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In Rave We Cave (1st Edition)
Cat: FAUVER 001. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Forty Fings Dynamo - "Inversion" (6:37)
Tingz - "Raveolution" (Acid mix) (6:10)
Pedro Bertho - "TOITOI" (6:33)
COEO - "Vertigo" (4:40)
Review: It's all about the early 90s vibes on this 12" from Fauvre as four underground anthems from the era are revisited. Forty Wings Dynamo's 'Inversion' has a dubby, dreamy progressive house feel, its epic outlook and echoing percussion inevitably bringing Leftfield's first handful of 12"s to mind, before 'Raveolution' (Acid mix) brings a more jungle techno feel with sliced up breaks skittering around the four-to-the-floor kicks. Pedro Bertho's 'TOITOI' starts side two, nodding to Jaydee's 'Plastic Dreams' with its soulful keys creating magic over a simple, banging techno framework before COEO's 'Vertigo' gets to work with its proto-breakbeat beats and one utterly orgasmic breakdown. Well worth a step back in time.
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 in stock $13.42
Space Jungle EP
Cat: UFOS 006. Rel: 23 Oct 23
888 (6:34)
Space Jungle (feat Parallax Modulators) (6:56)
Grantourismo (6:32)
Redemption (8:15)
Review: The sixth UFOs outing is another intergalactic adventure in sonic form and this time at the buttons it's New Balaance, a Mexican artist at the heart of a new wave. Space Jungle though is an apt title for this EP, which kicks off with some stylish breaks and nimble basslines overlaid with lush cosmic arps. 'Space Jungle' (feat Parallax Modulators brings a more pensive mood thanks to the sustained chords and deeper grooves, but subtle acid and chattery perc bring it to life. 'Grantourismo' is a lively and dynamic cut with more swirling synth work while 'Redemption' closes down this quartet of excellent explorations with a mix of 90s prog, techno and breakbeats all imbued with plenty of colour.
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 in stock $13.16
Children (12")
Cat: V 20001. Rel: 14 Dec 20
Children (edit mix) (4:08)
Children (extended mix) (7:11)
Children (Dream version) (7:08)
 in stock $17.09
Unite EP
Unite EP (12")
Cat: UTODS 001. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Unite (6:44)
Alpha Centuri (6:43)
Restore (7:05)
Exorcism (6:01)
Review: Utopia Originals kicks off with a brilliant first real which revives some early progressive and trance sounds from 1993. They still sound right on point today which shows what a visionary Michel Spiegel aka Nuw idol really was. He himself describes this as "ancient galactic music decoded and restored for 4th dimension understanding". It is Alex Bradley who has put together this series of 12"s from the archive and you might have heard 'Restore' on a recent comp by Kalhari Oyster Cult. The entire EP has been remastered here in all its glory.
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock $13.16
Trance Legacy
Trance Legacy (2xLP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: ARMA 472V. Rel: 22 Jul 22
Armin Van Buuren - "Communication" (3:22)
Binary Finary - "1998" (Paul Van Dyk remix) (3:26)
The Thrillseekers - "Synaesthesia" (En-Motion remix) (4:05)
Jurgen Vries - "The Theme" (3:09)
Matt Darey - "Beautiful" (feat Marcella Woods) (3:37)
Warrior - "Warrior" (3:56)
Chicane - "Saltwater" (feat Moya Brennan) (3:29)
York - "On The Beach" (Mauro Picotto CRW remix) (3:17)
Vincent De Moor - "Fly Away" (3:22)
Gouryella - "Gouryella" (3:38)
Armin Van Buuren - "Shivers" (feat Susana) (3:12)
Electrique Boutique - "Revelation" (3:55)
Veracocha - "Carte Blanche" (3:27)
Lost Witness - "Happiness Happening" (Lange remix) (3:36)
Three 'N One presents Johnny Shaker - "Pearl River" (1999 vocal remix) (3:46)
Signum - "Coming On Strong" (feat Scott Mac) (3:22)
The Space Brothers - "Shine" (3:42)
System F - "Out Of The Blue" (3:57)
Three Drives On A Vinyl - "Greece 2000" (3:57)
Sander Kleinenberg - "My Lexicon" (3:40)
Solarstone - "Seven Cities" (Solarstone's Atlantis mix) (3:31)
Lange - "Drifting Away" (feat Skye) (3:23)
Chakra - "Home" (Above & Beyond remix) (3:24)
Saltwater - "The Legacy" (Alphazone remix) (3:20)
 in stock $33.66
Celebrate The Days
Cat: DBD 010PART1. Rel: 11 Jul 23
MPEG - "Datetime" (7:29)
Sasha Nevolin - "Tears At Rave" (6:26)
Seo John - "Circuit Of Light" (7:41)
Nvsession - "Endure Love" (4:53)
Review: A rather unique new EP in the straddled modes of trance of breakbeat, 'Celebrate The Days' is the latest V/A from German stalwarts Day By Day, and succeeds in motivating us to do, well, just that. Perfect material for igniting tearful beachside bum-wiggles in far-off global corners, it's evident that these tracks are cut from only the finest production cloth. It's in the name: 'Tear At Rave' by Sasha Nevolin sounds like it's just emerged from some kind of cybernetic waterfall, while B-side intrigues, like Nvsession's 'Endure Love', get at the more flow-static and hypnotic elements of ecstatic dance moments.
