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Eight Weeks: Techno

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Cat: POLEGROUP 052. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Non-Cellular Life (5:33)
  2. Inner Mind (5:34)
  3. Immune Response (6:07)
  4. Host Range (5:38)
Played by: Edit Select
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Black River (Maya Nidam remix) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: X/OZ 005. Rel: 10 Sep 18
  1. Svarta (7:30)
  2. Tia (7:38)
  3. Black River (5:30)
  4. Saltu Numero 29-47 (4:17)
  5. Chango (Maya Nidam remix) (5:27)
Review: Following a recent visit to Columbia, rising Icelandic techno artist Exos connected with Gotshell and the pair joined forces for this trip into the truly transcendental end of the techno spectrum. There's a consistent approach this trans-continental pairing have taken, rolling out cyclical, densely packed rhythms whose delicate configuration masks a hefty low end, guaranteeing full meditative immersion. Folded into the mix are all kinds of smoky textures and distant pads feeding into an air of mystery and exploration - just the kind of eyes-closed techno you would expect to hear from the likes of Donato Dozzy or Neel. Maya Nidam then comes on board for a remix that continues the subliminal theme to great effect.
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Death Of The Machines Vol 1 (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: MNQ 127. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. Exterminador - "Mohammed Bin Salman" (Tegeler mix) (4:17)
  2. Craow - "Lot" (7:06)
  3. R Gamble - "Dead Advice" (club mix) (8:08)
  4. Plastic Ivy - "Exit Strategy" (4:35)
Review: Pitch black EBM mutations await you on Mannequin's new EP series Death Of The Machines. Volume 1 features the man from the evil empire himself Exterminador, receiving a very Silent Servant sounding remix courtesy of Tegeler on "Mohammed Bin Salman", Providence based newcomer Sean Halpin aka Craow gets the darkwave vibes into full effect on "Lot", while New York City's Richard Gamble nails that classic Zoth Ommog style of old on the electrifying "Dead Advice" (club mix). On the B side, you're treated to some bold minimal wave by Philadelphia's Plastic Ivy - who's in great form on the chilling noir antics of "Exit Strategy".
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070717 EP (12")
Cat: TILT 001. Rel: 12 Sep 18
  1. Dunmore Point (5:02)
  2. Liquor GPS (5:37)
  3. 070717 (6:49)
  4. Hazinki (5:10)
Played by: SHINEDOE
 in stock $10.31
Divergencia EP (12" + sticker)
Cat: NVO 03. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Fanon Flowers - "Algorithm Control" (5:41)
  2. SPIDJ - "Techno Galicia Rave" (5:15)
  3. Bran Lanen - "1998" (5:55)
  4. Shurko Love - "Tu Espacio" (5:29)
 in stock $10.84
Cat: MEMENTO 038. Rel: 13 Sep 18
  1. Synchronicity 13 (8:01)
  2. Synchronicity 13 (MRUEX Green Trip remix) (6:59)
  3. Synchronicity 13 (The Analogue Cops dance Of The Condor remix) (7:33)
 in stock $10.04
Hard Light (12")
Cat: ARTS 036. Rel: 21 Sep 18
  1. Hard Light (6:15)
  2. Eos (6:53)
  3. Vision Of Eternity (5:10)
  4. Desperate Flourish (4:23)
  5. Sundance (3:22)
 in stock $9.22
Cat: MORK 017. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. 212 (2:15)
  2. DS Track (8:58)
  3. DL (4:31)
  4. Room 2 (8:54)
  5. Alice (6:30)
 in stock $10.84
Carmine (12" repress)
Cat: FIT 012. Rel: 03 Sep 18
  1. Carmine (7:57)
  2. First Found (7:21)
Review: While establishing the Fit Sound imprint affiliated with the Detroit distro outlet of the same name , Aaron 'Fit' Siegel has been careful not to load the imprint with too many of his own productions, choosing instead to deliver material from Marcellus Pittman, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, MGUN and Dungeon Acid. Here he makes a welcome return with two tracks of melodious, atmospheric, Motor City deepness. "Carmine" is particularly alluring, with twinkling melodies winding their way around yearning pads, bittersweet chords and shuffling, cymbal-heavy percussion. "First Found" is a little more forthright, with off-key pianos and scattergun electronics riding a tougher, locked-in groove.
