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Pascal Feos – Terra Bong review

Artist: Pascal Feos
Title: Terra Bong
Label: Level Non Zero Germany
Genre: Techno
Format: 12″, CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records (2xLP, CD), Juno Download

Pascal Feos is without doubt one of the most experienced techno producers around. Generally considered to be one of the founding fathers or German techno, Feos is fast approaching twenty-five years on the scene. Terra Bong, his fourth artist album, highlights his creativity and versatility but whilst staying within his signature techno sound. Released on his own label, Level Non Zero, this full length delivers all the class and quality as affirmation of that wealth of experience that lies within the Frankfurt native.

Not one to be swayed by the latest trends in club music, Pascal Feos drops an entire long-player devoid of the influences of minimal or the latest string of tech-house, setting it apart from most techno albums straight away. Instead, all the tracks lend themselves full heartedly to the dancefloor. They are unmistakably tracks for the club, as unrelenting and breathless as they are hypnotic. Perhaps deeper and more refined that his previous offerings, this album has a distinct nod to sounds of Detroit and Chicago that have always inspired the veteran German producer. Taking in sounds that are reminiscent of ten years ago, but mixing them with modern techno gives the album a sleek feel whilst allowing Feos’ experiences over the last quarter century to seep out amongst the tracks.

Not afraid of using funky grooves and melodies throughout the album, the mix flows as he builds atmosphere towards darker, trippier and almost proggy territory.

Fans of Non Zero have become accustomed to releases of super deep, hypnotic techno that drives its way through a purposeful and positive journey. Terra Bong is no different, doing exactly that from start to finish.

Review: Tom Jones