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 in stock $15.25
Bunkka (remastered)
Bunkka (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NEW 9235LP. Rel: 18 May 23
Ready Steady Go (feat Asher D)
Southern Sun (feat Carla Werner)
Time Of Your Life (feat Perry Farrell)
Hypnotized (feat Tiff Lacey)
Nixon's Spirit (feat Hunter S Thompson)
Zoo Zoo York (feat Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet)
Hold Your Hand (feat Emiliana Torrini)
Starry Eyed Surprise (feat Shifty Shellshock)
Get Em Up (feat Ice Cube)
Motion (feat Grant-Lee Philips)
The Harder They Come (feat Nelly Furtado & Tricky)
Review: For all the Paul Oakenfold material we tend to burn through, it was only a matter of time before we reached Bunkka. Oakenfold's debut album, it was first released on the little-known Maverick label, but Oakenfold lived up to his patron's name, commenting at the time that - "I hope (my fans) realise that in any forms of music you need to push the boundaries." It's for that reason that Bunkka isn't just a straight-up trance record, instead working in more fashionable elements from styles that were also popular at the time, from big beat to trip-hop, perhaps helping prototype "psybient". Among its many collabs, even writer Hunter S. Thompson is credited on the track 'Nixon's Spirit', reflecting the full pull of Oakenfold's esoteric influences.
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 in stock $28.94
Trance: The Vocal Session 2024
Trance: The Vocal Session 2024 (limited unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 831302. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Talla 2xlc & Gid Sedgwick - "Forever Young" (CD1)
Paul Van Dyk & Marc Van Linden & Sue Mclaren - "Beautiful Life"
DOD - "So Much In Love" (Armin Van Buuren extended remix)
Schiller & Peter Heppner & Aly & Fila - "Leben I Feel You" (Aly & Fila remix)
Orjan Nilsen & Adara - "Touching You" (Tasadi remix)
Dj Th & Meital De Razon - "Call Me"
Woody Van Eyden & Rene Ablaze & Cari - "Lovin' You"
Emma Hewitt & Solarstone - "Children" (Solarstone Pure mix)
Rank 1 - "Breathing (Airwave)" (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix)
Dj Eternity - "Living For Today"
Thirdwave & Stine Grove - "Love Is The Answer"
Drival & Jennifer Rene - "The Fall"
Rene Ablaze & Natalie Gioia - "Good Girl"
Enerdizer & Lyd14 & Chavano - "Move The Mountains"
John O'callaghan & Paul Skelton & Sue Mclaren - "Power Of Now"
Thomas Lloyd - "Fly Me Back" (radio mix)
Ana Criado & Raz Nitzan - "Meet Again" (Ferry Tayle remix)
Yoshi & Razner & Cari - "Running Over The Rainbow"
Simon Patterson - "The Neon Cross" (feat Falling Off Maps)
Ronski Speed & DJ Th Presents Sun Decade - "The Abyss"
Talla 2xlc - "The Door"
Armin Van Buuren - "Space Case" (CD2)
Dj Sakin & Talla 2xlc - "Nomansland" (David's song)
Chakra & The Space Brothers - "I Am" (AtDusk remix)
DJ TH & Fawzy & Rebecca Louise Burch - "Forever" (Christopher Corrigan remix)
Craig Connelly & Haliene - "Other Side Of The World"
Murzo - "Kiss The Night" (radio)
Claas Inc & Gid Sedgwick - "Through It All" (Alex MORPH remix short edit)
Talla 2xlc & Jes - "Spread Your Wings"
Solar Vision - "Coming Home Again"
1st In Line & Cris Von X - "Wash My Memories Away"
Ben Gold - "Rest Of Our Lives" (Paul Webster remix)
Danny Fervent & Hadl - "These Moments" (DJ Th remix edit)
Xijaro & Pitch & Cari - "Time"
Christina Novelli - "Memories"
Philippe El Sisi & Christina Novelli & Ngd Project - "Addicted"
Bixx & Roxanne Emery - "Sound Of The Alarm" (club mix)
Ben Van Gosh & Tp One - "Hold Me"
Katrin's World & Saphron - "Hope For Brighter Days"