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Rave (12")
Cat: SUARA 315. Rel: 29 Aug 18
  1. Rave (6:28)
  2. Rave (Matrixxman remix) (5:48)
  3. Rave (Coyu Raw mix) (6:28)
  4. Rave (Stanislav Tolkachev remix) (6:05)
 in stock $10.31
XERIE 001 (12")
Cat: XERIE 001. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Flug - "Vortex Ring" (5:54)
  2. Flug - "Logical Consequences" (7:05)
  3. Mikael Jonasson - "East Meadow" (6:40)
  4. Horacio Cruz - "1978X" (6:19)
Played by: Maxx Rossi
 in stock $10.84
1995 (180 gram vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: HWSD 011. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Bibo (7:50)
  2. Party House (6:07)
  3. Smell Flahsback (7:17)
Review: Roman Flugel seems to have been in a nostalgic mood of late. He recently released a superb retrospective of his early '90s Acid Jesus work alongside Alter Ego partner Jorn Elling Wuttke and now offers up an EP of previously unreleased solo productions from 1995. All three cuts are enthralling and on-point, making us wonder why they were never put out at the time. Many DJs will naturally be drawn towards A-side "Bibo", a warm, bass-heavy and fluid club roller that sits somewhere between early UK bleep techno, US deep house and the sci-fi inspired techno of Detroit. Elsewhere, "Partyhouse" wraps deep, Motor City-influenced electronic motifs around snappy, Chicago-style drums and a bustling bassline, while closer "Smell Flashback" is a jaunty trip into melodious techno-funk territory with added jammed-out organ sounds.
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 in stock $10.84
Cat: DETUND 37. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. Acid House 4 (6:10)
  2. Not Home Acid (4:38)
  3. Acid House 5 (4:05)
  4. She Is Gone (3:46)
  5. Acid House 5 (remix) (4:54)
Review: Firmly established Industrial Detroit crew cranks out an EP that could have been a solid early 90's Wax Trax! side project with solid beats and cyberpunk grittiness. - ACIID HOUSE by Fluxion A/D

Born in the warehouses of Detroit long time instigators of the Eastern Market broken beat underground Fluxion A/D captures the Detroit Industrial deep current like no other possibly could. Fluxion A/D is the next manifestation of this cyberpunk network core collective "DeLIENMetria, Di_sect" improvised precision.
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 in stock $10.84
Cat: ANAGRAM 014. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Sound Of The Siren (3:59)
  2. Fashion Week (6:27)
  3. Treason (5:41)
  4. Amotan (5:56)
 in stock $9.75
Un (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HOOD 004. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Un (7:51)
  2. Wait (6:08)
  3. Reshape (7:21)
  4. Functional (6:48)
Review: Over the course of his short career to date, Forest Drive West producer Joe Baker has developed a trademark sound that gleefully mixes and mangles elements of techno, post-dubstep bass music and vintage jungle. That trademark sound is naturally at the heart of the producer's first outing on Neighbourhood, from the smooth, spacey and slightly creepy hypnotism of opener "Un", to the deep space electronics and jazzy, off-kilter rhythms of EP highlight "Reshape". It can be heard, too, on the locked-in peak-time techno of 12" closer "Functional" and within the delay-laden blacksmith's percussion hits, moody bass and body-jacking kick-drum beat of the mind-altering "Wait". Supported by Etapp Kyle, Sigha, Ben Sims, JP Enfant - this will go fast, don't wait!
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 in stock $9.49
SPC 140 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SPC 140. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Untitled III (7:20)
  2. Organelle (6:12)
  3. Empire (7:11)
 in stock $13.56
Cat: MORD 055. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. From Dust (7:26)
  2. The Beast Uncaged (6:44)
  3. At Seminary (5:35)
  4. Circuit Freaks (6:42)
 in stock $9.22
Witch Hazel (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: ADEPTH 012. Rel: 10 Sep 18
  1. Witch Hazel (9:23)
  2. Navigator (7:01)
  3. Witch Hazel (Nomadico remix) (5:53)
  4. Crossing The Boundary (7:27)
Review: A new aDepth audio record featuring Canadian Rennie Foster, including a remix of Nomadico (DJ Dex/Underground Resistance).
