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Symphonie Pacifique (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: STRUT 212LP. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Prelude (0:28)
  2. Symphonie Pacifique (4:54)
  3. Undulation (1:09)
  4. Anticipation (5:00)
  5. Mu (0:21)
  6. Yonaguni (4:06)
  7. Island Life (6:07)
  8. Nikinakinu (5:21)
  9. Man vs Machine (3:22)
  10. Before The Storm (1:31)
  11. After The Storm (8:30)
  12. Meditation On A Pedal Steel (1:45)
  13. Lament For Lamont (4:50)
  14. Pointe-Venus (7:16)
  15. Mother's Love (5:34)
  16. Epilogue: Three Tenors (2:20)
Review: Acclaimed pianist Greg Foat is a mainstay of the current UK jazz revival thanks to works on Jazzman and Athens of the North. He draws on soul and library music for his inspiration and serves up lush symphonies that are rich in detail, layer and emotion. This new album, which makes use of pedal steel for the first time, goes even more widescreen in its approach and includes powerfully uplifting tracks like "Anticipation" as well as more sensual and slower groovers and languid movers like "Island Life." It is the sound of an artist and composer at the very peak of his powers.
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 in stock $24.72
Jazz On The Corner Two (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: AJX2LP 503. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Stanley Turrentine - "The Magilla" (6:04)
  2. Nina Simone - "I'm Gonna Leave You" (2:17)
  3. The Jazz Crusaders - "Tough Talk" (2:38)
  4. Gene Ammons - "Jungle Strut" (5:10)
  5. George Benson - "Shape Of Things To Come" (5:14)
  6. Nicola Conte - "Caravan" (5:38)
  7. Duke Pearson - "Gira, Girou (Round & Round)" (7:17)
  8. Chet Baker - "Do It The Hard Way" (3:01)
  9. The Modern Jazz Quartet - "Concorde" (3:38)
  10. Lorez Alexandria - "Nature Boy" (2:46)
  11. Emanuel K Rahim & The Kaliqs - "Al Amin (The Knower)" (3:09)
  12. Roberta Flack - "Compared To What" (5:13)
  13. Horace Silver - "Tranquilizer Suite Part 4: Perservance & Eudurance" (6:08)
  14. Emma-Jean Thackray - "Ley Lines" (4:43)
  15. The Lyman Woodard Organisation - "Creative Musicians" (2:41)
  16. Charles Earland - "Leaving This Planet" (7:22)
  17. Brain Auger Oblivion Express - "Freedom Jazz Dance" (5:24)
  18. Johnny Mercer - "That Old Black Magic" (2:44)
  19. Roy Ayers - "A Tear To A Smile" (5:40)
  20. Lonnie Liston Smith - "Summer Days" (5:51)
 in stock $19.20
Happening: Live At The Village Vanguard
coming soon $12.61
My Baby Just Cares For Me
coming soon $15.25
coming soon $25.78
Guitar In Velvet
Guitar In Velvet (blue vinyl LP)
Cat: LPMH 8096.
coming soon $27.09
Helen Merrill (mono)
Helen Merrill (mono) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: AAPJ 127.
  1. Don't Explain
  2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
  3. What's New
  4. Falling In Love With Love
  5. Yesterdays
  6. Born To Be Blue
  7. 'S Wonderful
coming soon $50.48
Succubus (reissue)
Succubus (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DEN 58LP.
  1. The Sexy Midnight Torture Show
  2. Erotic Love Queen
  3. Strange Dreams
  4. Castles By The Sea
  5. The Admirals Game
  6. The Morning After
  7. Perverted Pleasure Party
  8. A Bad Trip
  9. A Place For Fantasies
  10. Murder Amongst Mannequins
  11. Fleeing The Scene
  12. Deadly Rehearsal
  13. Faustine
coming soon $29.71
Now's The Time
Now's The Time (limited 10xCD box set)
Cat: CM 574310009.
coming soon $44.17
Now's The Time
Now's The Time (limited 2xLP)
Cat: CM 74311011.
coming soon $15.51
Time Out
Time Out (LP)
Cat: SNYJ 6450941.
coming soon $72.57
Kind Of Blue
Kind Of Blue (mono LP)
Cat: SNYJ 6450958.
coming soon $72.57
Someday My Prince Will Come
Cat: SNYJ 6450972.
coming soon $82.04
Live In Tokyo
Cat: SNYJ 6450989.
coming soon $72.57
Kind Of Blue
Cat: SNYJ 6450965.
coming soon $72.57
Farewell Tonic
Farewell Tonic (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TR 204.
coming soon $22.08
The Unique SIdney Bechet
coming soon $10.26
The Essential Works: 1943-1955
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coming soon $19.20
The Early Albums
Cat: EN4CD 9185.
coming soon $10.26
Jef Gilson A Gaveau
Jef Gilson A Gaveau (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SFP 10 004.
coming soon TBA
Parisian Thoroughfare
Parisian Thoroughfare (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 87904.
coming soon TBA
Complete Newport 1956 Performances
coming soon $15.25
Sings The Cole Porter Song Book (reissue)
coming soon $15.25
Now's The Time
Cat: 244105.