Rino Da Silva & DJ Jaycan - "Get Away (Return To Eivissa)"
Smr Lve & Sue Mclaren - "Every Breath I Take"
Giuseppe Ottaviani - "Keep You Safe" (Cold Blue remix)
 in stock $17.36
Dolphin's Dance
Cat: ALZ 05. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Dolphin's Dance (6:01)
Dolphin's Dance (Volantis & Nicodemo 6AM mix) (6:13)
Twisted Reality (7:54)
Virtual Nightmare (5:29)
 in stock $16.58
Voices (12")
Cat: TPR 001. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Voices (Jenova mix) (6:30)
Voices (Swarm mix) (2:44)
Voices (Materia mix) (7:08)
Lifestream (5:51)
Review: Test Pressing is a legendary and influential blog that documents dance music's most special moments past, present and future, all from a mature and in-the-know perspective. It makes sense that it is now branching out with an all-new label arm, and it makes sense that the first offering is a real doozy. Alex Kassian is the man in control and he serves up a 90s, trance-tinged new age techno adventure with 'Voices' which also comes as a blissed out ambient version, and punchy tribal sweat-athon. 'Lifestream' then douses you in a world of psychedelic and tropical synth laden Balearic brilliance.
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Played by: Piers Harrison
 in stock $15.25
The First Rebirth (remastered & More)
The First Rebirth (remastered & More) (gold & green vinyl double 12")
Cat: BCV 2023042. Rel: 12 Oct 23
The First Rebirth (5:56)
The First Rebirth (Airwave's orchestral Remake) (2:34)
The First Rebirth (Baby Doc & The Dentist remix) (6:22)
The First Rebirth (John 00 Fleming remix) (9:40)
The First Rebirth (Reinier Zonneveld remix) (6:50)
The First Rebirth (Airwave remix) (8:38)
The First Rebirth (Charlotte De Witte remix) (8:28)
The First Rebirth (Red Jerry '95 mix) (6:29)
 in stock $34.45
Trance Legacy II
Trance Legacy II (2xLP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: ARMA 483V. Rel: 25 Jan 24
ATB - "9 PM (Till I Come)" (3:17)
Chicane - "Offshore" (3:46)
Paul Van Dyk - "For An Angel" (PVD Angel In Heaven edit) (3:46)
Age Of Love - "The Age Of Love" (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) (3:18)
Lost Tribe - "Gamemaster" (4:05)
Tiesto - "Suburban Train" (3:24)
Armin Van Buuren - "Blue Fear" (3:38)
Gouryella - "Walhalla" (3:37)
Rank 1 - "Airwave" (vocal edit) (2:56)
Pulsar - "My Religion" (3:47)
Cosmic Gate - "Exploration Of Space" (3:36)
Public Domain - "Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)" (7" mix) (3:28)
Darude - "Sandstorm" (3:40)
Mauro Picotto - "Lizard" (3:48)
Lange presents Firewall - "Sincere" (Pulser remix) (3:08)
Matt Darey - "Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)" (feat Marcella Woods - Ferry Corsten remix) (3:02)
2HD - "Sunflakes" (Vincent De Moor remix) (3:15)
Sash! - "Ecuador" (3:33)
Delerium - "Silence" (feat Sarah McLachlan -Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise remix) (3:52)
CRW - "I Feel Love" (RAF Zone mix) (3:23)
Three Drives On A Vinyl - "Sunset On Ibiza" (3:24)
Solarstone - "Solarcoaster" (3:25)
Marco V - "Simulated" (3:05)
York - "The Awakening" (Quake edit) (3:28)
Review: Doubling down on nostalgia and limitless euphoria, the second edition of Armada Music's Trance Legacy album series is a must-have for fans of the genre. Including evergreen tracks from Armin van Buuren ('Blue Fear'), ATB ('9 PM (Till I Come)'), Chicane ('Offshore'), Cosmic Gate ('Exploration Of Space'), Paul Van Dyk ('For An Angel'), Rank 1 ('Airwave'), York ('The Awakening') and more, this sophomore installment echoes the timelessness of trance's finest classics and makes sure they'll never be forgotten.
