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Martyn – Hear Me (remixes 1/2) review

Artist: Martyn
Title: Hear Me (remixes 1/2)
Label: 3024
Genre: Dubstep/Grime
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Great Lengths – the first album by singular Dutch producer Martyn – made big waves last year. Yet another talent to drift from drum and bass into 2-Step/dubstep/wobble territory, he put his own unique stamp on the genre and was shown a lot of love around the world as a result. This revisit to Great Lengths sees two very spooky gentlemen, Zomby and Redshape, take on two of its tracks.

Zomby’s output has been fairly prolific of late and he’s established a fanatical fanbase who follow him hawkishly. Anyone who’s heard his rave homage “Where Were U In ’92?” will know how extreme he can get, but on his mix of “Hear Me” he plays it relatively safe. He keeps things nicely sparse, keeping the “Can you hear me” line from the original while adding some nice arpeggiated synths and a funky Soca beat over the top. Needless to say, his fans won’t be disappointed as it’s bound to blow up big time with DJs over the next few weeks.

Berlin-based Redshape is an enigma, a man whose identity is unknown and who wears a mask to hide his face at all times. He also does an awesome line in Detroit techno, which is thankfully fully visible on his mix of “Seventy Four”. A wicked whispering vocal keeps the tune driving along nicely over gliding synth pads to create a mix that’s as woozy as it is pumping. Both of these mixes come very highly recommended.

Review: Oliver Keens