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Cat: 676095 Rel: 27 Jun 14 • View all MIDI keyboards
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product unused & in perfect condition
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product unused & in perfect condition***

Step into computer-based music creation and performance with the Keystation 49 keyboard controller from M-Audio. Keystation 49 is a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC. It features 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys and a series of controls that expand the range of playable notes, expressive capabilities, and enhance your recording workflow. Use the octave range buttons; pitch-bend and modulation wheels; and transport and directional controls to play, perform, and record with your music software without using a mouse or trackpad. Keystation 49 also includes a 1/4" (6.3mm) sustain pedal input that lets you use an external control pedal, such as the SP2 (sold separately), for genuine piano sustain.

Lightweight and durable, Keystation 49 is perfect for traveling musicians who want to take command of music software during live performances or producers who wish to add an intuitive MIDI controller with a natural feeling keybed to their studio. For an easy-to-use and portable setup, Keystation 49 is USB-powered, class-compliant, and supports USB-MIDI connectivity. Plus, Keystation 49 supports iOS connectivity with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately), enabling you to perform and compose with audio apps on your iPad and other iOS devices.

Bundled with Keystation 49 is a premium virtual instrument from SONiVOX. SONiVOX's Eighty-Eight Ensemble is a world-class piano instrument that authentically captures a 9-foot CD327 Steinway piano. Meticulously recorded and expertly sampled, Eighty-Eight Ensemble provides every producer and performer the opportunity to infuse their compositions, recordings, and performances with the breathtaking realism of a world-class grand piano. Use the combination patches to layer strings, synth pads, and choral pads with the high-fidelity piano samples and create evolving, lush soundscapes and textures.

Also included with Keystation 49 is Ableton Live Lite - one of the most popular performance and production programs available in the world. A powerful music creation tool, Ableton Live Lite enables musicians and producers to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit musical ideas in a fluid audio/MIDI environment. Explore sonic possibilities in real time whether on stage or in the studio. When you are satisfied with your work, Ableton Live Lite lets you save it or mix it down.


Pro Tools First and Eleven Lite software are now included with the current line-up of M-Audio keyboards and interfaces - for all existing and new customers! The industry-standard Pro Tools music software bundle and the Eleven Lite plugin gives artists unprecedented creative options with the most realistic virtual instruments/effects anywhere.
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Cat: DBQP 01. Rel: 04 Jan 19
  1. Done Somebody Wrong (3:44)
  2. One Way Out (7:28)
  3. Stormy Monday Blues (6:58)
  4. Rambilin' Man (7:19)
  5. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (16:49)
  6. Jessica (9:48)
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Cat: 703016 Rel: 18 Sep 18 • View all Effects pedals
Distortion/Sustainer effects pedal with compact enclosure
Notes: We have reissued the original Version 1 Big Muff and it's dripping with vintage Electro-Harmonix DNA and tone. Dubbed the Triangle Big Muff because of the layout of its Volume, Sustain and Tone controls, this is the one that started it all. The new Triangle Big Muff is a faithful re-creation of the original circa 1969 circuit now housed in a pedalboard friendly, die cast chassis.

Electro-Harmonix founder, Mike Matthews, stated: "The Big Muff Pi is the pedal we are best known for so I wanted to commemorate EHX's 50th Anniversary (1968-2018) by re-releasing V1, the very first Big Muff. Original pedals are now selling for hundreds of dollars and this reissue absolutely nails that creamy, violin-like sustain and musical tone at a price a working musician can afford.
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Cat: 548693 Rel: 29 Jan 15 • View all DJ controller cases
DJ controller protective sleeve case specifically designed for Pioneer DDJ-SZ, DDJ-RZ & Numark NS7 II/NS7 FX
Notes: UDG presents the Urbanite Series, cutting edge bags for today's on the go DJ's / Producer's. Each design not only makes you feel good, they make you look great. The Controller Sleeve lets you take a wide variety of your essential gear for your digital set up from one gig to the next.

The main compartment includes high-density egg-crate interior padding that protects jog wheels, faders and buttons of various sized equipment. It let's you safely store your digital controller (such as the Pioneer DDJ-SX/SR/RZ or Numark NS6) in the main compartment.

The UDG Controller Sleeve is available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large & Extra Large skillfully designed to fit many different models of equipment safely during transport.
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Notes: Odyssey's Redline Series BACKSPIN2 DJ Backpack lets you take all your digital DJ equipment essentials from one gig to the next. The bag has many padded compartments and pockets to easily store your Serato, laptop, DJ controllers, microphones, interfaces, cables, hard drives, headphones, vinyl, and much more. Fully padded in all the right places for the ultimate in digital gear protection.

The newest BRLBACKSPIN2 sports the new Redline Series DJ emblem and features large side pockets and an expanded exterior top pouch as well as a roomier interior section.

Fits gear such as: Allen & Heath Xone DX, Akai APC20, Akai APC40, Akai MPD 32, Denon DN-MC2000, Hercules 4MX, Hercules DJ4 Set, Hercules RMX, Hercules RMX 2, Hercules Steel, M-Audio Torq, Native Instruments Maschine, Novation Twitch, Pioneer DDJ-200, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo4, Reloop Jockey II, Reloop Mixage, Serato SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4, Serato Traktor Scratch, Vestax Typhoon, Vestax Spin, Vestax VCI-100 MK2, Vestax VCI-300 MK2, Vestax VCI-380 and many others.

