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Das Glow – Phase IV EP review

Artist: Das Glow
Title: Phase IV EP
Label: Institubes
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Something this unique and awe-inspiring doesn’t come along often, and this new collection of songs from Moscow-born Das Glow really deserves to be heard to be believed. Out via Institubes, “Phase IV” follows remixes of The Faint as well as early releases like “Weiss Gaz” and “Sunburnt”. Here are four more big, audacious and highly creative tunes to make you fall under Das Glow’s spell.

“Earth” is a huge techno monster that has a clear Kompakt influence but a fresh and more hardcore style of its own, as does “Phase IV” which contains squealing acid hits that bludgeon and delight in equal measure. The combination of funky claps and piercing squawks on “Phase IV” are especially reminiscent of Boys Noize, and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear it turning up in his sets very soon. “Jerrycan” is a slightly more relaxed track with a simple 4/4 kick beat and an industrial horror-core hook that sweeps over the tune.

Last in the EP is “Lost Sight”, another doom-laden slow-mo beat with some fantastically haunting choir stabs that recall Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”. While it’s easy to reference artists that might come to mind while listening to this EP, truly nothing quite sounds the same as these four brilliant tracks. They really come highly recommended and must be heard to truly appreciate where Das Glow is coming from.

Review: Oliver Keens