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Four Weeks: Techno (All)

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Techno (All)

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COD3QR 009
COD3QR 009 (12")
Cat: COD3QR 009. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. 4C4F1F - "Warehouse" (6:17)
  2. 564F4C - "I'll See You Again" (6:07)
  3. 42495A - "Technique" (6:13)
  4. 736F66 - "Pinstripe Groove" (4:29)
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Principi D'incertesa
Principi D'incertesa (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: GOOILAND 43. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. La Faraona (5:03)
  2. Fracas Escolar (6:54)
  3. Intempo (6:32)
  4. Holzmarktstrasse (5:19)
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RB 007
RB 007 (12")
Cat: RB 007. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. a_000 - "Lilium" (6:15)
  2. Hydrangea - "Half Awake" (6:14)
  3. Lapien - "Tainted" (6:49)
  4. Orion - "Pi" (5:43)
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That Swamp Feeling
Cat: SCHL 004. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Loam Boa (7:04)
  2. H Unsolved (5:39)
  3. Lost In The Act (6:11)
  4. Lost In The Act (Hodge remix) (6:58)
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Chaines Et Denuement
Chaines Et Denuement (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MYST 001. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. ABSL - "Angoisses" (10:37)
  2. ABSL - "Elance-toi!" (Hacked AFX Vox) (8:12)
  3. Size Pier - "Kinderreim" (7:28)
  4. Size Pier - "Der Vers" (6:23)
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Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun (red vinyl 12")
Cat: BITE 009RED. Rel: 09 Nov 20
  1. Midnight Sun (6:53)
  2. The Dead Of Dawn (5:58)
  3. The Evacuation (7:29)
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Planting Seeds
Cat: TPT 090. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Planting Seeds (5:10)
  2. Night Seeds (5:59)
  3. Scorched (7:14)
Review: The Advent is a legendary techno outfit dating back decades. Originally consisting of Mr G and Cisco, now only the latter remains, and he brings a certain hardness to the techno remakes that will connect with those who are fans of that style's recent resurgence. Of course, Perc Trax has always dealt in that stuff so makes a perfect home. 'Planting Seeds' is a manic, dense opener, yet 'Night Seeds' manages to up the ante with even more frenzied grooves. 'Scorched' leaves the warehouser behind and has a more Motor City style, looking to the future and filled with machine soul.
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Life Cycles
Life Cycles (2xLP repress)
Cat: CE035 LP. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Music Is Life (8:59)
  2. This Is Not (3:33)
  3. Electro Electrical Sounds (5:12)
  4. Vast (4:58)
  5. LU (5:05)
  6. Boogie Electro (4:58)
  7. Live@Motor 1998 (3:05)
  8. Stasis V2 (5:59)
  9. Panda J (5:10)
Review: In 1995, The Advent - then a duo, now the solo project of founder member Cisco Ferreira - released debut album "Elements Of Life". Unlike some of the Advent material that followed, it wasn't all hard techno intensity, offering up just as much hard-wired electro futurism. New album "Life Cycles" doffs a cap to that set both in style and presentation, though it's all-electro approach is arguably more sonically similar to 2003's "Light Years Away". Ferreira's take on electro tends towards the tougher end of the spectrum, with weighty basslines and industrial-strength TR-808 drums being peppered with spacey sounds, bleeping melodies and foreboding acid lines. It's aggressive and dystopian rather than deep and melodic, keeping dancefloors in mind throughout. Crucially, it's also really good.
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Kognitive (12")
Cat: KEY 021. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Kognitive (6:03)
  2. Memory (5:50)
  3. Perception (5:50)
Review: Aiken is a techno procure from Spain who brings a stylish sound. It's full fat, clean and stylish, with a focus on the art of repetition. HIs tunes are built from simple but well-designed things - rubbery kicks, shakers, spangled synth motifs, and then he just tweaks and teases them all for the hypnotic duration of each track. 'Kognitive' eventually contorts itself into a real banger, 'Memory' is a sci-fi and melodic masterclass a la Luke Slater and then last of all, 'Perception' sinks down into a deep and linear techno tunnel where all of reality becomes distorted and unreal.