Fits other DJ accessories such as: 17" Laptops, Headphones, Hard Drives, Pods/iPads and Other Digital Tablets, Laptop/Gear Stands and more.
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Cinema (5xLP + DVD + 36 page booklet + 7" video single + MP3 download code)
Cat: LPGRON 180. Rel: 23 Mar 18
  1. Holger Schuring Quintett - "Konfigurationen" (2:13)
  2. Technical Space Composer's Crew - "Canaxis" (20:12)
  3. Technical Space Composer's Crew - "Boat Woman Song" (17:26)
  4. Cluster & Eno - "Ho Renomo" (5:06)
  5. Holger Czukay - "Oh Lord Give Us More Money" (13:20)
  6. Holger Czukay - "Persian Love" (6:25)
  7. Holger Czukay - "Cool In The Pool" (5:03)
  8. Holger Czukay - "Hollywood Symphony" (15:04)
  9. Les Vampyrettes - "Biomutanten" (4:05)
  10. Les Vampyrettes - "Menetekel" (3:48)
  11. Phew - "Signal" (4:30)
  12. Holger Czukay - "Witches Multiplication Table" (4:54)
  13. Holger Czukay - "On The Way To The Peak Of Normal" (5:55)
  14. Holger Czukay - "Ode To Perfume" (13:59)
  15. Holger Czukay - "Two Bass Shuffle" (2:18)
  16. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "How Much Are They?" (4:50)
  17. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Trench Warfare" (6:49)
  18. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Full Circle RPS (No 7)" (10:55)
  19. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - "Twilight World" (4:22)
  20. Holger Czukay - "The Photo Song" (3:42)
  21. Holger Czukay - "Der Osten Ist Rot" (6:19)
  22. Holger Czukay - "Das Massenmedium" (3:57)
  23. Holger Czukay - "Traum Mal Wieder" (7:25)
  24. Holger Czukay - "Hey Baba Reebop" (3:50)
  25. Holger Czukay - "Hit Hit Flop Flop" (3:39)
  26. Holger Czukay - "Perfect World" (10:34)
  27. Holger Czukay - "Music In The Air" (5:11)
  28. Holger Czukay - "Ride A Radio Wave" (5:36)
  29. Holger Czukay - "We Can Fight All Night" (1:24)
  30. Holger Czukay - "Through The Freezing Snow" (1:46)
  31. Holger Czukay - "Breath Taking" (10:31)
  32. Holger Czukay - "La Premiere" (feat U-She) (4:25)
  33. Holger Czukay/Ursa Major - "21st Century" (4:06)
  34. Bison - "Mandy" (3:31)
  35. Fragrance (Video)
  36. Holger On His First Video Recording Holger & Jaki
  37. Krieg Der Tone (Sound Wars) TV Movie 1988 (DVD)
Review: Last year saw the passing of two monumental figures in rock history, legendary drummer Jaki Liebezeit and bassist Holger Czukay, the unrivalled rhythm section of influential krautrock group Can. Following Czukay's death, Gronland Records offer 'Cinema', a five LP posthumous retrospective that spans fifty years of his recording career. Numerous tributes have cited Czukay as a crucial cult figure, famed for collaborations with artists in a broad field; David Sylvian, Jah Wobble, Brian Eno and Karlheinz Stockhausen are to name but a few. This compilation covers such a broad catalogue of released and unreleased material - his most popular being from the iconic 1979 record 'Movies' - that it's essential listening for Czukay and Can lovers alike, as well as a fine introduction to the man's body of work. Released the day before what would have been Czukay's 80th birthday, 'Cinema' serves as a respectful and fascinating insight into a musician and composer who consistently and intelligently defied description.
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Cat: 686673 Rel: 30 Apr 18 • View all Synth modules
Output module with headphone amplifier - 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico Output module is just what you need to monitor your music on headphones and have standardized connection to mixing desks.

3.5mm stereo output jack allows you to connect the Pico System directly to virtually any speaker system or line input. Even in your car.
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Cat: 686040 Rel: 04 May 18 • View all Synth modules
Random sequence generator module
Notes: TM is a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. His Turing machine was a mathematical model of computation that could, in theory, create any output based on a set of instructions and input variables. In a similar way, the TM chooses random values for steps in a sequence based on the user's probability settings. By manipulating probability and sequence length, the module can generate an infinite number of sequences. Whether you're looking for a controlled random source, or an evolving melody generator, TM has you covered.
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Cat: 646598 Rel: 31 Mar 17 • View all DJ controller cases
Protective carry case including strap specifically designed for Pioneer DDJSZ & DDJRZ DJ controllers
Notes: The new CTRL Case DDJ-SZ/DDJ-RZ is specially designed to protect the Pioneer DDJ-SZ & DDJ-RZ controllers. Crafted from 8 mm thick and lightweight Durashock molded EVA foam and a water-rejecting polyester exterior, it is furthermore equipped with a high density egg foam that provides extra protection for the jog wheels, knobs and buttons.
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Dead Moon: The Book (limited 2xLP + 300 page book)
Cat: 682505 Rel: 18 Apr 19 • View all Books
2xLP containing Dead Moon greatest hits collection + 300 page, full colour hardback book
Notes: Dead Moon were a DIY band, active for 19 years. Singer and guitarist Fred Cole was playing music since the early 1960's - beginning his career as "Deep Soul Cole - the white Stevie Wonder", then joining the psychedelic garage rock band the Lollipop Shoppe / The Weeds. In the 70's and early 80's Fred and Toody Cole played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late 1980's, they formed Dead Moon with Andrew Loomis. This band went on to become mythic and legendary. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands - a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of. The book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland music scene.

The book tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, song lyrics, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff. Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes 2 LP's of the "best of" Dead Moon - lovingly remastered from the original tapes. Very sturdy construction.
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Cat: 542615 Rel: 23 Oct 14 • View all Audio & MIDI interfaces
Bus powered USB/iPad recording interface with built-in class A mic preamplifiers and MIDI compatibility
Notes: Excellent choices for mobile musicians, sound designers, and podcasters, the USB 2.0 bus-powered AudioBox iOne and iTwo provide high-quality audio I/O for Mac, PC, and Apple iPad. These compact, ruggedly built interfaces offer high-performance Class A mic preamplifiers, record 24-bit audio at up to 96 kHz, and include powerful, easy-to-use Studio Oner Artist DAW for Mac and Windows and Capture Duo recording software for iPad.

PreSonus is famous for its tightly integrated hardware/software solutions, and the AudioBox i series is no exception. Of course you get Studio One Artist. But we didn't stop there!