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! low stock $39.19
25 Years Techno Club Compilation Vol 1
25 Years Techno Club Compilation Vol 1 (limited gatefold silver & gold vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZYX 831171. Rel: 11 Oct 23
Age Of Love - "Age Of Love" (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella remix) (6:48)
Tillmann Uhrmacher - "On The Run" (Ocean To Shore club extended) (7:22)
Vincent De Moor - "Fly Away" (Cosmic Gate remix) (9:06)
RAM - "RAMsterdam" (Jorn Van Deynhoven remix) (7:35)
Lustral - "Everytime" (Nalin & Kane mix) (8:31)
Ratty - "Sunrise" (7:30)
Dito - "Sky" (Talla 2XLC remix) (6:27)
Binary Finary - "1998" (Ronsky Speed remix) (10:15)
Quench - "Dreams" (6:07)
Talla 2XLC - "Follow The Meteor" (6:28)
Talla 2XLC - "Pull" (feat Junk Project - XiJaro & Pitch extended mix) (6:51)
Zyrus 7 - "Lost In Space" (7:42)
 in stock $22.62
Trance Anthems 2024
Trance Anthems 2024 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 831332. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Talia 2XLC - "Welcome To The Future"
Th3 One & DJ Dean - "Computers Take Over The World" (Maddix remix)
Ronski Speed X & Sygma & Fra Gile - "Wokeme Up"
Ronski Speed & Sygma - "U Found Me" (feat Fra Gile)
Daxson Vs Xljaro & Pitch - "The Awakening" (Transmission Theme 2023)
Binary Finary - "1998" (Victor Ruiz remix)
John O'callaghan - "Flow Through"
Bixx & Ana Criado - "I Belong"
C-systems - "Unreal"
Alex Morph & Faith Mark - "Magnificent"
Fischer & Mietihing & Rezwan Jhan - "Dreams Of Daylight"
DJ Th & Damian Duda & Sharon Valerona - "Open My Heart" (Manuel Le Saux remix)
Allen Watts - "Resonate"
Dj Eternity - "Living For Today"
Paul Cartwright - "Run In The Rain"
James Dymond & Stine Grove - "Purely Beautiful"
Talla 22xlc - "Journey's End"
Will Dukster Vs Re:mark - "Drift Away" (feat Angelika - radio edit)
Llminn - "Tempus" (Somna remix)
Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt - "Till We Fade"
Armin Van Buuren & Ferry Corsten & Rank 1 & Ruben De Ronde - "Destination" (A State Of Trance 2024 Anthe)
Paul Van Dyk & Ciaran Mcallry - "Someone You Like"
Nikolauss & Hanna Finsen - "A Stranger"
Sam Laxton - "Into Me"
Talla 2XLC & Junk Project - "Black Sky"
Marc Van Linden & Abstract Vision - "Euphoria"
Arctic Ocean - "Stardust"
Thomas Petersen - "Place To Stay" (radio edit)
Para X - "Mangoria"
Armin Van Buuren - "Love Is A Drug" (feat Anne Gudrun)
Jan De Vice & Ramin Arab - "Titanium"
State 91 & Lyd14 - "The Way Back Home"
Darren Porter & Bixx & Natalie Gioia - "Cry For Peace"
Tim Clark - "Gateway"
Peter Miskelly & Sarah Lynn - "Bruised But Not Broken"
Steve Dekay & Ronniee - "Signs"
Transa - "Carla's Theme" (Enigma State remix)
Alternate High - "Lost Intention"
Sherano - "I Should Know"
Talla 2XLC & Jes - "Spread Your Wings"
 in stock $17.36
A&S 7" Sampler Volume 1
Cat: VC 002. Rel: 24 Nov 22
Fiocco - "Afflitto" (single mix) (3:36)
Scoop - "Drop It" (7" radio edit) (3:46)
 in stock $24.19
Midnight (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: ATF 015. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Midnight (7:36)
Doesn't Matter (6:29)
Entry (6:20)
Review: Strap in for a punchy techno ride here as Micropulse wastes no time in setting the dial to warp speed on this Midnight EP for Atom Trance Force. The title cut opens up and is a hard techno pumper with some flat footed drum funk and edgy chords up top. 'Doesn't Matter' then has a hands in the air synth lead darting about the mix next to old school trance pads and a warped bassline over more hammering drums. 'Entry' shuts down with a final mix of trance and techno that is are to bring real carnage to the club.
