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1 Plus 1 Equals X (unmixed 2xCD in embossed box + booklet)
Cat: ERATP 100CD. Rel: 30 Aug 18
  1. Qasim Naqvi - "Brutal Moderna" (2:00)
  2. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - "Long May It Sustain" (2:00)
  3. Rival Consoles - "Ritual Song" (2:00)
  4. Nils Frahm - "Frau Dehlholm" (2:00)
  5. Daniel Thorne - "Iroise" (2:00)
  6. Daniel Brandt - "Blackpool Sands Forever" (2:00)
  7. Douglas Dare - "Darling" (2:00)
  8. Michael Price - "Eyn Hallow" (2:00)
  9. Kiasmos & Hogni Egilsson - "Zebra" (2:00)
  10. Ben Lukas Boysen - "Pending" (2:00)
  11. David Allred - "Ahoy" (2:00)
  12. Anne Muller - "Bel Tono" (2:00)
  13. Lubomyr Melnyk - "Palisade 1" (2:00)
  14. Hatis Noit - "Inori" (2:00)
  15. Masayoshi Fujita - "Spaceship Magical" (2:00)
  16. Hogni - "Mani" (2:00)
  17. Peter Broderick - "The Perpetual Glow" (2:00)
  18. Arthur Jeffes & Nils Frahm - "Up Is Good" (2:00)
  19. Daniel Brandt - "Blackpool Sands Forever" (Rival Consoles remix) (2:00)
  20. Penguin Cafe - "Wheels Within Wheels" (Greg Gives Peter Space remix) (2:00)
Review: Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths has stated that the objective of 1+1=X was to create a zeitgeist that captured the value of experimenting and reacting to each other as artists. In real time and in the same confines. It marks the tenth anniversary for the imprint, with this collection of exclusive songs from every artist on the label. Originally released on vinyl for Record Store Day 2018 back in April, this features all the original tracks, where they share instruments and each others' capabilities during a residency at Vox-Ton studio in Berlin. Highlights include label staple Nils Frahm's melancholic "Frau Dehlholm", Kiasmos teaming up with Hogni Egilsson on the emotional deep house of "Zebra" and the always impressive Peter Broderick on the bittersweet symphony of "The Perpetual Glow".
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Cat: SCREALBOX 001. Rel: 24 Jan 20
  1. Knuddelmaus (CD1: Far Away Trains Passing By)
  2. Between Us & Them
  3. Passing By
  4. Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn
  5. Nobody's Home
  6. Molfsee
  7. Brooks Was Here (CD2: Far Away Trains Passing By - bonus Disc)
  8. Sunday Evening In Your Street
  9. Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way
  10. A Lie For Breakfast
  11. Nothing Happens In June
  12. As If You've Never Been Away
  13. A Million Miles Away
  14. Crazy For You
  15. Wherever You Are
  16. Gone Forever (CD3: A Strange Isolated Place)
  17. On My Own
  18. A Letter From Home
  19. Monday - Paracetamol
  20. Clear Day
  21. Blumenthal
  22. In All The Wrong Places
  23. A Strangely Isolated Place
  24. Never Be The Same (CD4: Goodbye)
  25. Shine
  26. Stars
  27. Einfeld
  28. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
  29. A Song About Hope
  30. Medusa
  31. Goodbye
  32. In Between Years
  33. Love Forever
  34. Look At The Sky
  35. For Good
  36. Her & The Sea (CD5: A long Way To Fall - Rebound)
  37. Broken Homes
  38. Like A Ghost In Your Own Life
  39. A Long Way To Fall
  40. I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance
  41. A Forgotten Birthday
  42. The Weight Of Darkening Skies
  43. Borrowed Time
  44. Ten Years
  45. A Ritual In Time & Death
  46. Melts Into Air (CD6: No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow)
  47. Love Grows Out Of Thin Air
  48. The Magic In You
  49. Thoughtless Motion
  50. No Further Ahead Than Today
  51. Wait For Me
  52. New Day Starts At Dawn
  53. Water Under The Bridge
  54. Negative Sunrise
  55. Illusory Sun
  56. First Bridge (CD7: outtakes demos & Fragments - Extra Disc)
  57. Attraktor 1
  58. Attraktor 2
  59. Attraktor 3
  60. Stars (demo)
  61. Memory Lane
  62. Einfeld (demo)
  63. Second Bridge
  64. It's Raining Today
  65. Third Bridge
  66. Today's Hope Gone Tomorrow
  67. Ein Feld Fur Ecki
  68. Fourth Bridge
  69. Shine (Longview version)
  70. Fifth Bridge
  71. Prelude & Fugue No 1 In C Major
  72. Last Bridge
  73. Surrender Bittersweet
Review: Now two decades into his career as one of electronic music's most diverse and interesting composers, Ulrich Schnauss has decided the time is right to offer up a sizable retrospective of his work. Suitable for both confirmed fans and newcomers, "Now Is A Timeless Present: A Retrospective" includes freshly re-mastered editions of three key albums - 2001's "Far Away Trains Passing By" (which is accompanied by a disc of bonus material recorded during the same period), 2003's "A Strangely Isolated Place" and 2007's "Goodbye" - plus extensively re-recorded and reworked versions of two more recent sets, "A Long Way To Fall" (2012) and "No Further Ahead Than Today" (2016). If that wasn't enough to set the pulse racing, Schnauss has also included a compilation of "outtakes, demos and fragments".