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Theme Of Roarr (2020 Edition)
Theme Of Roarr (2020 Edition) (blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: FLAT 018. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Theme Of Roarr (Reworked 2020 vinyl cut) (7:34)
  2. Theme Of Roarr (NEM3SIS remix) (7:07)
  3. Theme Of Roarr (Ad Nauseam vinyl cut) (8:04)
  4. Theme Of Roarr (Chris Liberator & Geezer Roarr Of The Underground remix - part 2) (5:50)
 in stock $10.67
Daya (12")
Cat: BPX 10. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Baya (5:50)
  2. Daya (6:42)
  3. Aage (6:18)
  4. Peeche (6:24)
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Noise Generation
Noise Generation (white vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: BTL 004C. Rel: 30 Nov 20
  1. Noise Generation (3:31)
  2. Mirror's Room (5:35)
  3. Rhythm (4:16)
  4. Bassbar (3:32)
  5. Universal (5:31)
  6. Odissey March (5:41)
Review: If you've ever wondered where Italy's obsession with dark, moody, industrial-tinged techno comes from, look no further than this freshly reissued 1991 EP from Leo Anibaldi. Of the six tracks, it's the EP-opening title track that remains the most potent and historic cut, with its blend of hard acid and metallic percussion hits helping to define the Roman style of industrial techno that was further developed and refined by his friend Lory D. That said, there are plenty of treats elsewhere across the EP, from the raw rave stabs and druggy drums of 'Rhythm', and the twisted, breakbeat-driven insanity of 'Bassbar', to the Larry Heard style deep house of 'Universal' and the bleeping, acid-fired brilliance of 'Odissey March'.
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Stargate EP
Stargate EP (12" repress)
Cat: 3024 ANU1. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. Stargate (6:13)
  2. Teleported (6:20)
  3. Atlas4088 (5:54)
Review: Last year Anunaku debuted on Whities with an essential EP of tribal-infused breakbeat bass music and clanking, speaker-bothering Afro-techno. It was an insanely good debut and this follow-up on 3024 is every bit as impressive. Restless African hand percussion, intergalactic electronics, spacey riffs and tactile house beats combine brilliantly on A-side "Stargate", while fiendishly heavy flipside opener "Teleported" is a wicked mix of crunchy breakeats, elongated hoover bass, tight vocal stabs and mind-altering snake charmer solos. Closing cut "Atlas4088" meanwhile is a locked-in Afro-techno drum track with just the right amount of ethereal flute sounds.
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Desire (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BAP 144. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Desire (club mix) (8:43)
  2. Desire (Slow version) (7:00)
! low stock $12.07
Roseoto EP
Roseoto EP (limited 12" + sticker)
Cat: REENLP 001AB. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. Articial Paradise - "Crack" (5:45)
  2. Tsorn - "Craving & Seeking" (5:38)
  3. Zidane - "Scherben" (4:42)
  4. Irakli - "Comtemplating" (4:42)
  5. Templetion - "Black Temple Generation" (6:04)
  6. ICS - "Fjallgatan 23B" (6:25)
 in stock $10.67
The Robots Of Dawn
Cat: 57 MOHM. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Solaria (2:42)
  2. Agoraphobia (5:38)
  3. Aurora (4:17)
  4. Murdered On Earth (5:09)
  5. Telepathic Abilities (4:16)
 in stock $16.83
Welcome To The Wicked Land
Cat: FOD 001. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. DirtyWestwood (4:46)
  2. Gun (6:17)
  3. Y Join Me (6:46)
  4. GDITB (Bar Zilli edit) (5:08)
 in stock $11.79
Love Is A Mystery EP
Love Is A Mystery EP (transparent peach vinyl 12")
Cat: ASQ 006. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Love Is A Mystery (7:28)
  2. Risk It All (6:43)
  3. Let Me (Thunder mix) (8:16)
  4. Return Of Mountain Dad (5:37)
Played by: S-File
 in stock $11.79
You'll Never Work In This Town Again!
