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Joint EP (hand-stamped heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SM 3. Rel: 15 Apr 16
  1. DLS - "Raw Sushi" (7:25)
  2. DLS - "Take Care Of Your Baby" (7:23)
  3. Kader Yani - "Gece" (7:32)
  4. Kader Yani - "Hayal" (7:32)
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 in stock $8.86
No Return Vol 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 008. Rel: 11 Dec 17
  1. Dmitry Distant - "El Carmel"
  2. Neud Photo - "Indeks"
  3. Antoni Maiovvi - "The Dig"
Review: Helena Hauff's label is back, this time presenting a various artists 12" that heralds the start of the No Return series. The release starts on a mystical bent with the Eastern-tinged death electro of "El Carmel", sounding ripe for a Hague-friendly warm-up session. Neud Photo then take over with a dystopian trip through rich synth tones coloured in dark hues for the bleakest of robotic fantasies. Antoni Maiovvi fills the B-side with the slow grinding bombast of "The Dig", bleeding out a noirish take on coldwave for the darkest hearts to swoon to.
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 in stock $5.76
Cat: F 007. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. DMT (5:15)
  2. Origin/Destination (6:23)
  3. Bardo Thodol (4:16)
  4. Trans Dimensional (4:58)
Played by: Manos Mara (Bliq)
 in stock $14.01
Blasphemy EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COTF 13. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Blasphemy
  2. Dead Sunday
  3. Achromatic
Review: The latest Crimes Of The Future comes from Dimitri Distant and LVRIN, two emergent artists with a penchant for pitch black grooves steeped in the kind of acidic, wavey styles that COTF are consistently striking gold with. "Blasphemy" is a powerful slice of reductionist acid that uses a bare minimum of elements to create a sinister atmosphere to strike fear into the hearts of unwitting dancers. "Dead Sunday" is no slouch in the creepy department either, its clattering beats and bubbly acid line straining against a tape-stretched backdrop of synthesizer malaise. "Achromatic" switches stance to slow, undead electro soaked in embalming fluid and filtered through a B-movie veil for maximum guttural impact.
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 in stock $7.00
Traditions 07 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TRAD 07. Rel: 16 May 18
  1. Permanent Reminder (5:06)
  2. Hectic Lives (5:35)
  3. Artificial Emotion (4:33)
  4. Habitable Zone (3:13)
  5. Quantized Vector (2:32)
 in stock $17.57
  1. DNAonDNA - "No Thanks, I'd Rather Stay In The Ivory Tower" (6:53)
  2. Antonio - "Untitled 999" (4:31)
  3. Bielefel Murder Boys - "What The Fuck Is Wrong With Storage Company These Days" (5:14)
  4. 188HaightStreet - "Necklace Of Heads" (6:44)
Review: The first release on the freshly minted Heteroerotic Asypyxiation imprint delivers a veritable smorgasbord of skewed, left-of-centre oddness shot through with decaying, post-industrial intent. For proof, check the hard-to-define, end-of-days murkiness of DNAonDNA's claustrophobic, end-of-days opener "No Thanks, I'd Rather Stay In The Ivory Tower" (kind of like Cabaret Voltaire making broken beat in a dungeon) and the nightmarish, psychedelic exotica of 188HaightStreet's wonky, Arabic techno shuffler "Necklace of Heads". In between, you'll find the wild-eyed, distorted tribal techno stomp of Antonia's "Untitled 99" and the fizzing drums and twisted, elongated analogue bass of "What The Fuck Is Wrong With Storage Company These Days" by Bielefeld Murder Boys. Brilliantly bonkers.
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 in stock $10.98
Cat: RSP 102. Rel: 15 Sep 17
  1. Moderns (8:34)
  2. Solar Sequencer (7:14)
  3. Mariposa Scheme (6:41)
 in stock $9.62
Sauro's Senses (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SV 001. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Verses
  2. Senses
  3. Sauro
  4. Aicee
Review: A new label and a new artist throwing their hat into the techno ring with a sideways reference to A Certain Ratio. Do The Du clearly mean business, and waste no time in laying down the law with the rowdy snarl of "Verses", a punky slice of lo-fi techno from the gutter. "Senses" is a more tightly wound, looped up affair for the most nerve-jangled of dancer, while "Sauro" makes mincemeat of the house music blueprint with a wonderfully distorted twist on the genre. "Aicee" gets the whole B-side to trance out on a submerged, throbbing 303 burner and subtle drum jack that harks right back to the early days of Phuture.