PreSonus' award-winning analog signal processors and microphone preamps have long been popular among top professionals and home enthusiasts alike. So when you see the name PreSonus, you expect top audio quality - and the AudioBox i series delivers.

AudioBox iOne and iTwo are mobile interfaces in the best sense of the term. They can sit on a tabletop or fit in the pocket of a backpack or laptop bag and are powered by the USB bus, so you don't have to mess with a "wall wart" power supply or AC cord. And they're built to withstand the rigors of travel.

The AudioBox i series consists of two great 24-bit, 96 kHz mobile-recording solutions: the compact AudioBox iTwo and subcompact AudioBox iOne.
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Cat: 577763 Rel: 10 Jul 19 • View all Synth modules
8HP Eurorack module featuring two identical VCA's
Notes: Module A-132-3 is composed of two identical voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA). Each VCA has a manual gain control and a control voltage input with attenuator. The character of the control scale can be switched to linear or exponential. All inputs and outputs are DC coupled. Consequently, the VCA's can be used to process both audio and control voltages. The input has no attenuator available but is capable to process up to 16Vss signals (i.e. -8V...+8V) without distortion.
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Saturday Night Fever: 40th Anniversary (2xLP + 2xCD + Blu-ray box + 24 page book + art prints + poster + slipmat)
Cat: 578376 8. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. Bee Gees - "Stayin' Alive"
  2. Bee Gees - "How Deep Is Your Love"
  3. Bee Gees - "Night Fever"
  4. Bee Gees - "More Than A Woman"
  5. Yvonne Elliman - "If I Can't Have You"
  6. Walter Murphy - "A Fifth Of Beethoven"
  7. Tavares - "More Than A Woman"
  8. David Shire - "Manhattan Skyline"
  9. Ralph MacDonald - "Calypso Breakdown"
  10. David Shire - "Night On Disco Mountain"
  11. Kool & The Gang - "Open Sesame"
  12. Bee Gees - "Jive Talkin'"
  13. Bee Gees - "You Should Be Dancing"
  14. KC & The Sunshine Band - "Boogie Shoes"
  15. David Shire - "Salsation"
  16. MFSB - "K-Jee"
  17. The Trammps - "Disco Inferno"
  18. The Origin V Cal Movie Sound Track (CD 1)
  19. The Original Movie Sound Track - The Serban Ghenea Mixes (CD 2)
  20. Saturday Night Fever (Blu-ray)
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Cat: 695617 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Analogue VCO, switchable to DCO
Notes: The VCO/DCO is a voltage controlled analogue oscillator module. This can also be used as a DCO, eliminating the need for heating and temperature sensitivity. All functions except for the FM input are also available with the DCO. Sawtooth, triangle, rectangle and pulse are available as waveforms, with soft switching between the individual waveforms. This can also be done with a control voltage, so you have additional PWM modulation.

The power consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (40 mm).
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Cat: 668607 Rel: 09 Nov 17 • View all Synth modules
Slew Limiter/Lag Processor - 6HP
Notes: Voltage controlled slew limiter, AKA Lag Processor.

A Slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of change of the output voltage over time.

It is widely used with pitch CV's to obtain portamento but is also very useful for converting a gate signal into a basic envelope.

The module has independent time controls for rising and falling voltages, each with it's own CV.

- Current needs: +12V: 10mA, -12V: 10mA
- Width: 6 HP
- Depth: 31 mm (inc power connector)
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Cat: 732852 Rel: 27 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Ring modulator with internal oscillator
Notes: Erica Pico Ring is a balanced modulator (quadrant multiplier) circuit to create bell-like, metallic or robotic sounds. It has built-in sine-wave modulation oscillator for more versatility.
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Y: Definitive Edition
Y: Definitive Edition (limited-numbered 180 gram gold vinyl 4xLP + 12"+ signed art prints box set)
Cat: LTPGYBOX 1. Rel: 01 Nov 19
coming soon $98.43
Cyrnai: 1980-1990 (6xLP box set + 7" + booklet)
Cat: DE CYRNAI. Rel: 07 Sep 18
  1. Phobic In Ruins (1:38)
  2. Waydom (3:39)
  3. Noct (Mourning Glare) (5:09)
  4. Incision Tree (4:29)
  5. Sensitivity (2:54)
  6. Windmill (2:17)
  7. Be Happy Or Go Straight (2:17)
  8. Waydom (demo) (3:48)
  9. Burnt Shadows (1:57)
  10. Progress After Distance (2:01)
  11. A Prosaic Afternoon (1:30)
  12. Power To Wait (1:54)
  13. Kemoflosh 2 (4:03)
  14. The Day Inside (2:21)
  15. In Your House (bonus 7") (2:41)
  16. The Holy Hour (1:42)
  17. It's Her Factory (1:32)
  18. Constant (4:57)
  19. Red Carpet Hallways (3:07)
  20. Dungeon Of Leftovers (2:37)
  21. The Pitchfork Of Womanhood (6:59)
  22. Prison Tree Duet (1:20)
  23. Numb Machinery (1:01)
  24. White Sky Moving (2:03)
  25. Tibetan Bowls Signaling (8:12)
  26. Fluorescent Nerve Endings (0:18)
  27. Spirals & Diameters (4:06)
  28. Clutching A Pencil (3:01)
  29. Time Has The Humor (4:07)
  30. Cinder Theory (2:54)
  31. Indoor Lighting (2:39)
  32. I Was Over-Born (3:26)
  33. Dig A Hole (5:22)
  34. Oh, Sun Come In! (2:38)
  35. A Goodbye Peck (1:31)
  36. Storing The Past In Formaldehyde (0:31)
  37. Prison Tree (4:43)
  38. Dreamer's Paralysis (5:29)
  39. Have You Heard My Life (4:31)
  40. Ride Into Your Energy (2:45)
  41. Is It Colored Numbers? (3:43)
  42. A Thousand Eyes On One Street (3:15)
  43. Going Under Hypnotized (2:02)
  44. Hallucination, Custom Cut (5:06)
  45. Robot State (1:46)
  46. I Will Have You (3:12)
  47. A Rainbow Of Business (1:59)
  48. The Promise Of Happiness (2:59)
  49. Brushed With Water (2:57)
  50. Oh Why (3:05)
  51. My Nocturnal Journal (2:36)
  52. Reclusist (3:42)
  53. Everlasting Eye (3:07)
  54. To Subtle-Drive (7:27)
  55. Techno-Guillotine (5:38)
  56. Pocket Zimbabwe (2:58)
  57. It's A Crazy Fear (3:02)
  58. Subliminalogy (5:01)
  59. Far Above The Clouds (3:29)
  60. Electric Meditation (4:11)
  61. Falling (0:49)
  62. Suppressionist (3:40)
  63. Death Row Lingo (5:19)
  64. Climb The Sun (5:17)
  65. Lost Your Soul (6:33)
  66. Backbone Beat (4:27)
  67. Friction Song (3:20)
  68. When The Morning Comes (3:56)
  69. The Guidelines Of Labor (4:02)
  70. Always (3:31)
Review: Dark Entries will reissue the first 4 full-lengths from Carolyn Fok / CYRNAI, an Asian-American female solo artist from the Bay Area. The 6xLP box set contains all of Carolyn's officially released music as CYRNAI between 1980-1990, as well as bonus materials. Most of these songs will see their first vinyl appearance ever in a deluxe edition limited boxed set (333 copies). Remastered by George Horn, the set features an exclusive 48-page booklet with photos, quotes, interviews and liner notes written by Carolyn and introduction by Greg Allen (author of 'Klaus Schulze, Electronic Music Legend'). Over 70 songs, 4 hours of music, spread across six records plus an exclusive bonus 7" of cover songs by The Cure and Gang Of Four all packaged in a black matte wrap box with crimson red foil stamping.