You'll Never Work In This Town Again! (2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: FE 040. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Thinking Of You (5:42)
  2. Scaldy Fiver (3:53)
  3. Tarmac Under Ten Tonne Sky (7:07)
  4. Interesting & Unique Opinion! (4:18)
  5. Illegal Trousers (Tweed Limit) (4:10)
  6. Beilin Beo (3:25)
  7. One Of These Days (4:39)
  8. Sea Cave (4:53)
  9. Dialup (5:45)
  10. Walking Distance (6:56)
  11. Weatherlore (Signs Of Rain) (5:33)
  12. Suantrai Suaimhneach (5:13)
Review: Amid a ton of releases on the likes of Wrong Island and CPU in recent months, the legendary recovering optimist Automatic Tasty now flings a full album upside our faces. His ninth long'un, as always it's both jaunty and contemplative in equal measure as he tweaks his machines to create bubbling little narratives that weave in and out of the shades. At one moment you're weeping to a sartorial lament ("Illegal Trousers"), the next you're skipping on clouds on a secret level in your favourite childhood side-scroller ('One Of These Days'), the next you're doing the locomotion on Tomorrow's World ('Dialup') the next you're rolling out the lino for a slo-mo robo dance ('Scaldy Fiver') Slinky, cheery, honest analog fun; You'll Never Work In This Town Again isn't a threat... It's a promise
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $40.41
Voice Modulation EP
Voice Modulation EP (limited 12")
Cat: PBX 31. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Voice Modulation (4:24)
  2. Mad Scientist (6:06)
Review: One of the genre's funkiest groups, continuing where Cybotron, Model 500 and Drexciya left off and heading to a style all of their own, Aux 88 aka Tom Tom (Tommy Hamilton) and Keith Tucker (DJ name DJ K1) give two tracks from their classic 2009 album Mad Scientist an inaugural outing on vinyl, getting electro fans everywhere dribbling with instant Pavlovian desire in the process, no doubt. 'Voice Modulation' is slower, heavier and steadier, built around a shuddering b-line that anyone with a pulse will find hard to resist. 'Mad Scientist' the track, meanwhile, is faster and, with its vocoder-ed vocal delivery from Tucker, gives a good flavour of what makes the Michigan pair a vital live act as well as a legendary studio prospect.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $12.07
Love & Light
Love & Light (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: PHLP 13. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. London Island (5:41)
  2. Dusting For Smoke (5:37)
  3. Depth Wish (1:10)
  4. Searing Light, Forward Motion (2:32)
  5. Infinite Future (6:39)
  6. After The Fire (2:50)
  7. Into The Arms Of Stillness (5:55)
  8. Fuzzwar (4:36)
  9. Pure Life (2:29)
  10. A Story In E5 (4:33)
  11. One More Morning (4:29)
Review: In recent times Daniel Avery has been busy collaborating with the likes of Alessandro Cortini and Roman Flugel (the latter as Noun), so few expected him to drop a new solo album in 2020. Yet Love & Light, his surprise third full-length, could well be his most sonically stunning set to date. Beginning with the gaseous ambient opaqueness of 'London Island', the set sees him blaze a trail through 1990s style Sabres of Paradise/Sabresonic techno, hazy dub techno, beatless soundscapes and intense drone tones, before switching focus to deep, gentle and melodious mutations of breakbeat, IDM and electronica.
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Played by: MUSAR Recordings
 in stock $21.06
Love & Light
Cat: PHLP 13CD. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. London Island (CD1)
  2. Dusting For Smoke
  3. Dream Distortion
  4. Katana
  5. Darlinnn
  6. Depth Wish
  7. Searing Light, Forward Motion
  8. Infinite Future
  9. After The Fire
  10. Into The Arms Of Stillness
  11. Fuzzwar
  12. Pure Life
  13. A Story In E5
  14. One More Morning
  15. Falling Light (CD2 - bonus track)
Review: In recent times Daniel Avery has been busy collaborating with the likes of Alessandro Cortini and Roman Flugel (the latter as Noun), so few expected him to drop a new solo album in 2020. Yet Love & Light, his surprise third full-length, could well be his most sonically stunning set to date. Beginning with the gaseous ambient opaqueness of 'London Island', the set sees him blaze a trail through 1990s style Sabres of Paradise/Sabresonic techno, hazy dub techno, beatless soundscapes and intense drone tones, before switching focus to deep, gentle and melodious mutations of breakbeat, IDM and electronica. The limited-edition CD also comes bundled with a bonus disc containing the music from Falling Light, a sound and vision installation he created for the 2019 Leeds International Festival.
