Tevo Howard – Crystal Republic review

Artist: Tevo Howard
Title: Crystal Republic
Label: Hour House Is Your Rush Holland
Genre: Deep House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Tevo Howard stands alone in his ability to make true Chicago house music that keeps the feel of the original sounds of the city but adds a fresh and contemporary edge. After the success of his HHYR debut, “Move,” he returns to the label with “Crystal Republic,” a six track exploration through warm, deep and emotive Chi-town house music.

The title track is hypnotic and dipped in melancholy yet still drenched in beautiful melodies. “Laboratory” and “The Glass Ceiling” are more energetic, the latter of which utilising an uptempo jacking beat but still retaining the emotion that is ever present on the release.

“Material” has crisp, acid basslines that linger above brooding undertones as the track embarks along a detailed journey through clever arrangement. More raw and rugged however, is “Data.” First there is a relentless jacking version before finishing with an extended version, as hypnotic as it is all enticing.

Although this release is clearly heavily inspired by the original sounds of Chicago house music, Howard’s crisp productions give them a fresh vibe that is very much of today. Full of emotion and depth, each track is like a journey through the past but ending up in the present.

Review: Tom Jones