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Back in stock: Uplifting Trance

Uplifting Trance vinyl represses and restocks
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Expanse EP
Expanse EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SXT 002. Rel: 16 May 24
Razorback (7:53)
Io (7:02)
Void Drifter (6:31)
Godspeed (7:36)
 in stock $12.65
Moblack Gold Vol X
Cat: MBRV 030. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki, Samm - "Don't Care Anymore" (7:02)
Fahlberg - "Wytal" (7:43)
CLARAA - "Kukaya" (feat Ashimba - Fka Mash remix) (6:31)
ReYou - "Wabi Sabi" (5:00)
Review: The MoBlack label continues its Gold Series here with a tentth instalment that features four more house cuts in various styles. Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki and Samm kick things off with the deeply emotive chords and rolling beats of 'Don't Care Anymore' then Fahlberg's 'Wytal' kees the feel good grooves coming with more cultured deep house. CLARAA's 'Kukaya' (feat Ashimba - Fka Mash remix) is an Afro heavy sound with rousing and spiritual vocals and hefty kick drums then Re.You shuts down with 'Wabi Sabi', another Afro cut but this time with a little funk in the beats and playfulness in the big horns.
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! low stock $14.51
The Passion 2024
Cat: EBM 040. Rel: 23 May 24
The Passion 2024 (5:55)
The Passion (original 1993 version) (5:33)
Review: Technohead were a married couple of Lee Newman and Michael Wells who also famously recorded under the other names Greater than One (GTO), Tricky Disco, Signs of Chaos and Church of Extacy, They were well known in the late 80s and early 90s for their raw techno and rave tunes that explored every genre in the electronic dance kaleidoscope from Gabber to ambient music, even scoring a UK number one single with the warwormy pop gabba of 'I Want To Be A Hippy'. In 1993, their hardcore hit 'Passion' was a huge success. Now, a little more than 30 years later, German veteran Thomas Schumacher updates the track into another anthem worth checking out. Whichever side you choose, expect this slice of techno history to reign over the dancefloor. An unforgettable tune.
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 in stock $15.81
Communication Part 1-3 (25th Anniversary Edition)
Communication Part 1-3 (25th Anniversary Edition) (audiophile translucent purple vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12084C. Rel: 30 May 24
Communication (9:34)
Communication (part 2) (9:38)
Communication (part 3) (8:28)
Review: The 25th anniversary edition of Armin van Buuren's Communication on translucent purple vinyl is a treat for fans and collectors alike. Featuring all three versions of the iconic track on one 12" record, this release offers a nostalgic journey through van Buuren's early career. The original 1999 version, alongside Part 2 and Part 3, shows the evolution of the composition over the years. As a cornerstone of van Buuren's discography, Communication remains a fan favourite and having all three versions on vinyl is a special addition to any collection. Each version gets updated to fit with the times while not losing the essence of the track in the slightest. With only 1000 copies available, this anniversary edition is a must-have for fans of trance music and Armin van Buuren's legacy.
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 in stock $24.79
Sachsentrance x Durch
Sachsentrance x Durch (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DURCHXST 001LP. Rel: 28 May 24
Metaraph - "Ultimatum" (14:32)
OCD - "Patriarchat Violence" (7:06)
DJ Genderfluid - "Convergence" (6:04)
Akribisch Rapid - "Opera UBHFX" (4:51)
H369 & Trancemaster Krause - "Gate To Heaven" (7:43)
Toni 3000 - "The Hope" (5:39)
Sabu! - "Bbballet" (feat $errano$chinken) (6:07)
 in stock $29.80
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