The title track Witch Hazel is a 9 minute long track with no breakdown and a minimal approach to arrangement, with organic elements cycling in and out subtly rather than obviously beginning and ending. A rolling half time, tribal groove drives the power of the track with a haunting vocal sample and layers of percussion creating a heady, polyrhythmic hypnosis on the dance floor. Not since Rennie's well known Devil's Water has he presented such an overtly occult offering as this extremely finely crafted EP, and this song represents the initial seduction of the record to the listener very effectively.
The second track, Navigator, is a drum machine driven workout, again with a polyrhythmic and tribal vibe, this time drenched in a rich, holographic pad that morphs and moves in unexpected ways. Minimalistic in presentation, this track is bass heavy and functional for the DJ, yet artistic and emotional.
The Nomadico remix by DJ Dex of Underground Resistance takes the elements of Witch Hazel and re-constructs them in a futuristic style with a more driving kick and molten Detroit attitude. A heavier techno approach to the piece, but still intact is the melancholic atmosphere of the original and siren song of the vocal sample. This mix includes a dramatic breakdown and unique arrangement familiar to fans of Nomadico's awesome Yaxteq label.
The last track on the EP is called Crossing The Boundary is possibly the only track in this style to sample distorted vocals usually associated with black metal, making this a very unique, perhaps polarizing, experiment in sound. Evocative of the desolation of deep space and suggestive of sonic dark matter. This track combines Rennie's singular approach to dub techno with ambient and drone music and the result is like nothing else currently in existence.
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Played by: Leah Floyeurs, G-Prod
 in stock $10.31
Cat: HYPE 074. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. Tarpaulin (9:00)
  2. Berga Magic (5:04)
  3. Monogram (6:48)
  4. Making Control (7:00)
 in stock $9.49
  1. France 98 - "July 7" (6:57)
  2. Walid - "Human Injection" (Western World mix) (6:13)
  3. Hank Rideau - "Tape 1" (5:10)
Review: Seuil's Eklo imprint returns, riding the post minimal wave of electro-techno on this fine three tracker by various artists. The Unknown Cities Of Gold Vol 1 is the first release from the Paris based imprint in 2018 thus far, and features the mysterious France 98 (a member of Tearss) who delivers a deeply meditative bleep techno excursion on "July 7" following the tradition of B12. We're loving Walid's trippy retro-tech jam "Human Injection" (Western World mix), which is the kind of track you'd hear at a Berlin party like Libertine or Melliflow alike. On the flip, it's TB-303 vs SP 1200 on the deep down and dirty "Tape 1".
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 in stock $10.84
  1. Francois X - "Intersection" (6:14)
  2. Disrupted Project - "Kickstart" (6:21)
  3. Joefarr - "Coming Up For Air" (6:56)
  4. Volster - "Invasive" (6:17)
Review: Following up their last release which featured heavy hitters such as Developer and Milton Bradley, one of the most prolific techno labels in Croatia at the moment is bringing their fourth edition packed with great artists. Features the Dement3d affiliated Francois X with the hypnotic "Intersection", local producer Disrupted Project with the deep tunnel vision of "Kickstart" and British scene stalwart Joefarr with the typically abrasive and bombastic "Coming Up For Air". Surefire secret weapons that are essential for any serious techno DJ's record bag.
