Sarrass – Lust review

Artist: Sarrass
Title: Lust
Label: Third Ear UK
Genre: Deep House
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

UK based label Third Ear have proven themselves to be rather on the money when it comes to discovering new artists. This time, they introduce German producer, Sarrass who deals us an accomplished EP whose four tracks deliciously blend Detroit techno with more abstract electronica. Hailing from the south-west of Germany, Sarrass first entered the world of music playing piano and trumpet in classical and jazz orchestras. Electronic music first came to his attention via Klaus Schulze and then after hearing techno later, he was hooked.

Third Eye discovered his talents through his MySpace page and tracked him down to finally get this EP out to world. Showcasing his deep and melancholic sound, the “Lust” EP contains the beauty and emotion that Sarrass sees as pivotal to his approach to music. His preference of emotion above functionality is clear to see over these four diverse original productions. “Seance” gets the ball rolling with some lusciously deep house music. Keeping things relatively simple, Sarrass sets the tone with a warm feel courtesy of lush synths and deep bass. “Louisa Suiza” takes on more of a stripped down, down tempo techno persona. Spiralling tech sounds cascade through a wall of pulsating bass and shield of steady beats.Returning back to house music, “Be as Been” builds amid stabbing bass parts, snapping claps and a driving beat. Simple key patterns add yet more character as Sarras indulges in the disciplines of his past.

Delving into chunkier pastures, “Lust” finishes the EP with a staggering jaunt through the intertwining sounds of house and techno. Often raw sounding, but always deep and emotive, the “Lust” EP is an expertly crafted manifestation of Sarrass’ own unique sound. Once again proving Third Eye’s aptitude for spotting new talent, we can only wait with bated breath to see what they uncover next.

Review: Tom Jones