Danny Byrd feat Liquid – Sweet Harmony review

Artist: Danny Byrd feat. Liquid
Title: Sweet Harmony
Label: Hospital
Genre: Drum And Bass
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

What more can be said about an absolute copper-bottomed classic like Liquid’s “Sweet Harmony”? A seminal release on XL, it’s a hardcore anthem that still makes men in their 30’s and 40’s rip their shirts off and lose it in ravey nostalgia. Even though it pinched heavily from CeCe Roger’s “Someday” (both the piano breakdown and that memorable vocal sample) it was still totally original and a big influence on the fledgling jungle scene.

This updated version by Hospital hotshot Danny Byrd will doubtless introduce it to a whole new generation. Byrd has been golden of late, with his double A-side of “Red Mist/Fired Up” getting serious attention last year, as well as bagging Radio 1 support from Zane Lowe and Annie Mac.

The two mixes here give “Sweet Harmony” a propane-fuelled D&B treatment that’s bound to get rinsed over the next few months. The original mix will probably be the one that proves most radio and student friendly, whereas the Jungle mix (complete with that authentic Amen break) will satisfy anyone who still holds the original close to their heart. Expect to hear both versions all over the shop very soon.

Review: Oliver Keens