Review: Danton Eeprom – Give Me Pain (Give Me More)

Artist: Danton Eeprom
Title: Give Me Pain (Give Me More)
Label: InFine
Genre: Techno
Format: 7″, digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

It’s quite surprising that someone who got their break in the Berlin electro scene would make something that on first listen would sound so French, albeit via musical stops in a couple of Californian locales.

Give me Pain (Give me More) by Danton Eeprom begins like LA’s Neptunes covering something on Parisian 80’s Mutant-Jazz label Ze (perhaps Lizzy Mercier Descloux) and ends like a mis-remembered San-Franciscan psyche-organ freakout.

The journey from one continent to the other is enabled by Eeprom’s raw bass-grooving being subtly and consistently interrupted by horn and key infused new-jazz build ups, reminiscent of 4 hero. With some new-wave delay and luscious melodic flourishes, Eeprom manages to combine his underground influences with a dark pop sensibility that becomes at once familiar and progressive.

Review: Geoff Leopard

Review: Geoff Leopard