Carolyn's adventures in sound began with recording stories on a tape recorder at age 9 in 1976. A short time later, exploring the scattering of musical instruments and effects units her father left lying around the family home. She became especially fascinated by his TEAC reel-to-reel recorder that set off a lifelong fascination with sound design. By the age of 16 Carolyn had become inspired by industrial electronic act Cabaret Voltaire, as well as anarcho-punks Crass. Creating the stage name CYRNAI, a rearranging alphabet of Carolyn Fok, she played in several Bay Area bands including Treason, A State Of Mind, Trial and Rhythm & Noise between 1983 and 1991. Her debut release as CYRNAI, 1985's 12" EP 'Charred Blossoms', followed by the cassette albums 'Parts of The Insomnic Wheel' in 1986, 'Hypno-Seizure' in 1987 and two versions of 'To Subtle-Drive' in 1989/1990.

Despite having been featured in publications including Electronic Musician, Keyboard and with a long term association with Industrial music, Carolyn has remained an intensely private musician, artist and writer until now. However, she has launched an ambitious project that involves releasing her vast archive of music as a 'memoir' via her website memoirofsound.com. Having spent extensive time in the studio amassing around 100 albums worth of electronic and experimental music, field recordings, collaborations, band projects and more, these are now being released in one place. "Her time is beyond due to be recognized, represented and attributed for her contributions to experimental analogue culture with sounds still fresher than tomorrow." Eloise Leigh (New Age Rage, Berlin Community Radio)
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New Age 1982-84 (mispress) (5xLP box set + booklet limited to 300 copies (mispress: disc 1 contains New Age Transmission: & disc 2 contains New Age: Transformation. No returns accepted))
Cat: DE 250. Rel: 25 Jul 19
  1. Attunement (LP1: Transformation) (2:25)
  2. The Neverending Path (8:27)
  3. Transformation (9:53)
  4. Drop Out (4:47)
  5. Cosmic Consciousness (8:38)
  6. Love (6:58)
  7. Good Friday (LP2: Transmission) (9:34)
  8. Shiva's Dance (9:26)
  9. Moonlight (6:23)
  10. Transmission (12:37)
  11. Rising (LP3: Reflecting Light Vol I) (8:31)
  12. Spiral Dance (6:05)
  13. Seacliff (6:03)
  14. Diving (2:07)
  15. Turning Point (4:43)
  16. Koan (13:24)
  17. Reflecting Light (4:14)
  18. 9 Roses (0:18)
  19. Forever (LP4: Reflecting Light Vol II) (26:02)
  20. And Here (26:22)
  21. Rose Skies (LP5: Brilliance) (6:59)
  22. Brilliance (6:32)
  23. Eternal Dreams (5:42)
  24. Blue Wind (7:30)
  25. Crystal Flight (8:06)
  26. Starglider
Review: We are honored to release a 5-LP Vinyl Box Set from one of the key figures of New Age music, Suzanne Doucet from her incredible run of cassette only albums from 1982-84. Suzanne was born in Tuebingen, Germany where as a three year old, Doucet discovered her innate artistic gifts. Instinctively, she was always drawing, playing music, singing, and writing. By the age of 18, Suzanne was an established pop star in Germany with several #1 hits. She also made her mark as a composer, actress, TV moderator, director, engineer, and producer. At age 25. she took a sabbatical from the music business to go on a spiritual odyssey. In 1970 she released a triple album of field recordings and mind-expanding psychedelia under the name Zweistein. For the next ten years, she developed her own style of New Age music while exploring many areas of metaphysics and spiritual practices, including astrology, music therapy, tarot, yoga and the Kabbalah.

In 1979, Doucet launched a record label in West Germany named Isis, after the Egyptian goddess of feminine divinity. She formed the duo New Age with her musical partner Christian Buhner, and released the 1982 cassette album 'Transformation', which was inspired by a visit to Findhorn, Scottland. Suzanne and Christian recorded acoustic sounds such as waterdrops and vocals using sophisticated sound manipulation devices and muli-track recording techniques. The only electronic instruments used were the Jupiter 8 and the Roland TR-808 drum machine. The next year the duo began work on the follow-up 'Transmission', which released on cassette in 1983. After this release, Buhner and Doucet moved to Los Angeles, hoping to find more kindred spirits in the burgeoning New Age scene there. Doucet met Tajalli (William Wichman) whom with she would collaborate with on the 1984 cassette 'Brilliance'. That same year Doucet married Video Artist and Yoga instructor James Bell. Together they recorded two albums, 'Reflecting Light Vol. 1' and 'Reflecting Light Vol. 2', using a Roland JX-3P, TR-909 and a Steinway Grand Piano. Both cassettes had mirrored covers, a reference to the Zweistein jacket 14 years prior.