Read more
 in stock $13.42
Trance Body Music
Trance Body Music (pink vinyl 12")
Cat: BIO 042. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Wholes (5:04)
Force (4:26)
Tbm (4:45)
Gold (4:19)
 in stock $11.31
Lethal Industry (reissue)
Cat: VC 007. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Lethal Industry (6:49)
Lethal Industry (Mauro Picotto remix) (8:01)
Lethal Industry (Svenson & Gielen remix) (7:06)
Lethal Industry (Fred Numf vs Etienne Overdijk remix) (7:42)
Review: Tiesto's 'Lethal Industry' reissue brings back the iconic trance anthem with a fresh new take that explores both its true, original vibe, as well as its contemporary 21st-Century versions. A must-have for any trance fan, the EDM megastar's original is happily pure, with remnants of amen breaks and alien transitions driving a piquant lead synth ever-forward. Meanwhile, remixes from Mauro Picotto, Svenson & Gielen, Fred Numf and Etienne Overdijk pay their due respects, while also nodding to speed garage and even deeper shades of trance.
Read more
 in stock $22.08
Traffic (remastered)
Cat: VC 009. Rel: 13 Dec 23
Traffic (7:01)
Traffic (Max Walder remix) (7:35)
Review: Tiesto is one of the world's biggest and most recognisable artists by anyone's standards - he's played live at Disneyland Paris, for goodness sake - and he has a massive catalogue of hits that never go out of favour with his fans. One of the biggest is 'Traffic' from 2003, a tech trance classic that was, at the time, the first instrumental tune in 23 years to climb all the way to the top of the charts in his native Netherlands. It features samples of Sean Deason's 'Psykofu' and appeared on his album Just Be and Parade of the Athletes. It has been newly remastered for this fresh 2023 reissue.
Read more
 in stock $21.03
Universal Nation (Charlotte De Witte rework)
Cat: BCV 2024046RED. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Universal Nation (Charlotte De Witte rework)
Universal Nation (live At I Love Techno 2023 re-edit)
 in stock $19.20
SPT 008
SPT 008 (12")
Cat: SPT 008. Rel: 12 Sep 23
Cosmic Flutter
Elysium Tool
Dina Remix (Europa remix)
 in stock $16.83
Human World (reissue)
Cat: A6A 5. Rel: 21 Apr 23
Human World (9:42)
A New World (11:37)
 in stock $13.94
Heavenly (limited gold vinyl LP)
Cat: BHLP 230. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Vessels (intro) (1:37)
Glass Heart (3:29)
Underneath My Skin (3:39)
Reach Across The Sky (3:21)
Walk Through Walls (3:49)
Can't Be Gone (3:21)
Parachute (3:52)
Million Miles (3:35)
Forgive You Anyway (4:27)
Butterfly (2:52)
Metamorphosis (2:52)
Heavenly (outro) (2:17)
 in stock $31.55
Eurodance Edits 1
Eurodance Edits 1 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: EURO 001W. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Euro 1 (6:36)
Euro 2 (6:22)
Euro 3 (6:53)
 in stock $14.72
Bday Bash EP
TALLA 2XLC presents RRAW!
