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A Trip To The Moon
A Trip To The Moon (limited CD)
Cat: AXCD 049. Rel: 25 Jan 17
  1. Theory & Plans (The Trip)
  2. The Believers
  3. Rocket Spaceship Destination
  4. Amongst The Stars
  5. Outer Space
  6. Fast Descent To The Surface (Eyeball Landing)
  7. Winds Across The Vast Landscape
  8. Strange Plants & Other Botanica
  9. Sleepy Time
  10. The Feeling Of Being Watched
  11. Underground & The Moon People
  12. Captured & Under Their Control
  13. Bewilded, But Not Confused
  14. The Escape
  15. Hero's Welcome
Review: Since many of Jeff Mills's strongest albums have been new scores to classic sci-fi films, hopes are naturally high for this audio interpretation of Georges Melies' 1902 silent movie, A Trip To The Moon. As you'd expect, it's an impressively cinematic musical journey, with the Detroit legend using synthesizers and drum machines to do the work of an orchestra. It touches on many of his usual musical tropes - think star-hazing ambient and futurist Detroit techno - while also offering nods towards Chicago acid, the kind of cyclical, phase-based compositions pioneered by Steve Reich, experimental noise, and neo-classical. It's emotive, immaculately produced, and hugely entertaining.
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 in stock $25.47
Scarred For Life 2 (Soundtrack)
Cat: CIS 072CD. Rel: 09 Dec 20
  1. Pocket Pavilions - "The Halcyon Clock" (Opening Title)
  2. The Twelve Hour Foundation - "The Brain Children"
  3. Correlations - "Recall"
  4. Handspan - "What's In The Box?"
  5. Cult Of Wedge - "The Day Before Doomsday"
  6. Oliver Cherer - "Tension Piece"
  7. The British Stereo Collective - "In The Tall Grass"
  8. The Bentley Emerald Learning Resourc - "The City Of Golden Lead"
  9. The Soulless Party - "A School At War"
  10. Quimper - "Happy Borders"
  11. Keith Seatman - "One Lost Weekend"
  12. Listening Center - "Intermission"
  13. Pulselovers - "Dobbs & Clogg"
  14. The Heartwood Institute - "You Cannot Win A Nuclear War"
  15. Oliver Cherer - "Down White Corridors"
  16. The Metamorph - "Theme From Stardrive"
  17. Vic Mars - "The Time Menders Return"
  18. The Home Current - "Unknown Sameness"
  19. Panamint Manse - "Sunstroke Scout"
  20. Salvatore Mercatante - "The Garden"
  21. The Home Current - "Theme From Lobster Boy"
  22. Apta - "Equinox"
  23. The Central Office Of Information - "Through The Arched Window"
 in stock $15.28
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


Back In Stock: Soundtracks
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