For the first time Suzanne's cassette music is available on vinyl, in a limited run of 300 box sets. Each is stamped with a rainbow foil of the goddess Isis and includes an 8-page full color magazine designed by Eloise Leigh with liner notes, photos and reflections by Suzanne. We also have a small amount of stand alone albums available housed in jackets using the original cassette artwork. All albums have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Doucet's career placed her at the forefront of blossoming New Age Music movement. "People all over the world become more and more inner directed", she says, "New Age Music is the music of the new millennium. We are all pioneers, our work is on the vibrational level, which is the essence of all being. Our inner environment and the outer environment are co-dependent. This is the reason why music is so important for our lives. Whatever I can do to bring consciousness expanding music to as many people as possible, I'll do... and I'll devote my total being to whatever I am doing!"
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Hittin' The Ramp: The Early Years 1936-1943
Cat: HCD 2042. Rel: 01 Nov 19
coming soon $98.43
Cat: 686027 Rel: 04 May 18 • View all Synth modules
4 channel mixer module
Notes: Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage signals. Up to four inputs can be combined to a single output each with its own level control.
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Two Tone 7" Treasures
Two Tone 7" Treasures (12 x 7" box set)
Cat: 506051 6093694. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Gangsters
  2. The Selecter
  3. The Prince
  4. Madness
  5. On My Radio
  6. Too Much Pressure
  7. A Message To You Rudy (feat Rico)
  8. Nite Klub (feat Rico)
  9. The Tears Of A Clown
  10. Ranking Full Stop
  11. Too Much Too Young (live)
  12. The Guns Of Navarone (live)
  13. Skinhead Symphony (live)
  14. Three Minute Hero
  15. James Bonyd
  16. Let's Do Rock Stead
  17. Ruder Than You
  18. Stereotype
  19. International Jet Set
  20. Sea Cruise
  21. Carolina
  22. Ghost Town
  23. Why? (edit)
  24. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
  25. Nelson Mandela
  26. Break Down The Door
coming soon $98.43
Cat: 712814 Rel: 29 Nov 18 • View all Effects pedals
Loop Core Deluxe with new features like Cab simulation and True-bypass
Notes: With upgraded hardware, the new Loop Core Deluxe allows you to record loop phrases up to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality into 99 saved memories. Stop Modes To finish your playing, you can choose 3 different modes:

1- NORMAL MODE: Double tap - Instant Stop
2- FINISH MODE: Plays until the end of the last measure
3- FADE OUT MODE: 10 seconds Fade-Out Importing and Backing up Your Loop Phrases Connect your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac with a Mini-B USB connector to import available loop phrases or to back up yours.

Loop Core Deluxe is only compatible with 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files.
Loop Core Deluxe Bundle The LOOP CORE BUNDLE includes the additional NMP-2 DUAL foot switch which is used to switch between loop phrases. Your recordings for verse, chorus, and bridge parts, can now be seamlessly accessed utilising the convenient DUAL foot switch.
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 1 in stock $98.43
Cat: 689863 Rel: 31 May 18 • View all Speaker stands, pads & mounts
Mid-size studio monitor stands with isolation-enhancing design, tilt adjustment & height adjustment
Notes: IsoAcoustics introduce the next evolution of their specialized line of speaker stands for the audio professional, music hobbyist, audiophile, and music lover. The new ISO Series of speaker stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers including studio monitors, home theatre systems and sound reinforcement.

With a lower profile and new contemporary design, the ISO Series of stands positions your studio closer to the supporting surface or meter bridge, and the new redesigned isolators moves the acoustic performance another step forward.

IsoAcoustics ISO Series speaker stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that provides a high degree of isolations and manages the speaker's energy to deliver authentic, uncoloured sound. This next generation of speaker stands effectively eliminates energy transfer into the supporting surfaces. Bass becomes tighter, overall imaging is enhanced and your speakers are enabled to perform to their full potential. Following the same design philosophy as the ISO-L8R Series, these isolation stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment to optimize the placement and performance of studio monitors by getting the tweeters in the correct alignment with the listening position.

Whether you're a pro mixing in the studio - a musician creating in a home project environment - or an audiophile who appreciates every nuance of music and sound - you'll hear and appreciate the difference with the ISO Series speaker stands. It's simply the best investment you can make for superior audio.


Designed for medium size speakers and studio monitors. These stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt to optimize speaker placement and performance. Isolate your studio monitors from the supporting surface and allow them to breathe so they can deliver the clearest and most accurate sound possible.

6.1"x7.5"/15.5x19cm Short: 2.9"/9.5cm Tall: 8.75"/22.5cm 40 lbs/18kg
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 6 in stock $98.43
Cat: 725936 Rel: 28 Mar 19 • View all Audio & MIDI interfaces
Easy-to-connect USB audio interface
Notes: - Integrated USB audio interface (will be identified and addressed as an external sound card)
- Full-duplex USB port (allows for simultaneous recording and reproduction) for reproduction of digital audio data from a PC and for recording mixings onto a PC
- 2 mono input channels with XLR input (mic) and 6.3 mm input (switchable mic/line)
- Selectable 20 dB attenuation and LED level display
- Input channels switchable mono/stereo
- 1 additional stereo input
- 1 x 6.3 mm jack output L/R
- 1 x 3.5 mm jack stereo output
- Adjustable headphone output
- +48 V phantom power, can be activated as required for each channel
- Stereo LED level display
- Robust metal housing of compact size
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 1 in stock $98.43
Cat: 446899 Rel: 10 Feb 12 • View all Vocal microphones
Dynamic microphone for live vocals, guitar, drums and public speaking
Notes: Featuring rock-solid build quality and a high-power neodymium capsule, the M1-S switchable live dynamic microphone is designed to provide the very best performance on vocals, guitars, drums and as a presentation microphone.