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 in stock $9.75
Limited V2 (12")
Cat: RIOTLMTD 002. Rel: 21 Aug 18
  1. Frankyeffe - "Motorway" (7:32)
  2. Edone - "Firm" (7:50)
  3. Astrea - "Sere Di Marzo" (Seismal D remix) (7:20)
  4. Burden & DLTN - "TKY" (4:59)
Review: Riot (Revolutionary Idea On Time) is a young and independent electronic music label founded and managed by F.Fava (Frankyeffe). The musical style of their releases is mainly techno - based on quality sounds involving rhythms and soft material. They declare that it's for 'listening rather than dancing.' That being said, on the Limited V2 various artists compilation, you are treated to a banger of a track by the label head honcho himself in the form of "Motorway" - a steely and functional cut in the vein of the Drumcode sound, Edone's brooding "Firm" makes use of intricate melodic structures that would make even Stephan Bodzin stand up and notice, while the snarling and broken techno assault "TKY" by Burden & DLTN is reminiscent of Force & From era Surgeon.
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 in stock $9.75
  1. Furious Frank - "Victoria Park" (5:40)
  2. Rings Around Saturn - "Skywatch Dub" (5:24)
  3. Mic Mills - "HAARP" (4:57)
  4. Mic Mills - "HAARP" (Francis Inferno Orchestra remix) (11:26)
Review: Melbourne (by way of Adelaide) reppin' hard on the inauguration of new imprint Global Skywatch, following in the tradition of affiliated imprints such as Untzz Twelve Inch, Big Doint and Rhythm Works. For the foreseeable future, they'll be 'releasing audio recordings painstakingly designed to protect your mind and body from government control.' Fair enough then. Features Furious Frank with the deep space transmission of "Victoria Park", the always on-point Dan White - who dons the Rings Of Saturn alias again for the dubby and minimalist stepper "Skywatch Dub" and Mic Mills with "HAARP" but it's all about Francis Inferno Orchestra's deep balearic rendition on the flip that's absolutely terrific.
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 in stock $11.39
2929 (12")
Cat: MOUNTAIN 004. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. 2929 (7:57)
  2. Rumin (6:24)
  3. 2929 (Avancera remix) (8:53)
 in stock $11.93
Cat: SUR 006. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. 4DDS (6:54)
  2. 4DDS (People People rework) (6:05)
  3. El Hombre Abstracto (5:38)
  4. Simbolos (6:53)
 in stock $11.93
My Own Way (coloured vinyl 12" (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: CRYOVAC 020. Rel: 03 Sep 18
  1. DJ Roach - "People Mover" (5:09)
  2. DJ Roach - "My Own Way" (6:01)
  3. Andy Garcia - "Tripod" (5:16)
  4. Andy Garcia - "Phantom" (5:22)
 in stock $10.84
Detection (12")
Cat: SNDST 052. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. Detection (6:52)
  2. Phaseful (6:26)
  3. Tragedy (6:58)
  4. Detection (Regal remix) (5:18)
 in stock $8.14
Cat: SYB 04. Rel: 07 Sep 18
  1. PX02 (Perc remix) (6:20)
  2. Youth (6:20)
  3. Heaven (6:28)
  4. Heaven (Electric Rescue remix) (5:58)
Played by: Lee Holman
 in stock $8.95
Cat: SRR 01. Rel: 09 Oct 18
  1. Entropy (6:11)
  2. Under Deconstruction (5:20)
  3. Supercharged (4:20)
  4. Detok (5:56)
 in stock $11.39
Cat: 0007 AD2. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. U Know How I Feel (5:29)
  2. Festival (4:58)
  3. Your Place Or Mine (4:04)
  4. For Love (7:39)
Review: Pure Cajual gold as Another Day release Spencer Kincy's one of four Gemini EPs on Relief. As with most of these early EPs (and his legendary sets) Kincy kicks off with a warm, deep number (the Nina Simone sampling beauty "U Know How I Feel") before feeding us to the Chicago lions... "Festival" is a relentless loopy jacker laced with carnival vocals, "Your Place Or Mine" plays tempo tricks with the mind before "For Love" closes with a hypnotic stomp that pays homage to the icy futurist charms of electro but with added concrete drums. Grab this before they all disappear!
