Review: Marbert Rocel – Catch a Bird

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title: Catch A Bird
Label: Compost
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Format: CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Marcel Aue, Robert Krause and vocalist Antje Seifarth have combined again for the band’s second studio album ”Catch a Bird”, producing a unique brand of soulful techno where guitar and clarinet layers feature just as prominently as synthesither keys.

There is much genre-hopping between each of the albums tracks, as they adopt the kind of liberated musical format which draws heavily from the traditions of jazz.

Standout moments include the understated ska beats of “Bababounce” and the electro funk-infused ‘”Clappeople”, while the insouciant delivery of Seifarth’s vocals adds much charm throughout what is a lively and unpredictable album.

Review: Peter Carroll