Featuring a warm response that is never muddy or undefined, the M1-S' smooth character and defined clarity offer incredible performance as a live vocal microphone. A tightly controlled cardioid polar pattern minimises spill and feedback.

The ergonomically designed all-metal M1-S body is engineered for maximum comfort when used as a handheld microphone. It feels robust, solid and perfectly balanced without being weighty or heavy, and handling noise is all but eliminated by the microphone's internal design.

The addition of an on/off switch adds versatility for artists, engineers and presenters that prefer control while on stage. A flush-mounted lock ensures the microphone cannot be accidentally switched.

For additional security the M1-S features an XLR lock that can be used to fix the microphone to the cable.

The microphone and steel mesh head are presented in an attractive and durable satin black finish.

The Rode M1-S live performance dynamic microphone with lockable switch is covered by Rode Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty.

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 1 in stock $97.47
Cat: 560438 Rel: 04 Feb 15 • View all Effects pedals
Envelope filter effect pedal with true bypass for maximum signal path integrity
Notes: The Micro Q-Tron is a smooth envelope filter with a funky wah-wah tone. The filter is controlled by its internal envelope follower, analyzing the volume of your notes and the dynamics of your playing to directly sweep the filter's center or cutoff frequency.

A stronger attack or louder note will produce a wider frequency sweep while softer playing produces more subtle effects. Use the Q control to make the effect more dramatic.
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 1 in stock $97.36
Cat: 588296 Rel: 01 Jan 90 • View all DJ cartridges
Pair of replacement DJ cartridges with elliptical styli and 8mV output
Notes: Replacement DJ cartridge with elliptical stylus tip and 8mV output.

Requires screws & nuts are included.
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 1 in stock $97.36
Cat: 737687 • View all DJ headphones
B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.***

The Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones have been redesigned, featuring the iconic split headband with a single-sided connection cable and a flip-away earcup for convenient single-sided listening.

With a frequency response of 16Hz to 22kHz, an impedance of 70 ohms and a maximum SPL of 120dB, the HD 25 headphones are ideal for any monitoring application; whether broadcasting, live recording, in the DJ booth or just travelling from venue to venue.
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Cat: 614138 Rel: 16 Jun 16 • View all Synth modules
Eurorack envelope synth module based on Roland System 100M envelope - 4HP wide
Notes: The second module in the Roland System 100M clone series, the System X Envelope on 4HP. Includes the addition of a range switch for fast/slow response. Even snappier than a crocodile sandwich.

For audio demo, please visit - http://www.frequencycentral.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/MoroderClarke.mp3
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NUX Mighty 8 BT Guitar Amplifier NUX Mighty 8 BT Guitar Amplifier NUX Mighty 8 BT Guitar Amplifier NUX Mighty 8 BT Guitar Amplifier
8W amplifier with 6.5" speaker
Notes: NuX Mighty 8BT is a compact guitar amplifier with features that enable it to be more than just a bedroom combo. Powered from the included 12V mains adaptor or optionally from 8 x AA batteries for portable use. The guitar input has clean, overdrive and distortion modes with modulation/delay effects and digital reverb. Settings can be customised for tone and effects and these are stored for each of the 3 modes. Deeper effects editing is provided by the Bluetooth link using the Might app, which is available from Google Play or App Store. A mic input is also included with a dedicated reverb send for vocals. A built-in drum machine is controlled by a simple but intuitive tap tempo/style button and rotary volume control. Aux in and headphone out complete the control panel to provide a multi-purpose jamming and recording amp for guitar players of all genres.
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coming soon $97.35
Notes: When you're on-the-go take your essential DJ gear with you in Odyssey's new BACKTRAK XL DJ backpack. Multiple compartments, pockets, and pouches easily store gear such as a 10" format DJ mixer, portable turntable, laptop, compact DJ controller and Bluetooth speakers, microphones, cables, hard drives, headphones, and much more! The BACKTRACK XL is padded in all the right places for ultra comfort during your daily DJ activities and for the ultimate mobility protection of your DJ gear. Hey DJs, bring that track back! And when your gig is done, pack up and head on out with your gear in a BACKTRACK XL now available in a variety of colours.

Fits gear such as: Akai APC20, Akai APC Key 25, Akai MPC 500, Akai MPD226, Allen & Heath Xone:23, Allen & Heath Xone:23C, Hercules MK4, Hercules P32, Hercules RMX, Hercules RMX2, Native Instruments Maschine Micro, Native, Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2, Numark iDJ Live II, Numark NDX500, Numark PartyMix, Pioneer CDJ-350, Pioneer DDJ-200, Pioneer DDJ-SP1, Pioneer DDJ-WEGO, Pioneer DDJ-WEGO2, Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3, Pioneer DJM-250, Pioneer DJM-350, Pioneer DJM-S9, Pioneer XDJ-700, Rane Seventy-Two, Rane Sixty-Two, Rane TTM56, Rane TTM56S, Rane TTM57, Rane TTM57 MKII, Rane TTM57SL, Vestax Handy Trax and many others.

