Review: Theo Parrish – Suggested Use (Parts 1 & 2)

Artist: Theo Parrish
Title: Suggested Use Parts 1 & 2
Label: Sound Signature
Genre: Deep House
Format: CD
Buy From: Juno Records

It’s been a while since any modestly packaged Theo Parrish mixes surfaced via Japan on his own imprint Sound Signature and just like buses, two come along at once.

Anyone who has listened to the previous Theo Parrish mixes will know the drill here – 70 odd minutes of sprawling musical education that dips into obscure soul & funk, mixes disco and 80s boogie with more contemporary deep house and techno sounds. All of course pieced together with the requisite skill and subtle use of EQing that comes naturally to someone who’s been DJing for the best part of twenty years.

Those new to the world of Theo Parrish are in for a treat, and the trainspotters amongst you will be indulging in plenty of head scratching second guessing the tracklisting for these mixes.

Review: Tony Poland