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Limbic Resonance
Limbic Resonance (limited 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VR 009. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. No Morale (6:08)
  2. Pathetic (6:27)
  3. Love Note (7:05)
  4. Understandings (6:02)
  5. Control (4:36)
Review: Verdant continues to provide a platform for interesting variations on the deep techno tradition with lesser-spotted names. This intriguing collaboration comes from Iranian producer Nesa Azadikhah and the UK's Alison Marks (also spotted in the Wallflower project alongside Leah Floyeurs). Between them, the artists sculpt expressive, immersive atmospheres that use a classic palette but tell their own unique story. 'Pathetic' is a highlight with its fusion of steady-pulsing dub house rhythms and swooping, straining pads. 'Love Note' whips up a swirling, hypnotic blend with an urgent pace, while 'Understandings' injects a little forthright energy into sparkling synthscapes that return focus to the sci-fi idealism of techno at its inception.
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 in stock $12.34
Bford 14
Bford 14 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SL 4. Rel: 03 Dec 20
  1. Night D3 Died (6:24)
  2. Make Your Own Sunshine (6:09)
  3. Serpentine Tale (6:02)
  4. The Introducer (8:10)
Review: Although rarely spoken about in hushed tones, Peter Adshead AKA Baby Ford is one of British house and techno's true pioneers. As many readers will know, he spent the first decade of his career exploring acid house and rave, before switching to a deeper and more minimalistic techno and tech-house sound towards the end of the '90s. It's in that period that BFORD14, which is finally being reissued, first appeared in stores. Intoxicating, bass-heavy and entrancing, the EP's many highlights include the hissing hypnotism of 'Serpentine Tale', the deep bass, melancholic synthesiser chords and crunchy drums of 'Night D3 Died', and the spacey, deep techno warmth of deliciously hazy closing cut 'The Introducer'.
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 in stock $9.54
Power Of The Pill EP
  1. Power Of The Pill (7:12)
  2. Last Train To The Rave (5:37)
  3. Dazed & Confused (5:31)
  4. Last Train To The Rave (Tripped remix) (6:06)
! low stock $11.51
Algorithm (12")
Cat: FIGURE X22. Rel: 11 Nov 20
  1. Alpha Centauri (4:20)
  2. Circle Machine (5:24)
  3. Remote Viewer (6:25)
  4. Glavset Bubble (6:00)
Review: It's always good to hear from Benjamin Damage, and especially so when he is in this sort of fine form. As always, the UK talent brings his unique brand of muscular, striped back techno to the fore from the off. 'Alpha Centauri' is all deep rhythms and pounding bass, spooky pads and haunting vibes. 'Circle Machine' ups the ante with more propulsive and driving kick drums surging ahead and 'Remote Viewer' is more pensive groove that comes with sustained churchy chords up top and a kicking drum line that never lets up. 'Glavset Bubble' is warm, tunnel vision techno par excellence to close things up.
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Played by: Philippe Petit
 in stock $10.95
Champion Sound
Cat: B 012. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Champion Sound (5:44)
  2. Invaders (7:13)
Review: Following flirtations with the Trilogy Tapes and L.I.E.S, techno noise-maker Robert Bergman returns to Brew with two more intensely lo-fi club jams. He opens with 'Champion Sound', a throbbing and pulsating affair in which squelching acid motifs, fizzing electronic riffs and weird noise fight for attention atop a jacking and weighty techno beat. It's hard to describe and, as is his usual style, a touch messy in parts, but that's always been part of the charm of Bergman's decidedly dystopian music. Over on side B, 'Invaders' is a more sci-fi sounding affair, with the producer's usual mind-mangling noises and angular motifs coming accompanied by hybrid techno/electro beats, rising and falling TB-303 lines and deeply spacey pads.