Fits other DJ accessories such as: Laptops, Headphones, Flash Drives and Portable Hard Drives, iPads and Other Digital Tablets, Rane SL, Serato Scratch, Traktor Scratch, and Other Digital Interfaces, Laptop/Gear Stands, Cables and many other DJ essentials.
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Cat: LLBOX 0017. Rel: 22 Sep 15
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Serato Control Tone CVO2.5 (4:31)
  2. Powerful One (1:47)
  3. Return Of The Savage (feat Raekwon & RZA) (3:14)
  4. King Of New York (feat Raekwon) (3:35)
  5. Rise Up (feat Scarub) (2:06)
  6. Daily News (0:52)
  7. Serato Control Tone CVO2.5 (2:15)
  8. Get The Money (feat Vince Staples) (4:16)
  9. Death's Invitation (Interlude - feat RZA) (0:39)
  10. Death's Invitation (feat Chino XL, Lyrics Born & Scarub) (4:41)
  11. Let The Record Spin (interlude - feat RZA) (1:18)
  12. Let The Record Spin (feat feat Raekwon) (3:18)
  13. Blackout (feat Raekwon) (2:05)
  14. Resurrection Morning (feat Raekwon & Bilal) (2:47)
  15. Life's A Rebirth (feat RZA) (2:50)
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The 1966 Live Recordings (36xCD box set)
Cat: 889853 58192. Rel: 11 Nov 16
  1. Sydney, Australia, 13 April 1966
  2. Sydney, Australia, 13 April 1966
  3. Melbourne, Australia, 20 April 1966
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 May 1966
  5. Dublin, Ireland, 5 May 1966
  6. Dublin, Ireland, 5 May 1966
  7. Belfast, Ireland 6 May 1966
  8. Belfast, Ireland 6 May 1966
  9. Bristol, England, 10 May 1966
  10. Bristol, England, 10 May 1966
  11. Cardiff, Wales, 11 May 1966
  12. Birmingham, England, 12 May 1966
  13. Birmingham, England, 12 May 1966
  14. Liverpool, England, 14 May 1966
  15. Leicester, England 15 May 1966
  16. Leicester, England 15 May 1966
  17. Sheffield, England, 16 May 1966
  18. Sheffield, England, 16 May 1966
  19. Manchester, England, 17 May 1966
  20. Manchester, England, 17 May 1966
  21. Glasgow, Scotland, 19 May 1966
  22. Edinburgh, Scotland, 20 May 1966
  23. Edinburgh, Scotland, 20 May 1966
  24. Newcastle, England, 21 May 1966
  25. Newcastle, England, 21 May 1966
  26. Paris, France, 24 May 1966
  27. Paris, France, 24 May 1966
  28. London, England, 26 May 1966
  29. London, England, 26 May 1966
  30. London, England, 27 May 1966
  31. London, England, 27 May 1966
  32. White Plains, NY, USA, 5 February 1966
  33. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 6 February 1966
  34. Hempstead, NY, USA, 26 February 1966
  35. Melbourne, Australia, 19 April 1966
  36. Stockholm, Sweden, 29 April 1966
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Magma CTRL Case For Akai MPC X
Cat: 752794 Rel: 31 Oct 19 • View all Studio accessories
coming soon $97.35
Cat: 711983 Rel: 13 Dec 18 • View all Synth modules
Simple buffered quad attenuator with LED indication - 4HP
Notes: Noise Engineering Sinc Defero is a buffered four channel attenuator designed for control voltages. Two LEDs per channel show the incoming and outgoing signals, with green for positive voltage and red for negative, so you always know what's exactly going on. Thanks to the buffered outputs, it is possible to send the signals to multiple destinations without any voltage drop, unlike passive attenuators! Sinc Defero is therefore ideal for controlling various modules with one control voltage!
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 1 in stock $97.35
Cat: 686014 Rel: 04 May 18 • View all Synth modules
Clock divider/multiplier module
Notes: Div is a 2 channel, voltage controlled clock divider and multiplier. Incoming clock signals can be multiplied or divided by a factor of 16 with a multitude of values in between.

CV inputs provide external control of the current clock rate, allowing for the creation of dynamic rhythms from a single clock signal.
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 2 in stock $97.35
Cat: 680016 Rel: 12 Mar 18 • View all Synth modules
Compact voltage controlled LFO featuring 8 waveforms
Notes: LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator. 8 waveforms are available with smooth morphing between each, allowing for complex and unique patterns.

In addition to sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms on the primary output, four alternate waveforms are accessible simultaneously via the secondary waveform output. The alternate waveforms have been designed with modulation in mind and provide an innovative voltage source to use on filters, oscillators, and everything else.

Animate your modulations with LFO.
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 2 in stock $97.35
Cat: 686016 Rel: 04 May 18 • View all Synth modules
Rhythmic pattern generator
Notes: Euclid is a rhythmic pattern generator based on ideas originally presented by Euclid, the Greek mathematician. The Euclidean algorithm can be adapted to create rhythms by taking the total number of active steps in a sequence, and then distributing them across the entirety of the pattern.

This creates cyclical rhythms that are immediately musical and can be used for everything from EDM to IDM. Bring your patches full circle with Euclid.
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Hercules DJ Party Set Controller, Headphones & LED Wristbands With Serato DJ Lite
coming soon $97.35
Cat: 420665 Rel: 19 May 11 • View all Studio monitors
Pair of compact studio monitor speakers
Notes: Kurzweil is pleased to present the new affordable compact self-powered KS-40A monitor speakers. The Kurzweil KS-40A system is a solid value, competing favorably with other monitors in and above its price range.

Kurzweil believe the most accurate sound comes from the right combination of ingredients. Housed in a heavy, thick-walled and non-resonant wood cabinet, the Kurzweil KS-40A speakers sport a magnetically shielded 2-way bass reflex design and a compact footprint.

Featuring a premium 3/4" dome tweeter and wide-range 4" woofer, 20W RMS system amplification and separate volume and bass adjustments, the Kurzweil KS-40A system is an ideal monitoring solution for the personal project studio or keyboard setup.

High frequencies are crisp and clear, low frequencies are balanced and warm, imparting a transparent sound to the Kurzweil KS-40A with equal amounts of presence and clarity. For musicians who are on a budget but are unwilling to compromise when it comes to sound quality, the KS-40A speakers are the perfect choices.

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 2 in stock $97.34
Cat: 590217 Rel: 27 May 16 • View all Synth module accessories
Extruded aluminium 60 HP Eurorack case, power module not included
Notes: This is an extruded aluminum Eurorack case with wood sides (no modules included). Up to 1.9" module depth. Requires separate Eurorack power module for use.