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 in stock $9.49
Cat: 0007 AD3. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Imagine A Nation (4:42)
  2. Imagine A Nation (instrumental) (5:10)
  3. Imagine A Beat (2:29)
  4. For The Crazy I (5:36)
  5. For The Crazy II (4:40)
 in stock $9.49
Cat: 0007 AD4. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Welcome To The Future I (5:35)
  2. Welcome To The Future II (5:05)
  3. Blast Me (4:40)
  4. Jovial (7:35)
 in stock $9.49
Cat: ID 001. Rel: 10 Oct 18
  1. Ecuador (6:23)
  2. The Reef (5:13)
 in stock $10.58
Axon (12")
Cat: PH 80. Rel: 29 Aug 18
  1. Axon (6:16)
  2. Axon (Legowelt remix) (6:37)
Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $9.49
Cat: IINTRO 001. Rel: 07 Sep 18
  1. Looking For A Dream (4:32)
  2. Talk To Me (feat Katy Blue) (7:18)
  3. Human Satellites (3:19)
  4. Just Inside Of You (feat Katy Blue) (5:08)
  5. Dive Behind Stars (4:21)
  6. Make Sure To Never Miss A Thing (5:07)
 in stock $10.04
Cat: DMT 016. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. The Real Hazard (6:48)
  2. Vektorz (5:46)
  3. Rawndapt (5:13)
  4. Kontrall (6:18)
 in stock $10.58
Balance (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PROTEZ 041. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Balance (10:17)
  2. Epsilon Eridani (10:15)
 in stock $11.39
Cat: HSV 02. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. Delayed Cycles 05 (7:32)
  2. Delayed Cycles 06 (6:52)
  3. Delayed Cycles 07 (8:32)
  4. Delayed Cycles 08 (7:12)
Review: Good news for all those who enjoyed the Basic Channel and Echospace style dub techno hypnotism showcased on Gradient's "Delayed Cycles" EP: six months later, he's served up a seriously good sequel. Intriguingly, opener "Delayed Cycles 05" is surprisingly joyous and jazzy - by dub techno standards, at least - with jaunty riffs and deep space electronics dancing atop a metronomic rhythm track. You'll find more delay-laden, ear-pleasing lead lines on the slightly more up-tempo bump of "Delayed Cycles 06", while "Delayed Cycles 07" dives deeper in search of intoxicating early morning thrills. Arguably best of all, though, is "Delayed Cycles 08", which pairs bolder, warehouse-friendly melodic refrains with chunkier, crunchier drums.
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 in stock $10.31
Guilt (12")
Cat: MRT 011. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. We Thought We Were (6:11)
  2. Cult Leader Of My Youth (7:06)
  3. Demiurge (6:25)
  4. We Thought We Were (Lot Te Deception mix) (5:58)
Played by: Lee Holman
 in stock $18.44
You Can (12")
Cat: PH 76. Rel: 04 Oct 18
  1. You Can (The Hacker remix) (5:31)
  2. You Can (extended dub) (6:49)
Played by: Ali Renault
 in stock $10.58
Oganesson (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 03. Rel: 03 Sep 18
  1. Oganesson
  2. 84
  3. Tournant
  4. Coronal Loop
Review: Malin Genie's distinctive take on house and techno has already earned him spots on some of the contemporary scene's most vital labels, from Hypercolour to Will & Ink, and now his self-titled label throws the doors open to welcome in a likeminded individual with a similar instinct for unconventional approaches to 4/4 dynamics. Yaleesa Hall has already built up a strong identity on Will & Ink, and in partnership with Genie the results are nothing short of spellbinding. From the shimmering dubby tones of "Coronal Loop" to the submerged ruminations of "Oganesson," this is advanced dance music engineered to twist your synapses and shake your limbs in the most unpredictable of ways.
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 in stock $8.67
Dog Swamp (12")
Cat: VV 002. Rel: 22 Aug 18
  1. LL (5:54)
  2. Dog Swamp (5:01)
  3. Exe (4:52)
Review: More oddball grooves from Down Under, courtesy of new Aussie imprint Vulcan Venti - which follows up a great debut by Tambo's House earlier in the year. The Melbournians present Perth's Hamish Rahm aka Hame DJ, whose Dog Swamp EP features three tracks carefully constructed for the discerning disc jockey. Enjoy the throwback sounds of '90s rave on "LL", the frantic yet rather evocative electro bass of the title track and "Exe" which goes for that classic West Yorkshire techno sound of yesteryear.
