Review: Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom Vol 2

Artist: Various
Title: Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardoom Volume 2
Label: Rotters Golf Club
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco, Minimal/Tech House
Format: CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records

British electronic music legend Andy Weatherall is pretty busy right now, what with releasing his debut solo album, producing the superlative second Fuck Buttons album, wowing clubbers with his all encompassing DJ sets and maintaining the most impressive moustache in the business.

Eschewing the chance of a well deserved breather, Wevvers has instead decided to unleash the second volume of his collaborations and productions with the ever-mysterious Boardroom collective on his Rotters label. As with most of the material on last years inaugural volume, this collection of slow burning electronic disco and techno chuggers is primed for the dancefloor as opposed to home listening.

Whilst Weatherall’s productions are most immediate, the horror disco of Brother Johnston’s “Travelling Disco” also stands out, while Rotters Golf Club mainstay Tim Fairplay provides what proves to be the highlight with “U Know U Jack”, an awesome slice of throw back house replete with cascading 808 drums and sinister synth lines.

Review: Tony Poland