Includes sliding nuts and screws.
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 1 in stock $97.25
Cat: 493510 Rel: 14 Jun 13 • View all Effects units
Single channel automatic feedback destroyer with integrated effects
Notes: Thanks to it's intelligent learn mode, the Behringer FBQ100 can automatically equalize your PA and protect your sound system from feedback. Behringer's search algorithm ensures feedback frequencies are attenuated within a fraction of a second, using narrow 1/60 octave single shot filters. The remaining filters automatically take action as required, adjusting only the specific frequencies causing the feedback, so your music stays powerful and alive.

The adjustable mic preamp, with switchable +48V phantom power and ultra low noise technology, guarantees noise free, ultra musical sound. You can choose professional studio (+4dB) or microphone output level, so the FBQ100 can be directly connected to the mic input of a recording device. Virtually any type of signal can be connected and converted.

Delay lines are required to compensate for time variations resulting from speaker positioning in large venues. The FBQ100's delay can be adjusted in meters, feet or milliseconds. The maximum delay time of 2.5 seconds corresponds to a distance of 850 meters. Combining several FBQ100s with the optional rack mount kit puts a complete professional loudspeaker management system at your fingertips.

Like a sonic Swiss army knife, you'll want the FBQ100 close at hand for all your gigs and studio engagements. In fact, you'll want several, which is why they are sized to fit five across your rack.
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Cat: 714252 Rel: 12 Dec 18 • View all DJ styluses
Replacement stylus for AT-XP7 cartridge
Notes: - Elliptical bonded stylus
- Tapered aluminium cantilever
- Durable design for DJ application
- Tracking Force Range: 2.0 to 4.0 g
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 2 in stock $96.46
Cat: 703240 Rel: 13 Sep 18 • View all Audio & MIDI interfaces
Clock multiplier for the MIDI-master
Notes: The Audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier v2 multiplies the MIDI-clock of the MIDI-master, whereby the MIDI-slave runs correspondingly faster. The multipliers are 1x, 2x, 3x, ..., 8x, 9x.

If the multiplier 1 is selected, the MIDI-clock is simply passed through. With the multiplier of e.g. 2 the MIDI-slave runs at double speed. So 16ths-notes will be 32th-notes.

Very useful if you have a very slow song and want to add a new fast track to it, which is faster than the master-clock.

And good for polyrhythmic - especially for experimental musicians - if an odd division-factor is selected and MIDI-master and slave seem to be not in sync, but from time to time come together in perfect sync.

You can also set whether only the newly created MIDI-clock and mmc commands (start, stop, continue) are sent or the, at the MIDI-in incoming data, will be mixed with that.

All settings will be saved and restored at startup.
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Cat: 710381 Rel: 15 Nov 18 • View all Audio & MIDI interfaces
Stop & start DIN-Sync/Sync24/Sync48 devices in perfect synchronisation - version 2
Notes: You push the button and the audiowerkstatt din-restarter starts or stops the following sequencer at the beginning of the next bar (4/4-stroke only) in perfect timing.

If the sequencer is running, it will be stopped at the next bar and if the sequencer is standing, it is started at the next bar.

The device operates as a standard in "Sync24"-mode (24 clock pulses per quarter note). By holding the button when switching on, the device is started in "Sync48"-mode (48 clock pulses per quarter note).
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Cat: 716991 Rel: 15 Jan 19 • View all Hi-fi cartridges
Cartridge & stylus with hyper elliptical tip
Notes: Tonar 3600 H-Flip Moving Magnet HE Cartridge MM. The stylus features a special hyper elliptical diamond.
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 1 in stock $96.28
Cat: 705839 Rel: 09 Oct 18 • View all Portable speakers
Gold mini portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 30 hours battery life
Notes: Using the latest technology and high-quality design we bring to you the new Minirig Mini Bluetooth rechargeable speaker. With 15 watts of power this little speaker will be the soul of any party!

Travel easy and in style with a professional anodised aluminium body built to last - just like the battery.

All our products go through years of passionate research and fine tuning, then carefully hand assembled and tested in-house for the highest possible quality.

Comes with charging cable and 3.5mm aux cable.

- Driver: Custom 52mm with neodymium motor system
- Battery life max volume: 3 hours
- Battery life average use: 10 hours
- Battery life low volume: 30 hours
- Input power: USB (5V DC @ 800mA)
- Amplifier power: 1 x 15Wrms
- Bluetooth: 4.2 with aptX, AAC and wireless stereo
- Bluetooth Receiver Mode: Yes (line out/headphones)
- Bluetooth range: >10-30 meters line-of-sight
- Charging time: 2-3 hours
- Construction: Anodised aluminium and ABS/polycarbonate
- Weatherproofing: Splash resistant
- App: IOS and Android
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Cat: 588622 Rel: 09 Nov 15 • View all Synth modules
Quad trigger to solenoid motor driver synthesiser module - 5HP wide
Notes: SOLENOID can drive 4 solenoid motors with voltage directly from the power supply. Motor driving circuitry and CV input circuitry are optically isolated without any ground connection. Requires external power supply for driving motors.

Output pulse width a knob optimizes the trigger signals to be sufficient to deliver adequate signal for the solenoids. With shorter pulses, solenoids don't move in their full range, or move with less power. This can also be used for adjusting the dynamics.
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Cat: 634773 Rel: 15 Dec 16 • View all Synth modules
9 input/9 output pin matrix synth module - 24HP wide
Notes: The MTX9 presents a new take on an old classic - the pin matrix, famously incorporated into EMS and Maplin synthesizer designs. The MTX9 provides 9 inputs and 9 outputs to be patched to one another, whilst allowing for passive splitting of one input to several outputs and averaging summation of several inputs to one output (or more).

Each component of the matrix has been designed to use standard parts - the pins are 2mm banana test plugs and all cards of the matrix are easily replaceable. Whilst the matrix is currently passive, an active expander card will be available from FSS soon. The MTX9 is supplied with a dry-wipe marker and 10 banana pins as standard, with spares available from FSS.
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