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 in stock $5.22
Detour 005 (12")
Cat: DETOUR 005. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. YR_ESQ (5:21)
  2. Geospatial (6:17)
  3. Hydroplane (7:39)
  4. Considered Equation (4:45)
 in stock $12.91
Cat: BOTTOM 04. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. First Solar (4:30)
  2. Between (5:04)
  3. Ampere (5:33)
  4. Between (Nark remix) (7:32)
  5. Ampere (Cid & Fancy remix) (6:44)
 in stock $10.98
Potential Natural Vegetation (smokey transparent grey vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SSX 08. Rel: 11 Dec 17
  1. Dentario Enneaphyllidis - Fagetum I
  2. Dentario Enneaphyllidis - Fagetum II
  3. Querco - Pinetum I
  4. Querco - Pinetum II
Review: Maciej Banasik has been releasing plenty of music as MB as well as Docetism since 2012, but this release on Silent Season marks the first time the prolific artist's music has been committed to wax. In true Silent Season style the mood is consistently haunting, leading in with the foggy pulse of "Dentario Enneaphyllidis - Fagetum I" before the second part of the piece heads off into pure swelling drone. "Querco - Pinetum I" is a different kind of droning techno that comes loaded with cinematic poise, but it makes for a natural partner to the A side. The second part of that piece drifts into calming field recordings of birds and shapeless synth swells of a truly majestic nature.
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 in stock $8.78
Wasted Kitchen EP (12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: ROPR 003. Rel: 01 Feb 17
  1. L's Keyboard (5:32)
  2. Luv N Drugs (6:35)
  3. Let Me Eat This (9:22)
 in stock $8.78
SWZ 002 (12")
Cat: SWZ 002. Rel: 15 Aug 17
  1. Can It All Be So Simple (6:18)
  2. Come Clean (6:41)
  3. Yaga (5:05)
  4. Most Hated 4 No Reason (1:18)
  5. There Are Still These Fucked Up Dreamz (5:45)
 in stock $10.72
Reply (white vinyl 12")
Cat: ESD 12005. Rel: 11 Dec 14
  1. Reply
  2. Bespoke
Played by: Jack Fell Down
 in stock $9.88
Cat: ASR 007. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Haul (7:25)
  2. Next To None (7:09)
  3. Why Aren't You Afraid? (5:13)
  4. High Enough (5:49)
  5. Lockdown/Gruvfrun (3:33)
 in stock $12.08
Mother EP (12")
Cat: ASR 010. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Intro (2:51)
  2. Kick It (Them) (5:02)
  3. Rottweiler (6:13)
  4. The Riot (4:46)
  5. EVA (6:24)
  6. Epilogue (2:50)
Played by: Skudge, Kessell
 in stock $12.08
Shutdown (12")
Cat: MT 17. Rel: 14 Dec 17
  1. Pushing (5:39)
  2. There (6:16)
  3. Shutdown (6:32)
  4. Confusion (4:30)
 in stock $9.34
Dolo 3 (12")
Cat: TTT 069. Rel: 24 May 18
  1. Dolo 9 (10:45)
  2. Dolo 10 (3:37)
  3. Dolo 11 (4:02)
  4. Dolo 12 (5:18)
 in stock $14.01
Driving EP (12")
Cat: FWK 003. Rel: 25 Oct 17
  1. La Kuika (8:26)
  2. Hidden Slice (6:16)
Played by: DJ 3000
 in stock $8.52
Fonts For The People (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 3024 KJL2. Rel: 28 Aug 14
  1. Fonts For The People
  2. Penny's Groove
  3. Tepper
Review: With speaker racks still settling after being put to the test by his recent third LP The Air Between Worlds, DC's most foremost Dutchman Martyn looks to have wasted little time in returning to matters of a 3024 nature. The label's latest release comes from Doms & Deykers which may sound like a new name, but is in fact a collaborative effort from Martyn and compatriot Steffi. Using their respective surnames, the first fruits of Doms & Deykers is the three-track Fonts For The People 12?, which seems perfectly balanced between the pair's tastes and sounds. The title track is proper rude acid-flecked breakbeat rave primed for the dankest of basements, whilst "Penny's Groove" retains the 90s hardcore vibes but steers proceedings towards housier terrain. Final cut "Tepper" trades in the immediacy in favour of introspection. More of this please Ms Doms and Mr Deykers!