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 in stock $10.67
30000 Watts
Cat: NSH 003. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. 30,000 Watts (5:17)
  2. Autobahn (5:13)
  3. To The Top (6:16)
  4. Menace (5:57)
  5. You Heard Of Us (2:43)
 in stock $12.64
Blade Above The Vision
Cat: CBR 19. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Rage (7:35)
  2. Code (6:43)
  3. Bonzai (6:40)
  4. Sparks (6:44)
 in stock $10.09
Variations On A Theme EP
Cat: PCLUB 006. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Hyperdrive (7:11)
  2. Variations On A Theme (5:40)
  3. Source Material (7:14)
 in stock $12.91
Uncertain Landscape Part IV
  1. Milton Bradley - "Driving Force" (5:07)
  2. Kill Ref - "Subbaculta" (4:31)
  3. Jamaica Suk - "Escape" (6:09)
  4. Nicolas Bougaieff - "Nocturne 3" (4:44)
 in stock $12.07
Paranoize (12")
Cat: MPD 029. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Paranoize (5:30)
  2. The Thinker (5:21)
 in stock $10.39
Metamorfosi (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: REDIMENSIONLP 001. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Improvvisazione (7:06)
  2. Beautiful Morning (4:59)
  3. Spirit Brothers (feat Louie Vega) (8:06)
  4. Anything Is Possible (5:56)
  5. Dust (9:19)
  6. New Horizons (feat James Senese) (4:45)
  7. Metamorfosi (3:16)
  8. Psychic Journey (6:30)
  9. Goa (7:11)
  10. It's All About Love (6:57)
  11. Love Changed Me (feat Eric Kupper & Byron Stingily) (7:10)
  12. Let's Change The World (4:54)
Review: Italian business techno CEO Jospeh Capriati has been a mainstay of the big room sound for years. He plays to as big a crowd as techno ever has a mega-sized festivals, but for this album rather pairs tings back. He reportedly had close conversations with Carl Cox and Louie Vega about the importance of stretching oneself when it comes to doc albums and does just that. He also embraces his first love, house music, on some of the tracks, making for a much more nuanced record that you might expect. Sure there are club bangers, but also afterparty rollers, atmospheric synth sounds and nicely reduced minimal grooves for the heads.
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 in stock $43.77
Solitario EP
Cat: 030EP 018. Rel: 19 Nov 20
  1. Solitario (5:47)
  2. Dronacid (Phaserinterlude mix) (4:32)
  3. Peanut Butter (3:41)
  4. Non Ridere (4:30)
  5. Barocco CC (3:56)
Review: Aside from occasional appearances on Moisture Records, much of Francesco Pio Nitti's work as Caramel Chameleon has been self-released. He's put out some great music though, so it's heartening to see that fast-rising Dutch imprint 030303 has decided to hand him his first ever vinyl release. There's much to admire across the five-track set, from the sun-bright, life-affirming, synth-pop-influenced techno positivity of 'Solitario' and the 'New Order goes Balearic on the moon' vibes of 'Dronacid (Phaserinterlude Mix)', to the cheery, vocoder sporting electro bounce of 'Peanut Butter', and the Boards of Canada style IDM melodiousness of quality closing cut 'Barocco CC'.
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 in stock $12.64
Tales From Terkaarg
Cat: SO 08TKNS/TK001. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. The Hunter (8:26)
  2. Plasma Leak (5:44)
  3. Venom (8:40)
  4. Acid Forest (8:10)
  5. Moon Of Mendelevium (7:31)
  6. Altered States (7:19)
Review: S.O.N.S and Pyramid Of Knowledge present their new collaborative endeavour here and set off on a rich techno adventure that draws influxes from a wide sphere of reference. There is rubbery, bounce stuff in the form of 'The Hunter', which barrels along at a high speed and with real funk, while 'Plasma Leak' is a more subliminal, underwater affair, though with more brilliantly drum programming. Things then begin to pick up with the pumping kicks and rugged synth loops of 'Venom' before really cutting loose on the second side of the wax and heading into ancient rituals, tribal grooves and mind melting territory.
