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Featured DJ Chart: Luke Slater (Best of 2009)

With a career spanning two decades, Luke Slater is woven inexorably into the fabric of modern day techno. This year saw the release of the new a much awaited Planetary Assault album on Ostgut Ton, which was rapturously received in most quarters.  Slater continued touring his live show this year whilst juggling DJ dates and remixes, even finding time to compose a special hour long piece for the Staats Ballett in Berlin. Juno Plus picked Luke’s brain about his favourite tunes from 2009.

1. Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension (Ostgut Tun)

“OK, this is by yours truly, but I think I can justify it for a number of reasons, one being I think it’s a very good release! And, for me it was like the gunpowder to move the stone at an entrance to the mine shaft. People like it and I can play it live and it’s true to the planetary sound for 2009, I can definitely say Planetary had a good 2009 on the road live and into 2010 things are planned too.”

2. Marcel Dettmann and Regis – Variance 3 (Marcel Dettmann remix) (Sandwell District)

“This is one of those tracks that sounds so good when you play it out I kinda wan’t to say ” for gods sake listen to this!”. For me it sums up techno and sub bass, especially in smaller clubs with good systems. Dark yet funky – a classic of classics.”

3. James Ruskin – Outsider (Luke Slater Remix) (Blueprint)

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

4. Levon Vincent – Six  Figures  (Novel)

“I think Levon is a real original. I love his releases, and I think this track might be the gateway. It’s the hook done in a simple, lo-fi, old school way which actually reminds me a bit of some early nu groove releases. Very honest grooves.”

5. Omar S – Blown Valvetrane (Sound Signature US)

“In a way Omar S is the left field of the left field. Some of his beats are obscure but never boring. This is one of his releases I don’t want to feel I’m missing from my collection. Inspiring.”

6. Speedy J – EDLX (Clr)

“I’ve been playing at gigs  alot this year with Speedy. I am a big fan of the man and I think this release gets things across in the right way. I have played this one to death – I love it.chunky!”

7. Slam- Hot Knives (Soma)

“There are a lot of tracks with big breakdowns and build ups out there and sometimes they are done right and sometimes not. What I really liked about this release was the guys seemed to say ” this is just one big build up” and there was no need to change a thing. I like that. It’s a killer peak-time track and well worth the mention.”

8  A.Paul – Portugal (Yin Yang World Series)

“A.Paul has thrown a lot of tracks in my “to check out” mailbox this year, and I think nearly every track I get from him I can safely put in my box and play out. Difficult to pinpoint actual tracks here but the particular peice of vinyl, yes vinyl, is bloody knackered.”

9. Cari Lekebusch – Spindizzy (plus Luke Slater Remix)  (Mote-Evolver)

“I came across Cari this year in the after gig hotel breakfast room at a hotel somewhere in Europe, and it was almost inevitable this release would happen. I’m very pleased to be able to release it on the label, I was looking for a track to focus Cari’s sound and I think I found it. I decided to go more leftfield for the remix which I think jammed nicely with the original. I hope to be DJing with the man next year.”

10. Ben Sims – Smoke Machine (Theory)

“Ben sent me some files way before this came out and I got these out there straight away. They do damage on the big dancefloor yes they do.Top stuff. there’s always space for a bit of sims.”

Check out Luke’s entire “Best of 2009” chart here.