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Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches EP review

Artist: Fantastic Mr Fox
Title: Sketches EP
Buy From: Juno Download

Fantastic Mr Fox is back on Black Acre with three new, original tracks on his “Sketches EP,” which also includes a SBTRKT remix of the title track. Coined by some as clockwork garage, the music created by the undoubtedly talented Fantastic Mr Fox is often tinged with melancholic undertones and wrapped up in computer funk cuts – his Sketches EP is no different.

The young producer is a university student in Manchester. This EP was made on his computer in his room a few months ago. Although the noises themselves would allude to this, the clever arrangement and innovative rhythms on the release certainly would not. His aim was to make music that would sound as good on the dancefloor as they would on a bus. Opening with the title track, “Sketches” grumbling bass murmurs alongside kicks and shuffling drum patterns. The Nintendo sounding noises that waft over “Sketches” also make an appearance on “BrickAbrac.” Only this time, they are accompanied by a more thumping 4/4 beat and a warbling sub bass that complements the computer noises perfectly.

“If I” is certainly the most soulful of the tracks, taking on a futuristic twist on soul infused garage music. The easiest track of the four to listen to, this is likely to be as popular amongst old fans of the scene as it is with the new ones. The last track on the EP is SBTRKT’s remix of “Sketches.” The track is reduced to its shell and then rebuilt with Detroit style beats and a huge drop which explodes with massive drums, making this the real dancefloor killer of the pack.

Review: Tom Jones