coming soon $10.26
The Complete Legendary 1938 Carniegie Hall Concert
coming soon $15.25
Mood Suite
Cat: SCCD 31898.
coming soon $16.31
Northern Noir
coming soon $16.31
Jazz Criminal
Cat: BSXR 91262.
coming soon $19.46
The Fox (reissue)
coming soon $13.67
Emma (CD)
Cat: NCD 4232.
coming soon $15.00
Getz/Gilberto (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 060075 3551561. Rel: 16 Oct 14
  1. The Girl From Ipanema
  2. Doralice
  3. P'ra Muchucar
  4. Meu Coracao
  5. Corcovado
  6. So Danco Samba
  7. O Grande Amor
  8. Vivo Sonhando
 in stock $11.31
Afro Blue (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: MRBLP 216. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Afro Blue (8:19)
  2. Love Vibrations (5:53)
  3. Everyday I Have The Blues/Stormy Monday Blues (Blues Medley) (8:01)
  4. Little B's Poem (3:07)
  5. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (4:38)
  6. Love From The Sun (5:30)
  7. People Make The World Go Around (4:47)
Review: Before she made a name for herself with a string of killer disco, jazz-funk and fusion records in the late '70s and early '80s, Dee Dee Bridgewater was a rising star on the global jazz underground. This period of her career is best exemplified by 1974 debut album "Afro Blue", a fine vocal jazz album recorded in Tokyo with a backing band made up of husband Cecil (a top trumpeter) and high-quality Japanese session musicians. As this reissue proves, the album has lost none of its allure. There's much to set the pulse racing throughout, from the breezy soul-jazz shuffle of opener "Afro Blue" and the emotive "Blues Medley", to the superb slowed-down jazz cover of "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and blissful "People Make The World Go Round".
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! low stock $17.09
Count Basie Swings Joe William Sings & The Greatest!
coming soon $11.84
Mis'ry & The Blues/Think Well Of Me
coming soon $11.84
Jason Marsalis Live
Cat: BSTR 30622.
coming soon $19.98
Dr Michael White Live
coming soon $19.98
From Here To Here
Cat: CRISS 1405CD.
  1. Focus Pocus
  2. Cyclic Episode
  3. Metaverse
  4. Child Of Time
  5. When & Then
  6. Innerlude
  7. Interplay
  8. The Long Game
  9. Free Radicals
  10. Libation
coming soon $15.51
Digging: Reflections On Jazz & Blues
coming soon $12.36
Atalante (CD)
Cat: FY 7065.
coming soon $12.36
Y (CD)
Cat: FY 8270.
coming soon $12.36
Kind Of Blue (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DOL 725H. Rel: 21 Mar 18
  1. So What (9:22)
  2. Freddie Freeloader (9:46)
  3. Blue In Green (5:30)
  4. Flamenco Sketches (11:35)
  5. All Blues (9:23)
 in stock $9.20
Flute Thing (limited 7")
Cat: GSC 4523. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Flute Thing (edit W/Breaks) (4:30)
  2. Do What You Gotta Do (edit) (4:20)
Review: With no less than nine releases on the label to their name already, Black Cash & Theo AKA Thelonious Beats are Galaxy Sound Co's most experienced editors. Here they deliver another fantastic "45" packed with righteous grooves and life-affirming jazz moves. It's the latter that comes to the fore on side A's "Flute Thing", a sweet and seductive drift through picturesque jazz territory with some additional loose-limbed drum solos edited in halfway through. "Do What You Gotta Do" on the other hand is a simmering, string-laden soul treat rich in killer instrumentation, sumptuous orchestration, chunky grooves and hazy vocals. It's a fine edit of a superb cut and easily the record's standout cut.
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 in stock $10.26
Cat: AOTNLP 010. Rel: 01 Jul 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand (6:12)
  2. Lullaby (4:49)
  3. The Solar Winds (& Cadenza) (4:15)
  4. A Long Way Home (2:42)
  5. End Song (4:37)
  6. All Washed Up (11:45)
  7. How The Nights Can Fly (7:55)
  8. End Song (reprise) (1:56)
Review: This release marks something of a departure for Athens of the North, a label predominantly known for reissuing ludicrously rare funk and soul sevens. For starters, it's a brand new album, written, performed and produced by jazzman Greg Foat and Warren Hampshire, who's best known for being a member of The Bees. Then there's what it sounds like. While there are nods to the organic, immaculately produced soul of Rotary Connection, for the most part Galaxies Like Grains of Sand is a luscious fusion of hazy, Cinematic Orchestra style jazz, folksy downtempo compositions, and the blissful, head-in-the-clouds bliss of new age influenced ambient. Surprising or not, it's an utterly beguiling album
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 in stock $22.08
  1. Jazz Co-Op - "A La Coltrane" (7:39)
  2. The Alan Lee Quartet - "Sunflower" (9:25)
  3. The John Sangster Quartet - "Exploration Of The Sun" (3:14)
  4. Galapagos Duck - "Kate Did" (8:20)
  5. The Brian Brown Quintet - "Wildflowers" (4:59)
  6. Peter Gaudion's Blues Express - "People Make The World Go 'Round" (7:18)
Review: "Pyramid Pieces" is a long overdue retrospective of the golden years of Australia's modern jazz scene in the 1960s and '70s. It could hardly be called a well-known scene - it was barely celebrated in Australia, yet alone elsewhere - but over the course of two decades produced a string of fine releases showcasing fresh interpretations of then contemporary jazz from the USA and Europe, as well as a homegrown style known as 'Eco-Jazz'. Highlights are plentiful, from the magnificent modal movements of Jazz Co/Op's "A La Coltrane" and the effortlessly evocative spirituality of "Exploration of the Sun" by the John Sangster Quartet, to the heady eco-jazz beauty of the Brian Brown Quintet's "Wildflowers" and Peter Gaudion Blues Express's winding instrumental cover of jazz staple "People Make The World Go round".
