Review: Riton/Primary 1 – Radiates

Artist: Riton, Primary 1
Title: Radiates
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Electro House
Format: 12″
Buy From: Juno Records

One of the more fortuitous collaborations of 2009 is back, with a followup to their smashing Who’s There EP. Avant pop hero Primary 1 saddles up with nu-disco’s man-about-town Riton for another dash of twee but forward-thinking electro-pop. Both these guys boast a load of certified weaponry to their names. Seriously, how could anything poor come of this?

“Radiates” picks up where “Who’s There” left off – slightly less frantic but just as sonically adventurous. Once again there’s a strong, deflated lead-line, instantly recognisable and delightfully synthetic. Like “Who’s There”, big vocals are on the table for disco singalongs.

It’s up-front pop in the vein of Hot Chip and Datarock, composed in a short but sweet verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. Suitable for finicky indy dancefloors and radio jocks (who I’m sure Atlantic have firmly in mind on this release).

Riton steps up on remix duties with a trademark ‘rerub’. Not swaying too far from the original, but adding an elongated electro-jam breakdow. Ripping stuff. Next generation electro for the disco-hungry in crowd.

Cross-over dubstep specialist Joker, as one would expect, uncompromisingly pulls things back a few gears. Joker is the master of grafting pop vibes onto incroguent wobbles and half-time crunches, and this remix stays true to form.

It’s pop music, son, but not for your mum. Great release!

Review: Duncan Byrne