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The Lost (limited CD)
Cat: SP 026CD LIMITED. Rel: 28 Nov 17
  1. The Lost
  2. Vates
  3. Slin
  4. Anona
  5. Ilo
  6. Greiner
  7. Wait
  8. Enter
  9. Tingel
  10. Second Call
  11. Tula
  12. Neon Dawn
  13. Enola
  14. Fox
  15. Before I Leave
Review: Although fusing modern classical and ambient music has become popular in recent times, Otto A Totland is no bandwagon-jumping newcomer. As part of Deaf Center, the Norwegian pianist and producer made telling contributions to the style's development as far back as 2004. His debut solo album, 2014's Pino, is also widely regarded as something of an unassuming, modern-day classic. This belated follow-up is every bit as beguiling as its predecessor, with Totland unfurling simple, stripped-back tracks built around his deft and sympathetic piano improvisations and hazy field recordings. It's similar in tone to some of Nils Frahm's work, though it feels a lot more melancholic, distant and atmospheric; all traits that guarantee and emotional listening experience.
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Kondole/Dead Cat (2xCD + DVD)
Cat: CSR 246CD. Rel: 13 Feb 18
  1. Dead Cat (long version)
  2. Thee Whale
  3. Thee Shadow Creatures
  4. Dead Cat (short version)
  5. Dead Cat (DVD)
Review: In 1988 and '89, legendary industrial eccentrics and LSD enthusiasts Psychic TV contributed soundtracks to two very different films: a 23-minute "short" called Kondole, and Dead Cat, a very strange, 48-minute "head movie" that featured Derek Jarman and Genesis P Orridge in starring roles. The latter is included here on DVD for the very first time (the original film reels were only rediscovered recently), alongside the full dystopian, industrial ambient soundtrack (CD1). For Psychic TV fans, this is a big deal; the doom-laden paranoid and acid-fired weirdness of the full-length version has never before seen the light of day, only the edited version of "Dead Cat" contained on 1993's Kondole - Ov Dolphins & Wales CD. It's that set, with its bonus "part three" wig-out (here titled Thee Shadow Creatures) which is presented in re-mastered form on disc two.
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Two: Live At Sydney Opera House (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: N 0461. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Inosc
  2. Propho
  3. Trioon II
  4. Scape I
  5. Berlin
  6. Scape II
  7. Morning
  8. Iano
  9. Emspac
  10. Kizuna
  11. Gitrac
  12. Monomom
  13. Panois
  14. Naono
  15. The Revenant Theme
Review: Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto's collaborative partnership reaches back to the turn of the century, when Noto was touring Japan and invited to rework some of Sakamoto's material. Since then, they've delivered a modest but important body of work via Raster-Noton and produced the soundtrack to major Hollywood film "The Revenant". In the wake of last year's "Glass" released on Noto's Noton label, this live album captures the duo in full flight at Sydney Opera House. Noto's immaculately sculpted tones and textures carve out space around Sakamoto's trademark delicate, lingering notes, resulting in an absorbing listening experience as emotionally engaging as it is technically astounding.
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