Computer Jay – Maintain review

Artist: Computer Jay
Title: Maintain
Label: Ramp Recordings
Genre: Dubstep/Grime
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Ramp unleashes some more computer funk, this time courtesy of Computer Jay’s “Maintain”. Returning to the label following the huge success of his “Distance 10” that was picked up by the likes of Kode9 and Fly Lo, Jay delivers anther slice of computerised, synth-heavy freak out beats.

Complete with reworks from FaltyDL, Mike Slott and Ikonika, Ramp have certainly loaded this one up with fresh and contemporary, techy sounds. The self confessed computer obsessive from LA is part of a collective that includes Flying Lotus, Ras G and Gaslamp Killer. Their influence can be heard through his music but Jay unquestionably has his own inimitable sound. Ascending analog flashes scatter over minimal beats on “Maintain”; chopped up vocals pepper the track as it spirals around techy sounds and effects in a dizzying take on electronic funk. With a tempo that is completely bespoke for what Jay is doing, “Maintain” still manages to ooze charm and lay out a decent groove besides its highly unnatural approach.

Ramp starlet FaltyDL turns in the first remix, again playing tricks on the mind with his use of tempo. His hyper-garage mix is an edgy and sometimes uncomfortable rework of the original. It manages to push the vocal and melody to the brink whilst keeping the groove in place. Mike Slott then steps up with a more laid back, euphoric remix. Toning down the tech madness slightly, he opts for a more hip-hop infused offering. Ikonika slows things down further still to close the release. Adding a sensation of strangeness to Computer Jay’s track, she turns it into a wonky piece of tech-step that seems to revel in the space allowed to it that the original did not. Another wonderfully unique release from Ramp and Computer Jay, “Maintain” signals just how much one man can get out of a computer for a three and a half minute track.

Review: Tom Jones