Cat: MAXITCP 001. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Wonderful Dayz (extended mix) (6:20)
The Promise Land (extended mix) (6:15)
 in stock $15.77
Shimmer (gatefold marbled vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TCLR 051. Rel: 15 Dec 22
Luna Bay (5:00)
Call For Noise (3:50)
Love Fading (4:19)
Troopa (5:19)
Holsten (5:41)
Kolfax (5:21)
Rosetta (feat Byulah & Ekhe)
Light It Out
You Need Me
Review: Celebrated UK producers and DJs O'Flynn and Frazer Ray (who was previously known as Soundbwoy Killah) join forces here for new collaborative album Shimmer on Ninja Tune's Technicolour label. The record pays homage to the UK dance music the pair so loves from speed garage to breaks and hardcore. As such it is a record that takes you to the heart of the dancefloor but also offers a great escape from everyday life with evocative synth soundscapes over compelling beats. As much as there is plenty of physicality here, there is also tenderness of emotion and deftness of design that brings an artful quality to their take on party sounds. Top stuff.
Read more
 in stock $26.30
You & Me (remastered)
You & Me (remastered) (12" picture disc)
Cat: SBCL 007. Rel: 15 Mar 23
You & Me (12:03)
Stay At Home (11:45)
 in stock $20.25
Oasis (reissue)
Cat: DOTB 15. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Oasis (10:32)
Wiedergeburt (7:31)
Review: The irresistibly catchy 'Oasis' by YOMC is a trance anthem that encapsulates the euphoric spirit of the late 90s scene. Released in 1997, YOMC, the German trance duo consisting of DJ Kai Franz and Lars Handler, crafted a timeless piece that resonated across dance floors globally back then, and will now it has been reissued. The track is defined by its uplifting melodies, driving beats, and ethereal atmosphere which mean that 'Oasis' became a staple in DJ sets and remains a nostalgic favourite among trance enthusiasts. It's a real tear jerker that very much chimes with what is going on in trance today.
Read more
 in stock $15.00
Track 1 (5:49)
Track 2 (5:43)
Track 3 (4:33)
Track 4 (5:04)
Track 5 (5:20)
 in stock $23.14
Drive (CD)
Cat: 007567 8626524. Rel: 21 Apr 23
All Nighter
The Motto (with Ava Max)
10:35 (with Tate McRae)
The Business
Chills (LA Hills) (with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
Hot In It (with Charli XCX)
Pump It Louder (with Black Eyed Peas)
Learn 2 Love
Don't Be Shy (with Karol G)
Bet My Dollar (with Freya Ridings)
Back Around (with AR/CO)
 in stock $12.36
Odissea (12")
Cat: DBB 002. Rel: 25 Apr 23
Odissea (9:30)
Baraka Trance (7:36)
A Oltranza (11:15)
 in stock $17.09
A State Of Trance Year Mix 2022
A State Of Trance Year Mix 2022 (limited mixed cassette)
Cat: CLDC 2022011. Rel: 04 May 23
Track 1 (30:09)
Track 2 (28:54)
 in stock $22.08
The Art Of Levitation
The Art Of Levitation (gatefold orange vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ASIPV 039. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Xpress To Planet Earth (intro) (3:55)
The Art Of Levitation (12:24)
Crater (7:04)
Deep Sea Aviation (7:04)
Nothing So Hidden (7:04)
Xistence (7:20)
Regrets (8:10)
Sub Sea (Peace mix) (5:02)
Insula (7:17)
Leave (outro) (4:42)
Review: A Strangely Isolated Place welcomes Norwegian Mikkel Rev for an album that might be his best yet. He is part of the Ute Records label collective and often hosts raves in uninhabited Scandi forests. This gorgeous new album comes with slow-burning downtempo grooves and nostalgic chill-out sounds that sink you in deep and take you on a roller coaster of emotions from euphoric trance-states to inward reflection. The Art Of Levitation is a vivid album both in concept and execution and a healthy retro-future style and mix of nostalgia and invention. It is a perfect accompaniment to quiet listening experiences and rewards your close attention.
