Review: Hell & Christian Prommer – Freak It

Artist: Hell & Christian Prommer
Title: Freak It
Label: Buzzin’ Fly
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: 12″ Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

“Freak it”, by Christian Prommer and the Gigolo himself DJ Hell, is a cut of journeying techno with an eye on the future and a foot in the past.

Beginning with dark dubby techno full of horn quacks, delayed chimes and glitchy melodies which sound like they’ve been recorded underwater, it gradually builds into a horn fuelled re-imagining of Francois K’s seminal Go-Bang remix, backed up with fleeting dissonant organ melodies and an added swing to its post-minimal drum pattern.

The song closes out to a slice of French Kiss-esque vamping house synths, which Spencer Parker has opted to base his ‘Gun For Hire’ remix upon.

Rather than having been “phoned in” as the subtitle may suggest, Parkers remix is actually a solid dancefloor-centric house re-tooling of the charmingly schizophrenic techno original.

Review: Geoff Leopard