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 in stock $9.62
Gammellan (12")
Cat: BH 029. Rel: 24 Mar 16
  1. Gammellan (9:26)
  2. Gammellan (Dresvn remix) (6:41)
Review: Florian Meyer is one of the most experimental artists working in dance music and Gammellan shows why he enjoys that status. The follow-up to 2015's Hexentrix on Berceuse Heroique, it sees him take influence from the Indonesian music referenced in the title to construct a dense, percussive rhythm track replete with chiming, melodic riffs that glisten like dew on a lawn at sunrise. The label has also commissioned a great remix; Acido and SUEd pair Dresvn draw on inspiration from the shimmering melodies of early to mid-90s Warp's back catalogue to create a version that teems with intricate melodies and dramatic strings.
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 in stock $11.81
Cat: BH 039. Rel: 06 Jul 17
  1. Zwischending (8:15)
  2. Wiederganger (7:26)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $11.81
Cat: IT 034. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Dona - "People Have No Name" (live cut) (3:55)
  2. Dona - "You Better Not Take The Metro" (6:06)
  3. DJ Plant Texture - "Press Play On That MF MPC Maaan" (5:32)
  4. DJ Plant Texture - "31 Seconds" (4:45)
 in stock $10.17
Dekmantel 10 Years 08 (heavyweight vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DKMNTL 10YEARS08. Rel: 22 Nov 17
  1. Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen - "Storta" (5:58)
  2. Deniro - "Serval" (7:57)
  3. Matrixxman - "Sexual Frustration" (6:06)
  4. Talismann - "Aciano" (7:29)
Review: The eighth instalment in Dutch powerhouse Dekmantel's 10 year anniversary series comes courtesy of the techno scene's current heavy hitters. On the A side we have inimitable pairing of some hypnotic techno dons: Rome's Donato Dozzy and Brussels' Peter Van Hoesen - who turn in an epic tribal trance cut in the form of "Storta". The Trip affiliated Dutchman Deniro finishes up the A side with his deep and functional DJ tool "Serval" powered by thunderous toms and distant blips and bleeps. On the flip, American acid retrovert Matrixxman delivers more sturdy 303 wobble business for dank warehouses on "Sexual Frustration" and grunting and squealing away in similar fashion is Talismann's dirty epic "Aciano". With an EP released every month, the series has been embracing all the musical varieties they've come to represent. Featuring label favourites, along with a whole bunch of new faces, iconic artists and select debutantes alike - it's a collection of timeless music that embraces everything they've done to date, while setting a precedent for things to come.
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 in stock $12.36
Device One (12")
  1. Track 5 (5:26)
  2. Track 8 (5:23)
 in stock $9.34
  1. dOP - "Synesthesia" (5:46)
  2. Michal Zietara & Voe - "Supersonic Blackout" (5:37)
  3. Homeboy - "Hadi" (5:59)
  4. Mehmet Aslan - "Romantic" (7:31)
 in stock $9.88
Personal FX (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DISCO TRECE. Rel: 04 Dec 17
  1. $ LFO
  2. Personal FX
  3. John Cage Is My Homeboy
  4. Sai Ying Pun
Review: Hailing from Hong Kong and more commonly found recording as S.Y., this release is the first music the producer has put out as Dopamine Rider, and it's certainly a record that thrives on unpredictable rushes of chemicals to the brain, making it a perfect fit on Discos Capablanca. "$ LFO" sports a techno framework of sorts, but it's really a vessel for strange ripples of FX and one-shot tones, but then "Personal FX" ramps up the freakiness with some atonal machine whirring that sounds like it's been wrenched from an errant modular system. "John Cage Is My Homeboy" is positively delicate in comparison, but it's by no means straight laced, and "Sai Ying Pun" finishes this adventurous EP off with a strange drum track that adds a little spice to the DJ tool format.