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Played by: Jane FItz
 in stock $23.01
Under Isen
Under Isen (12")
Cat: VV 007B. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Inget Att Forlora (6:58)
  2. Tomma Loften (6:37)
  3. Visa Dina Muskler (live) (3:19)
  4. Utan Hansyn (6:34)
  5. Under Isen (7:45)
 in stock $13.19
Ascent/Descent EP
Ascent/Descent EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SEQ 001. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. Ascent (5:36)
  2. Ascent (Tin Man All Hearts mix) (5:21)
  3. Ascent (Noncompliant Persist mix) (5:57)
  4. Descent (6:53)
 in stock $11.79
All We Have Is Now 2020
All We Have Is Now 2020 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AWHIN 12001. Rel: 01 Dec 20
  1. U Take Me Higher (5:35)
  2. Hallelujah (6:05)
  3. Will Clarke & MK - "My Church" (5:05)
  4. Lord (5:46)
All We Have is Now is a Bristol-based label launched earlier this year by Will Clarke, having made big waves already via three successful singles and a collaboration with US house legend Marc Kinchen. Said singles are all included here on this special 12' vinyl sampler, with the tracks being quite a departure from the cheeky, bouncy and bass-driven tracks he first made his name with. From the powerful and uplifting Stateside house sound of 'U Take Me Higher', or the stomping heads-down basement jam 'Hallelujah' through to the roaring peak time banger 'Lord' with a ripping Reese bassline, steely rhythms and gospel vocals in the vein of Robert Hood's Floorplan project.

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 in stock $10.67
More Obscure Research EP
Cat: WEME 31331. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Duat (5:08)
  2. Obsidian Complex (5:12)
  3. Mind Fields (3:43)
  4. Constellation 2 (Tray) (3:47)
  5. Sentient Plasma (4:16)
 in stock $12.64
Cat: PB 002. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. E'Gia Ieri (with Filippo Zenna) (5:53)
  2. Hypnotecho'O (5:00)
  3. Cosmic Roll (5:27)
  4. Electro Burka (5:10)
  5. 81FrikaZ (4:41)
 in stock $12.07
Three Strands
Three Strands (12" + sticker limited to 150 copies)
Cat: COMFORTNOISE 01. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Forever Silent (feat M Renger) (7:31)
  2. Intermediate (5:46)
  3. Explicit (5:32)
  4. Forever Silent (Gaspard De La Montagne remix) (4:01)
 in stock $14.04
Cuts EP
Cuts EP (12" repress)
Cat: BREAKFAST 000. Rel: 09 Nov 20
  1. Loft Lunar (8:19)
  2. Tenebrosys (7:34)
  3. Slippery Master (7:30)
  4. Nautravellius (7:27)
Review: New London based imprint Breakfast Musik inaugurate their label with a release by Uruguayan talent Cosmonaut: not to be confused with the Ukrainian superstar DJ of the same name. Real name Fede Jorcin from Montevideo, these retro flavoured jams will appeal to fans of the current sound of Berlin, emanating from the headquarters of Cabaret, Libertine or My Own Jupiter. Starting off with the deep bleep techno of "Loft Lunar" sounding like classic Stasis, the four to the floor electro of "Tenebrosys" up next really gets the party started. On the flip, there's a mellower strain of electro on "Slippery Master" (that's more reminiscent of Gosub) while the closing track "Nautravellius" goes out with a right blast: featuring that syncopated bang and clatter of vintage drum computers assisted by the funk of classic acid sounds.
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 in stock $13.19
Atlantis 93 EP
Atlantis 93 EP (limited 12")
Cat: FE 048. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. Downstairs (6:25)
  2. Tesseract (4:35)
  3. March 3 (5:56)
Review: Michael Diekmann is half of Morphology and here he assumes his CRC alias for a cross-genre workout on Further Electronix. 'Downstairs' is first up, and it rewires techno with cosmic electro synth lines, neo-IDM sound design and booming drums all run through with some prickly acid. What's not to love? 'Tesseract' is another kinetic cut, this time on scattered broken beats that make you want to disconnect all your limbs and get involved. Completing a small but perfectly formed EP is 'March 3', a dream-inducing ambient tech cut that drifts off into the cosmos and takes you with it. Lovely stuff.
