Review: Time & Space Machine – You Are The One

Artist: The Time & Space Machine
Title: You Are The One
Label: Tirk
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Richard Norris’ return to the headband-wearing psych-pop odyssey opens up with the type of psyche-lite woodwind riff that you’d expect from one half of the Beyond The Wizards Sleeve duo.

“You Are The One” kicks this release into action before rattling into a steady krautrock groove. By the time it reaches full speed the track is strewn with wah-wah guitar, whirling flutes and harmonised retro vocals. “Mushroom Family” feels like a more laid back instrumental take on the same sort of sound – kind of like a Psychocybin cousin of the opening track.

Meanwhile  “Mo Cowbell” reinforces the dance/psych crossover, with Norris adding echoes of the Jesus & Mary Chain, LCD Soundsystem and Rolling Stones with some nifty tape edits. As ever, this type of messed up groove works best at cattle worrying volumes.

Review: Mark Algar