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 in stock $5.76
Tecken (12")
Cat: TIKITA 007. Rel: 24 Nov 17
  1. Tecken I (8:14)
  2. Tecken II (7:31)
  3. Tecken III (9:40)
 in stock $9.34
  1. Dorisburg & Efraim Kent - "Bubblebad" (7:39)
  2. DJ Nobu - "Safari" (6:23)
  3. Iori - "Transparent" (7:39)
  4. Natural/Electronic System - "Emersione" (6:15)
Review: Tikita is a new label record label focused on body & mind music. Starting out with the deep and hypnotic tribalism of Dorisburg and Efraim Kent's "Bubblebad", Japanese legend DJ Nobu then starts trancing you out on the deep acid trip that is "Safari". On the flip we've got the Prologue affiliated Iori with "Transparent" which further explores his awe inspiring take on modern ambient music; absolutely lush this one is! Finally Neapolitan purveyors of trance induction Natural/Electronic System are back with "Emersione"; a slow burning and emotive journey with eerie pads, delayed drums and sonar blips just made for dropping out to!
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 in stock $9.62
Cat: PL 017NK. Rel: 27 Apr 17
  1. Sauerkraut (8:02)
  2. Acid Over Oslo (5:59)
  3. Sauerkraut (Christian Tilt remix) (6:40)
  4. Karl Krankenhaus (6:13)
Played by: James Welsh
 in stock $10.17
Clocks & Bells (limited hand-stamped 1-sided 12")
Cat: LEG 010. Rel: 16 Dec 16
  1. Clocks & Bells (7:54)
  2. Act Of Things (7:31)
 in stock $10.72
Cat: K 008 (B-STOCK). Rel: 21 Apr 17
Review: ***B-STOCK: Product has light surface marks/scratches, but otherwise in perfect working condition***

- Small chip on edge of vinyl (pictured)

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 in stock $7.90
Paradoxon (12")
Cat: K 015. Rel: 23 Mar 18
  1. Paradoxon (6:47)
  2. Paradoxon (Raffaele Attanasio remix) (5:34)
  3. Gravitation (7:27)
  4. Antimaterie (6:08)
 in stock $9.34
Flashbacks (12" )
Cat: KA 107. Rel: 28 May 04
  1. Flashback
  2. Psy Cube
 in stock $11.54
  1. Doubt - "Mystery Road" (6:00)
  2. Doubt - "Grimstad" (4:41)
  3. Jason Bay & DJ Screendoor - "Hazed" (7:20)
$12.08 SAVE 30%
 in stock $8.45
The Promises 01 (140 gram white vinyl 12")
Cat: PRMS 01. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Tokonoma
  2. Zeitumstellung
  3. BomberHerzen
Review: A promise is a manifestation of intent to act or refrain from acting in a specified way at some point in the future. It's communicated by one party, to at least one additional party, to signify a commitment has been made. The person manifesting intent is the Promisor. The person to whom the manifestation is addressed is the Promisee.
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Played by: DoubtingThomas
$8.78 SAVE 40%
 in stock $5.27
Cassandra (12")
Cat: CLAQUE 016. Rel: 14 Jul 15
  1. Cassandra (7:25)
  2. II (2:29)
Review: Donato Dozzy has surely booked his place at the top of the techno game by now, thanks to an impressive catalogue spanning over ten years and an exquisite selection of labels. Although he has been focusing on his collaborative projects over the last few years - check Voices From The Lake in case you've been living under a rock - his solo productions are always an absolute pleasure. For his latest outing he lands on compatriot Carola Pisaturo's Claque Musique, a label that floats between house and techno at its own pace. The A-side, "Cassandra", is more laid-back compared to Dozzy's recent performances, its mid-tempo swagger gives the percussion and floating melodies enough space to mould into a skin-tight groove. "II" on the B-side is totally different, where Dozzy eliminates beats, basslines and sonics in favour of Asia-sounding didgeridoo's, all electronically treated and tripped out, of course. Recommended, particularly for those wishing to hear something new from the man.
