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Featured DJ Chart: Diplo

Mad Decent big cheese and all round nice guy Diplo returns with another featured chart for Juno Plus. He talks us through his top tunes for February, which range from subtle dubstep to outright bangers, and admits dressing like Fever Ray at a Halloween party (apparently “it didn’t work out so well”).

1. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team remix) (Mad Decent)

“I put out L-Vis’ “United Groove” record last year, super cool and the b-side “Come Together” is awesome too. It was so popular so we had to do the remix EP, this Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team track is awesome/funny. Institubes are our favorite label.”

2. In Flagranti – Ex Ex Ex (Riton Mix) (Codek)

“In Flagranti are a cool NYC staple, they’ve been kinda underground for a while, making cool sex-disco weird stuff. This Riton remix is proper though – plus check out that cover art!”

3. Momma’s Boy – Wedouwedou (Kid Kaio remix) (Sound Pellegrino)

“A lot of people are sleeping on Kid Kaio – he’s been killing it on the more minimal but still jacking Dutch stuff. I first heard this last September in a hotel in London before our Mad Decent Carnival party, it was so mad, I don’t even remember if I played it or not but I probably should have.”

4. Diplo – Blow Your Head (Eli Escobar remix) (Hed Kandi)

“Eli Escobar is a good friend of mine, and he’s a super talented dude. He made this cool remix of my song from last year, I have no idea about this compilation it’s on, but the cover art looks like an ad for strawberry gum!”

5. Rob Threezy – You Bad (DJ Sega remix) (Nightshifters)

“Rob Threezy is one of my little Chicago homies, he’s part of the Ghetto Division crew there that make crazy club music and rep the Brick Bandits crew that DJ Sega is a part of too, so this release is like super family. Plus Rob’s sister cut my hair in their basement last time I went to Chicago, so they get brownie points for that.”

6. Stenchman – What The Hell Are You? (Prime Audio)

“Cool track, still super crazy but with interesting drum work and gets nutty without being wobble-hell that makes you loose your balance and fall down. And Stenchman wears that scary ass mask, he’s like a dubstep Slipknot or something.”

7. Attacca Pesante feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me (Rusko remix) (Digital Soundboy)

“We just did an awesome Mad Decent podcast with Rusko, with interview, songs, talking about his new album coming out in a couple months. This track is featured along with a bunch of other interesting stuff, go to to check it out!”

8. Fever Ray – Seven (Crookers remix) (Lektroluv)

“Dope Crookers remix, I love that phone sample. I tried to do my facepaint like Fever Ray on Halloween‚ didn’t work so well! It wasn’t my fault all my friends made me late so I only had like two seconds to do it. If you wanna be my makeup girl holler at me, I need a facepaint stylist or something.”

9. Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation) (Brownswood)

“Joy Orbison is killing it, “Hyph Mngo” is such a great track. This has some proper techno style more so than that, but I had to show love because his releases are super exciting.”

10. James Mowbray/Leiam Sullivan – Tropical Heights (Ink & Needle cut edit) (Four Twenty)

“OK this is from 07′ but I had to put it on because one of the guys who works for Mad Decent is obsessed with Ink & Needle. Their “Tattoo Two” record is really cool though – crazy drums, people have been into that when I’ve played it out in the past. The build ups on this remix are definitely cool.”