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 in stock $23.67
Inner Feelings (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 6975. Rel: 04 Jun 20
  1. Party Time (3:50)
  2. Love You (3:15)
  3. Panama (3:23)
  4. Jessica (4:14)
  5. Waver -ing (6:12)
  6. Funny Feelin' (2:36)
  7. Out On The Town Tonight (3:28)
  8. Givin' Me The Blues (3:34)
Review: Sought after jazz/funk/soul release gets an official Japan reissue of the classic Roy Porter album from 1975.
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 in stock $37.86
Can You See What I'm Trying To Say (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JMANLP 121. Rel: 18 Jun 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Empty Streets (4:56)
  2. Adrianna (0:49)
  3. Gutkind's Dream (0:28)
  4. Acting For Liberation (part 1) (11:02)
  5. Law Of The Universe (0:36)
  6. Can You See What I'm Trying To Say (3:52)
  7. Acting For Liberation (part 2) (1:29)
  8. Persia & Cornelius (3:26)
  9. The Glory (4:40)
  10. Soul Fire (3:05)
  11. Twelve Wire Byrd (0:59)
  12. Only In A Dream (7:46)
Review: Lascelle 'Lascelles' Gordon is the creative powerhouse behind Vibration Black Finger, and once again here he excels on a second album that furthers his magnificent jazz sound. Obscure spiritual sounds of the 70s are the melting pot from which he mostly draws, with plenty of like-minded collaborates all contributing their own skills to the mix. Collective empowerment and personal development all enrich the album and its progressive message, and it was all put together from old ideas on tapes and DATs that he had worked on over the years. Instrumental segues stitch together the thoughtful vocal pieces and moments of real gusto help it stick long in the memory.
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 in stock $19.20
Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo (heavyweight vinyl LP with obi-strip) (1 per customer)
Cat: MAR 022. Rel: 08 Jul 20
  1. Atalala (3:46)
  2. As Feras (3:46)
  3. Foicera (3:46)
  4. Rio Corrente (4:32)
  5. Macareu (4:25)
  6. Fuga (2:26)
  7. Flauta De Bambu (1:52)
  8. Tema Pro Alvarito (7:27)
Review: Since it was first released in the collective's native Brazil in 1978, the self-titled debut album from Guilherme Coutinho E O Groupo Stalo has become a sought-after item amongst collectors of Latin jazz. This reissue - the first of any kind - proves why. Offering a mixture of samba-soaked Latin jazz rhythms, sweet vocals, spacey analogue synthesizer sounds, Azymuth style electric piano motifs, MPB style songwriting and Brazilian jazz-funk stylistic tropes, it's a joyously sunny and quirkily off-kilter affair that impresses from start to finish. Production wise it's a little loose and fuzzy round the edges, but that only adds to the album's obvious allure. Recommended!
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 in stock $28.93
Troupeau Bleu (reissue) (LP + poster repress)
Cat: TVLP 09 PT. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. La Rue (4:27)
  2. Automne (Colchiques) (2:40)
  3. L'Enfant Samba (3:07)
  4. Troupeau Bleu (5:02)
  5. Prelude (3:54)
  6. Go Round (1:23)
  7. Chanson D'un Jour D'Hiver (5:22)
  8. Mary & Jeff (2:43)
  9. Huit Octobre 1971 (4:22)
  10. Sabbat (part 1) (1:02)
  11. Sabbat (part 2) (3:20)
  12. Sabbat (part 3) (0:28)
  13. Madbass (2:52)
 in stock $18.40
Jessica (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 6976. Rel: 04 Jun 20
  1. Jessica (7:39)
  2. Funky Twitch (4:39)
  3. Hip City (4:24)
  4. Hense-Forth (6:01)
  5. Drums For Daryl (8:16)
  6. Wow (6:42)
  7. Ooh-La-La (4:20)
Review: P Vine in Japan first put out a cd reissue of this 1971 album way back in 2007 and at last they reissue a Japan only edition of the album on wax for the first time since Vistone in the USA put out a version in 1990.Heavy brass funk fuelled jazz workouts led by Roy Porter on drums.
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 in stock $37.86
It's You (7")
Cat: 7DOS 4. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. It's You (4:16)
  2. Dori (4:46)
 in stock $11.31
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