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 in stock $9.34
Cat: AD 002. Rel: 01 Feb 18
  1. La Bombe Plastique (4:04)
  2. La Bombe Plastique (edit) (5:36)
Played by: Doo
 in stock $10.72
OTTAR 001 (12")
Cat: OTTAR 001. Rel: 14 Jun 18
  1. Dr Cyanide - "Tranquilium" (5:12)
  2. Dr Cyanide - "Tranquilium" (Kessell remix) (6:06)
  3. O Lopez Beat - "The Awakening" (5:03)
  4. Structural Form - "Leaire" (4:53)
Played by: Kessell
 in stock $9.62
Cat: SUBSONIC 003. Rel: 31 Jan 17
  1. Dr Walker Vs Omsk Information - "Only Here" (10:26)
  2. St Tetik - "Warning This Is Loud Music" (5:02)
  3. St Tetik - "Sweet Dystopia" (3:21)
 in stock $10.98
  1. Dr Walker Vs Omsk Information - "Psychedelic Kitchen 2016" (8:36)
  2. Paulus 8 - "Jupiter Storm" (8:05)
$10.98 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.23
Cat: ICR 008. Rel: 28 Apr 17
  1. Detach (7:13)
  2. Oxidian (6:08)
  3. Sphere (5:42)
 in stock $8.52
DRAFTS 001 (12")
Cat: DRAFTS 001. Rel: 06 Apr 17
  1. Draft 1.1 (6:17)
  2. Draft 1.2 (6:05)
  3. Draft 1.3 (6:10)
$10.17 SAVE 30%
 in stock $7.12
  1. Dragon Fly - "Visions Of Rage" (6:02)
  2. Kromozone - "The Rush" (Sub Bass) (5:44)
  3. Track 3 (3:07)
  4. Track 4 (0:31)
  5. Psychotropic - "Only For The Headstrong" (7:49)
  6. Track 6 (0:34)
  7. Friends Of Matthew - "Out There" (Technomix) (5:14)
  8. Track 7 (1:16)
 in stock $10.44
Got You EP (12")
Cat: CV 007. Rel: 21 Nov 17
  1. Nuga Va Rog (7:26)
  2. Moet Est (7:23)
  3. Got You Huum (9:01)
Played by: TIJN
 in stock $10.44
Shame (12")
Cat: INSL 002. Rel: 02 Feb 18
  1. Obnoxious (5:41)
  2. Shame (6:15)
  3. Obnoxious (Lucindo remix) (5:49)
  4. Shame (Ontal remix) (5:17)
 in stock $11.81
Cat: ALLERGYFREE 003. Rel: 18 Sep 14
  1. Dubious Smink
  2. No Flex Fit
  3. For Thin Soles (original mix)
  4. For Thin Soles (J Tijn remix)
Played by: Khotin
 in stock $11.81
Water Tour (12")
Cat: JG 05. Rel: 07 Jun 17
  1. Ciaran Lawless - "Ferry" (2:46)
  2. Dravier - "Harbour Fog" (9:16)
  3. Ciaran Lawless - "GV" (13:02)
Review: The latest 12" excursion from the admirable Jungle Gym label is a loosely conceptual affair. It gathers together water-inspired tracks from regular contributor Dravier and Always Human Tapes alumnus Ciaran Lawless. The latter delivers two distinctive cuts: the fluid melodies, bobbing pads and plunging electronics of ambient opener "Ferry" and the ghostly, Selected Ambient Works-era Aphex Twin movements of epic flipside "GV", where hushed melody motifs rise above shuffling and distorted drum machine percussion. Dravier's "Harbour Fog" is arguably the most evocative track of the lot, boasting as it does drifting, early morning chord progressions, synthesized harp flourishes and a hypnotic, soft focus rhythm track.
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 in stock $10.98
Cat: SG 1883. Rel: 16 Mar 18
  1. The Heart Takes The Stone (8:07)
  2. The Stone Invokes The Body (5:54)
  3. The Burden Imprisons The Mind (6:59)
  4. The Body Falters Beneath The Burden (7:05)
Played by: Choronzon
$12.08 SAVE 25%
 in stock $9.06
Dangnabbit (12")
Cat: TTT 068. Rel: 19 Jun 18
  1. Nang Nubia (7:15)
  2. Goa, Goa, Gone (6:11)
  3. Jack Dat Wabbit (5:37)
  4. Trip This Joint (7:17)
Review: Bogdan Drazic's two debut EPs for Giallo Disco, a pair of monumentally aggressive EBM/techo deviations, were good enough to capture the attention of Will Bankhead's TTT stable, propelling the artist onto a new stage, with a new set of listeners. In fairness, Bankhead has picked some pretty 'out-there' material from Drazic, with the opening "Nang Nubia" being a marvellously twisted whirlpool of techno and metallic power-core, followed by the quirky mechanics of "Goa, Goa, Gone". For the flip, Bogdan delivers "Jack Dat Wabbit", a more bass-heavy stomper with a supremely off-kilter groove under its hood, whereas "Trip This Joint" waves its heavy folds of bass over a broken, disJOINTed medley of beats. Lush. TTT-approved.
Read more
 in stock $14.01
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