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Featured DJ Chart – The Revenge (Best of 2009)

This year has been something of a watershed for The Revenge, aka disco and house producer Graeme Clark. There were a host of releases on esteemed labels like Wolf Music, Mule and Delusions of Grandeur, some notable remixes and additional production under his 6th Borough Project alias (with Craig Smith). Time to kick back and relax then? Hardly – this Scotsman looks set to be flying higher than ever come 2010. He spoke to Juno Plus about the year that was, and talked us through the top five tunes from his “Best of 2009” chart.

Highlight of 2009?
For me it was the chance to travel all over the place and see how music still transcends barriers and brings people together.

Biggest regret?
Not having a chance to top up my studio tan as much as I usually do. But at least I got some fresh air.

Festival of choice?
Had to be Glastonbury for me this year. I’d never been before, so the chance to spend time with close friends in such a special place and have the chance to play one of the closing sets for the Heavenly Social crew was an honour and something I’ll never forget. I might change my mind this year if it rains though!

Favourite new producer?
Far too hard to call on that one. But Eddie C, Hunee and Azari & III are the top three for my ears.

What does 2010 hold in store?
A 6th Borough Project album for Delusions Of Grandeur, the final L.E.S.S. Productions compilation, some exciting new releases for Instruments Of Rapture, a single for Drumpoet Community, mixing down a few tracks for Deep Space Orchestra (watchout for these guys) and back on the road for some more gigs. I might sleep and eat in between.

The Revenge Best of 2009 chart

1. Azuni/Cavalier/Demetrio Giannice/The Lost Men – Drumpoems Verse 2 (Drumpoet Community)

“Alex and Ron’s label has the heart and soul of house for me. It’s deep, but it also takes you on a journey and retains that feeling that we constantly search for in the genre. With tracks like John Daly’s “Lonely Beat” and DC’s “Riot”, this compilation is a great example of what they do in my opinion.”

2: Mr White – Aeroplane (Black Market)

“I heard “Inside Your Mind (House Is Home)” at the Sub Club when Harri or Domenic played it on promo. Larry Heard’s production and arrangement is always on point, and while loads of people try to do the acid thing … not many do it like this.”

3. The Revenge/Eddie C/Be/KRL I Wanna See All My Friends At Once

“Wolf Music have given birth to a really unique label I think. They’ve taken a more jazz, funk and soul direction to the sampled material whilst still keeping a strong focus on the dancefloor and a solid house groove.

4. Runaway – Caprice Drive (Mule Musiq)

“Jacques Renault is a really exciting producer for me. He does loads of different styles of house but all of them retain that raw, edgy, New York attitude with a unique flow that comes from also being a great DJ.”

5. Hunee/Walter Jones/6th Borough Project – If This Is House, I Want My Money Back (Permanent Vacation)

“This has some of my favourite producers on it doing some fantastic material. Permanent Vacation are on fire at the moment and this is gasoline.”

Check out the full Revenge “Best of 2009” chart here.