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Cortex feat Alain Mion – The Unreleased Versions review

Artist: Cortex feat Alain Mion
Title: The Unreleased Versions
Label: Trad Vibe
Genre: Funk
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Alternative Parisian label Trad Vibe proudly issue two rare and previously unreleased tracks from elusive cult French band, Cortex. “Unreleased Versions” meanders through soul, jazz, funk and chill out on its two tracks, “Les Oiseaux Morts” and “Mary & Jeff.”

Led by Alain Mion, Cortex are a French jazz-funk band with an extremely rare discography that drives record collectors and music lovers wild. Happy to part with handsome figures in exchange for their rare releases, the record collectors out there are dealt a lucky treat here, as are music lovers of all types, as they are given the chance to own two tracks that only a handful of fortunate people have ever heard.

Side A is an alternate and previously unreleased take of “Les Oiseaux Morts.” A slower and deeper version, it grooves its way through gentle French jazz-funk and soft pop. A crawling drum beat joins melodic keys as the track smoothly glides along to the soulful male vocal. “Mary & Jeff” is much more upbeat. It was recorded for television in 1977 and includes an explosive Fender Rhodes chorus giving the release a truly special feel as the original track was performed on an acoustic piano. Alongside this, there are plenty of funked up guitars and energetic drum rolls making for an enthralling five minute hair raising ride through Parisian jazz at its untamed best. Owning something rare always comes with a special feeling in itself, but when the rarity also sounds this good – then you really have got something special on your hands.

Review: Tom Jones