Eddie C – Rocket Science review

Artist: Eddie C
Title: Rocket Science
Label: Sleazy Beats Recordings
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Having released some sublime beats on the now-folded Jisco imprint, the smart and savvy folks at the Sleazy Beats blog have taken Eddie C under their wing for this latest EP, available exclusively at Juno. From the idyllic town of Banff in Canada, there’s a serenity and starry-eyed beauty to Eddie’s midtempo disco that really sets him apart from the crowd right now.

Opening track “Space Cadet” layers dense strings over a popping bassline and keeps it all anchored to a deep 100 BPM groove. Some louche piano riffing and gentle swathes of sampled rhodes give it a breezy edge, similar to 9 Lazy 9’s seminal “Electric Lazyland”. “One With The Stars” notches up the tempo slightly, with Salsoul-style hats buzzing throughout and some soulful vocals sampled and looped over the top. Final tune “Get Down” plugs into Eddie’s hip-hop roots, riding a beat that has the same bump and swing as Biggie’s classic “Hypnotize”, coupled with some delirious piano action to boot.

Fans of The Revenge, Pete Herbert and Ray Mang will definitely appreciate where Eddie C is coming from with this strong, space-influenced release.

Review: Oliver Keens