Kirk Degiorgio – Swarm EP review

Artist: Kirk Degiorgio
Title: Swarm EP
Label: Applied Rhythmic Technology US
Genre: Techno
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

The man sometimes known as As One or Esoterik (to name just a few of his many alter egos) returns with the Swarm EP, bringing his truckload of influences and experience with him. His A.R.T label (Applied Rhythmic Technology) has previously released early work by legendary artists like Aphex Twin and Carl Craig, and this release won’t damage that lofty reputation one bit.

As a former soul-boy and rare groover, Degiorgio brings something different to his Detroit-leaning techno excursions, as seen on “A Way of Life” which combines beautifully arpeggiated keys and life-affirming chords to keep you locked in the for the ride. While “A Way of Life” is an airy cosmic odyssey, “Swarm” is heavier and more pumping, with some dark textures laid over a driving beat that’ll keep the floor working easily.

Final track “Distant Realm” keeps the hi-hats high and adds some distantly modulating pads for texture, all the while keeping the vibe peak-time and club friendly. It’s obvious that a journeyman of Degiorgio’s calibre has picked up some tricks over the years, but when it sounds as good as this, it’s almost as though he’s showing off.

Review: Oliver Keens