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Bea Tricks – Be At Risk review

Artist: Bea Tricks
Title: Be At Risk
Label: Wagon Repair Canada
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Canadian techno luminaries Wagon Repair release the debut EP from Bea Tricks. Representing an amalgamation of varying styles and Genres, the four tracks on the “Be At Risk” EP gives a true flavour of the essence of Bea Tricks. Created by Bea Tricks and beatboxer/producer Beatmaster G, “Be At Risk” was produced using state of the art studio equipment up in the hills of Ibiza. It hints at the varying influences of the duo, drawing on electro, pop, rock, hip-hop, techno, dub and old school on just the one EP. There are heaps of vocals in there too, coming loaded with potent political and ethical thought in the same vein as Green Velvet or Slam’s Year Zero.

The lyrics in “El Mansaje” detail the journey of a character the duo made up who travels through dimensions to alert different civilisations about the need to make the transition into the next phase. At a time when the end of the world is often discussed, they believe in the knowledge transmitted by lost civilisations about mankind renewing themselves rather than ending. “Melting Dancing” is less thought provoking, instead opting for some up front house music accompanied only by the titled vocal. Its chunky sound and bouncing bassline make it one to dance to rather than contemplate. “Pipstrello” turns proceedings into darker territory, utilising sinister synths, wailing FX and rumbling basslines. The angst ridden vocal adds to the feel throughout the track before “Contravention” steers us back towards old school dance music with some squelchy bass and a driving 4/4 beat.

The production duo are keen to let the listener make their own interpretations of the music. As such there are bound to be as many different understandings of this EP as there are musical styles within it. It’s up to you now to go out, get this one and make your own mind up!

Review: Tom Jones