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Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching review

Artist: Glass Candy
Title: Feeling Without Touching
Label: Italians Do It Better
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download
Amidst the trials and tribulations of pimping his record collection on Discogs, Italians Do It Better boss Mike Simonetti sent cowbells a ringing throughout the blogoshere at the turn of the year with the revelation that the imprint was prepping a follow up to the massively popular After Dark compilation which brought to many peoples attention the all round awesomeness of acts like Professor Genius, Chromatics and Glass Candy.
Whilst we wait impatiently for Into The Black (to give After Dark vol 2 it’s correct billing) the label drops this teaser of a first release in 2010 in the shape of a new Glass Candy EP. New in the sense that it features a re/recorded video mixx of all time knee trembler Feeling Without Touching. Originally released via their 2008 tour CD Deep Gems, this live favourite has been fuzzed up a bit, with a slight change in synth pattern which is truth is a cosmetic change not reallly noticeable to any but the most obsessive Glass Candy fan.
In addition are further updated versions of tracks from the Glass Candy canon, Shine Like Gold & Diamonds is a short exercise in blissful synth soaked drone, Covered In Bugs could be perceived as the musical result of Ida No’s possible over indugence on hallucinogens and Sugar & Whitebread sees the impish singers voice ride a woozy sax/synth combo with typical aplomb.
Given the current vogue for lo fi pop music this EP of updated tracks can be seen as well timed and will certainly win over people yet to be entralled by the Glass Candy sound, but for those amongst the bands many fans it will just increase the craving for some new original material.
Review: Tony Poland