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 in stock $19.93
Basic Cuts
Basic Cuts (180 gram hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: CCR 004. Rel: 11 Nov 20
  1. Track 1 (8:22)
  2. Track 2 (11:19)
  3. Track 3 (7:25)
  4. Track 4 (10:11)
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Still Standing
Cat: AVN 040. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. Red Flowers (3:38)
  2. Divergences (5:16)
  3. Noises From The Room (5:27)
  4. Tribalism (5:55)
  5. A Life On The Run (5:09)
  6. Il Giardino Degli Unicorni (3:15)
Review: A staple of Simon Hi-Shock's Gynoid Audio and Darknet labels, Italian DJ/producer Giuseppe Scaccia (aka D Leria) now makes his debut on Avian with Still Standing, an extended EP of cerebral techno experiments. The Affekt Club resident nails that 'Sound Of Rome' quite well on the droning tunnel vision of 'Divergences' and the particularly mental 'Noises From The Room' which start off the A side in fine form. On the flip, Scaccia channels the early noughties sounds of percussive techno in the vein of Ben Sims and Oliver Ho on the fittingly titled 'Tribalism' and then closes it out with the introspective IDM of 'Il Giardino Degli Unicorni'.
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Hypersynchron (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: OHM 56M. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Infinite Regresses (6:40)
  2. On Fungus Drool (4:40)
  3. Link To Quantum (4:27)
  4. Of Simulacra (2:35)
  5. New Rationales For Subjugation (5:34)
  6. Airless Subjugation (Scorn Remake) (6:08)
  7. Tranced Out (2:10)
  8. Airless Vault (5:28)
  9. Alien To Wholeness (4:37)
  10. Focus From The Outrage (EP 1) (4:06)
  11. Focus From The Outrage (EP 2) (4:16)
  12. Ascetic Denial (5:46)
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Born Abstract
Cat: CHILD TWELVE. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Graffiti Headz (2:28)
  2. Quadrant 6 (5:44)
  3. Red Sky (5:58)
  4. Hypnotized (6:41)
  5. Recon (6:22)
  6. Vibrations (7:12)
  7. Quantoum Jam (6:13)
  8. I'm Confused (6:10)
  9. Metaphysical (5:40)
  10. Ultrasonic Sound (3:12)
Review: Born Abstract is a debut album from UK bleep and breakbeat master DAWL aka Dropout main man Darren Woollard on the Childhood Intelligence label. It's an intergalactic trip back to the future, with computerised melodies and heavy drums on 'Quadrant 6' then more manic techno stomps on 'Red Sky.' Elsewhere things get deep on 'Recon' a slippery and supple track with rich acid. 'Quantoum Jam' heads into electro territory and then it's an old school rave on 'I'm Confused'. Born Abstract is fun, fulsome, fantastic and as good as retro-future techno gets.
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Compilation Issue 2
  1. Deano - "Stainless Steel" (5:32)
  2. Silvan - "Fen" (3:51)
  3. Rose Bonica - "Be Your Better Self" (6:38)
  4. Faretrade - "AFIB" (6:29)
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Fanged Contradiction
Cat: 55 MOHM. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Muzzled Phenomena (5:03)
  2. Bright Black (5:08)
  3. Kore Abduction (6:56)
  4. Curb Your Fanged (4:08)
  5. It Did Its Worst (5:51)
  6. On Contradiction (7:56)
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Ego Rave
Ego Rave (12")
Cat: RB 095. Rel: 03 Dec 20
  1. Ego Rave A (7:57)
  2. Ego Rave B (6:45)
  3. Ego Rave C (5:09)
  4. Ego Rave D (5:22)
  5. Ego Rave D1 (3:37)
Review: Swiss techno mainstay Deetron is much older than he looks, and a much finer producer than he often gets credit for. He speaks freely though his machines to cook up techno as pure as the snow of his homeland, as airy as the mountains around him. This Ego Rave EP on Gerd Janson's Running Back offers five hugely effective and stylish DJ tools that cover techno on 'A', and happy piano house on 'B'. 'C' throws it back, with synth funk and house colliding nicely and 'D' unhinges itself and gets lost in big chord vamps. 'D1' is pure peak time fire.
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