Read more
 in stock $30.25
Selador Decade Vol 1
3D & Robert Owens - "Known Love" (7:51)
Olivier Giacomotto & Quivver - "Snailblazer" (6:40)
Dave Seaman & Hernan Cattaneo - "Napkin Knowledge" (7:28)
Argia & Jepe - "Salitre" (7:38)
Review: In celebration of their tenth birthday, Selador marks the occasion in style with a four-track collaborative EP, featuring tracks from 3D, Robert Owens, Olivier Giacomotto, Quivver, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Argia, and Jepe. The opening track, 'Known Love', is a deep, pulasting house tune that feels like an instant classic, perhaps thanks to the soulful, pop-tinged vocals - think LCD soundsystem meets Four Tet. 'Snailblazer', the second track on the EP, takes a much darker turn, with a chugging, EBM-esque feel. Full-bodied and complete with obscured vocals, this is the kind of track to pull out your bag when it's time to really get stuck in. On the B-side, 'Napkin Knowledge' draws on the glistening synths of eurodance, yet still securing the melodies to a grounded bassline and rhythm section. 'Salitre' is the perfect closing track, rising up in a gleaming, ecstatic melody, before delicately returning to ground level. A varied yet firmly cohesive collaborative release - the perfect way for Selador to kick off their 2023 catalogue.
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Common Ground
Common Ground (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ANJLP 059. Rel: 22 Mar 18
The Inconsistency Principle (3:01)
My Own Hymn (4:02)
Northern Soul (5:33)
Naked (5:23)
Sahara Love (5:11)
Happiness Amplified (5:28)
Is It Love? (1001) (5:45)
Cold Feet (5:33)
Tightrope (3:23)
Alright Now (5:37)
Bittersweet & Blue (5:23)
Always (4:10)
Common Ground (3:06)
 in stock $26.05
Acoustic II
Acoustic II (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ANJLP 048. Rel: 13 Jul 16
Hello (2:45)
We're All We Need (5:01)
On My Way To Heaven (5:14)
Save Me (6:09)
All Over The World (4:35)
No One On Earth (4:15)
Black Room Boy (4:27)
Peace Of Mind (6:24)
Sticky Fingers (5:07)
Alchemy (5:00)
Counting Down The Days/Liquid Love (5:39)
Blue Sky Action (4:54)
Another Chance (4:42)
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Trance Exploder
Cat: STR 12058. Rel: 19 May 22
Furyon - "Trance Exploder" (Trance Out mix) (5:36)
Anymus - "Trance Atlantic Flow" (5:34)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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Live & Love EP
Cat: SIAMESE 028. Rel: 07 Apr 22
Voicing Something (feat Luke Marzec) (4:47)
Voicing Something (feat Luke Marzec - Adriatique remix) (7:23)
Orca (5:56)
Astral Travelling (3:17)
 in stock $15.00
Molotov (translucent silver vinyl 12")
Cat: ORPH 004. Rel: 13 May 22
Molotov (4:51)
Back To The Bass Up (5:48)
Moderate (5:41)
Sit Down (6:03)
 in stock $13.42
Xpander EP (reissue)
Xpander EP (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl double 12")
Cat: MOVLP 2993. Rel: 17 May 22
Xpander (11:26)
Belfunk (11:02)
Rabbitweed (10:11)
Baja (12:24)
Review: Sasha & Digweed are known for their heavy hands in pop and trance, but the former's best known work has to be 'Xpander', which set him apart from his myriad remixes of Madonna, Moby and The Chemical Brothers back in the day. Now the 4-track EP version of 'Xpander' sees a double 12" reissue from Music On Vinyl, showing off Sasha's taste for advanced breaks-trance, psychic themes and everything in between.