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 in stock $10.58
Sirisins (12")
Cat: BDS 001. Rel: 25 Sep 18
  1. Sirisins (4:28)
  2. Suzi Jacuzzi (6:48)
  3. Countess (6:08)
  4. War Stars (7:37)
 in stock $11.66
  1. Harpoen - "Live Take" (7:05)
  2. Trunkline - "Oppression" (7:10)
  3. Delta Funktionen - "CH Spirit" (5:02)
  4. Paul Van Gent - "Gonuj" (6:00)
 in stock $9.22
Voyager 1 (12")
Cat: VYGR 1. Rel: 19 Sep 18
  1. Neutron Capture (6:32)
  2. Lftrr (6:06)
Review: Melbourne's Andy Hart is known for heading up the Voyage imprint, which over the last few years has pursued the many shades of deep house with releases by the likes of Harvey Sutherland, Urulu and Youandewan. Here he inaugurates his new Voyager sublabel, which sees a noticeable change of tune. On "Neutron Capture" he delivers a slow burning deep space transmission aboard the acid express, while the functional B side cut "Lftrr" is a dubby and hypnotic techno jam suited to heads-down moments in dank warehouse spaces. If this is a sign of things to come for Hart's new outlet, expect a string of club ready and dancefloor orientated cuts.
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 in stock $10.31
Body Music Remixes (12" + insert + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: MONNOM 016. Rel: 31 Aug 18
  1. Provide The Future (Dax J remix) (5:40)
  2. Acid Head (Cub remix) (6:19)
  3. Acid Head (CJ Bolland Bad Acid remix) (6:52)
  4. Departure (The Horrorist remix) (5:36)
Played by: Nomad
 in stock $10.04
EBM Manifest Part 2 (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: AFULTD 73. Rel: 28 Aug 18
  1. Himmel & Holle (7:28)
  2. Satan & Deibel (5:55)
  3. Violent Stains (7:39)
  4. Dunkel (5:37)
Review: One below-the-line commentator on Discogs recently described Thomas P Heckmann as a "relentless producer". Given the number of EPs he's put out over the course of his 24-year career, it's an apt description. Fittingly, the four tracks here tend towards the "relentless", too, with Heckmann focusing the action around throbbing, strobe-ready rhythms, razor-sharp EBM synthesizer riffs, twisted acid lines and mind-altering electronics. These are proper club tracks for sweaty basements and smoky, dimly lit warehouses, with thunderous opener "Himmel and Hoelle" and the wild, psychedelic closer "Dunkel" being our highlights. That said, the more obviously EBM influenced "Violent Stains" is also top notch.
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 in stock $15.46
Cat: HELIUM 001. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Waiting 4 U (6:35)
  2. Waiting 4 U (Night Train 2 The Sky reprise) (4:11)
 in stock $9.49
An Archon EP (12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: COUMLTD 003. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Cirrosis Mental (6:57)
  2. Cirrosis Mental (Samuel Kerridge remix) (4:25)
  3. Ayer Era La Muerte (5:10)
  4. Ayer Era La Muerte (Caos + Inmediatismo remix) (5:50)
 in stock $10.84
Olympos 04 (hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OLMP 04. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Astraia
  2. Eidolon
  3. Stasis
  4. Phone
Review: The mysterious Olympos project continues to serve up some of the finest minimal techno sounds currently in circulation without making a big fuss about it, simply accrediting each release to a Greek god until all 12 of the Olympians have been revealed. On this fourth installment, 'Hermes' is channeling some reflective, introspective moods with the lingering synth tones and detailed, snaking percussive lines of "Astraia" and the equally downcast "Eidolon." "Stasis" is a true standout on the record with its gorgeous melodic leads calling to the vanguard of 90s UK techno. "Phone" finishes the record off on a more ominous, crunchy note that will appeal to those craving a darker side to this ever-intriguing label project.
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Played by: JONNO & TOMMO, OHM
 in stock $8.67
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