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Tags: 90s House
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D Album: Remastered Full Length Album & More
Cat: BCV 2021024. Rel: 11 May 22
The Rebel (Yves Deruyter 2021 rework) (6:56)
To The Rhythm (9:02)
Feel Free (12:24)
Outsiders (17:30)
Factor-Y (4:18)
A Story About House (7:47)
 in stock $33.66
Dreamland: Deluxe Edition
Dreamland: Deluxe Edition (limited gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: 803311 6078030. Rel: 27 Apr 22
Children (Dream version) (7:09)
One & One (feat Maria Nayer - radio version) (3:58)
Fable (Message version) (6:29)
Fable (Dream version) (7:14)
Children (LP2) (6:34)
Freedom (radio edit) (4:13)
Fantasya (5:36)
4 Us (7:46)
Children (Dream version)
Fable (Message version)
In My Dreams
Princess Of Light
Fable (Dream version)
In The Dawn
Red Zone
One & One (feat Maria Nayer - radio version)
4 Us
 in stock $26.83
Exhale (CD)
Cat: BHCD 225. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Power (with Rings)
Still (with Dalli)
Circuitry (with Denton Thrift)
Have Mercy (with Macarena)
Always There (with J Appiah)
Perfect Sense
Sappho Blend (with Abra Taylor)
I Can Dance By Myself
Dismay (with Loolacoma)
This Time (with Leusin)
Power (with Rings - Pavel Khvaleev remix)
Circuitry (with Denton Thrift - Pavel Khvaleev remix)
Have Mercy (with Macarena - Pavel Khvaleev remix)
Sappho Blend (with Abra Taylor - Pavel Khvaleev remix)
Dismay (with Loolacoma - Pavel Khvaleev remix)
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Reverence (reissue)
Reverence (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889854 22811. Rel: 29 Sep 17
Reverence (7:40)
Don't Leave (3:58)
Salva Mea (10:40)
If Lovin' You Is Wrong (4:20)
Angeline (3:42)
Insomnia (8:39)
Dirty Ol' Man (3:06)
Flowerstand Man (3:24)
Baseball Cap (2:57)
Drifting Away (4:14)
 in stock $26.30
Imagine (reissue)
Imagine (reissue) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: MOVLP 2711. Rel: 20 Nov 21
Imagine (9:33)
Going Wrong (feat DJ Shah & Chris Jones) (5:57)
Unforgivable (feat Jaren) (8:14)
Face To Face (7:14)
Hold On To Me (feat Audrey Gallagher) (8:28)
In & Out Of Love (feat Sharon Den Adel) (6:01)
Never Say Never (feat Jacqueline Govaert) (7:00)
Rain (feat Cathy Burton) (7:42)
What If (feat Vera Ostrova) (8:02)
Fine Without You (feat Jennifer Rene) (6:26)
Intricacy (7:44)
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Berlin EP
Berlin EP (12")
Cat: SUP 2004. Rel: 02 Dec 21
T Dancer (7:57)
Marmion's Island (part 1) (4:04)
Schoneberg (6:28)
The Secret Plant (5:14)
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Earthbeat (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: CDTOT 7R. Rel: 25 Nov 21
Mental Cube - "Q"
Yage - "Quazi"
Candese - "You Took My Love" (Earth mix)
The Future Sound Of London - "Papua New Guinea" (Dumb Child Of Q)
Indo Tribe - "Owl"
Semi Real - "People Livin' Today"
Yage - "Theme From Hot Burst"
Indo Tribe - "Shrink"
Mental Cube - "So This Is Love"
Mental Cube - "Chile Of The Bass Generation"
Smart Systems - "Tingler"
Yage - "Coda Coma"
Indo Tribe - "In The Mind Of A Child"
Humanoid - "Stakker Humanoid" (Coby '94 mix)
Smart Systems - "Creator"
Indo Tribe - "Bite The Bullet Baby"
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Forever EP
Forever EP (white vinyl 10")
Cat: SNFCC 006. Rel: 10 Dec 21
Forever (feat Clementine Douglas) (2:53)
Feel What I'm Feeling (4:20)
Imagination (6:54)
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Hard Magick For Soft Souls
Cat: LT 097. Rel: 03 Feb 22
Vibe Catcher (6:02)
Maladaptive Daydreamer (7:24)
High Femme Fantasy (6:29)
Maladaptive Daydreamer (Schacke Swedish Forrest mix) (7:01)
 in stock $14.20
Mirage (reissue)
Mirage (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 2712. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Desiderium 207 (feat Susana)
This Light Between Us (feat Christian Burns)
Armin Van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor - "Not Growing Up On Love"
I Don't Own You
Full Focus
Take A Moment (feat Winter Kills)
Feels So Good (feat Nadia Ali)
Virtual Friend (feat Sophie)
Drowning (feat Laura V)
Down To Love (feat Ana Criado)
Coming Home
The Silent Hearts (feat BT)
Armin Van Buuren vs Ferry Corsten - "Minache"
Youtopia (feat Adam Young)
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