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Cat: 407017 Rel: 17 Dec 10 • View all Street headphones
Headphones compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry
Notes: The Royale headphones by Aerial7 are a pair of luxury stereo headphones crafted from only the finest materials. From its soft, full grain leather ear cushions and headband to it's premium quality speakers, the Royale delivers unparalleled sound reproduction satisfying even the most acute listeners.

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Cat: 429725 Rel: 28 Jun 11 • View all DJ equipment cases
Flightcase holds 1 x 8U 19" mixer & 2 x CD players/turntables (fits any brand)
Notes: The Citronic CD player/turntable & mixer coffin flightcase is a robust flightcase for mixer and 2 CD players/turntables (fits any brand). It is ideal for the DJ on the move.

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Cat: 420366 Rel: 24 Mar 11 • View all Handheld recorders
Digital recorder with 8GB internal memory, SD extermal memory slot & USB conectivity
Notes: The Olympus LS-11 EU Linear PCM recorder delivers an unbeatable combination of high-tech audio quality, portability and creative flexibility, which ensures that crisp and rich audio recordings can be captured anywhere from the office to the street, or from the dance floor to the lush soundscapes of the natural world.

The Olympus LS-11 recorder takes the award-winning style of Olympus to the next level. Convenience has been improved with the ability to capture each superior audio file at the touch of a button. Designed to complement mobile modern lifestyles, the LS-11 recorder fits comfortably in the palm of the hand for maximum freedom and flexibility. It is ideal for musicians, journalists, podcasters and anybody needing high quality audio recording and playback capability on the fly. This pocket-sized studio captures audio files in superb 24bit/96kHz quality. A new editing feature even allows files to be edited in the device, while auto recording makes sure no important sound is lost by switching on automatically once a certain audio level has been reached.

In addition to extra long battery life, the LS-11 recorder boasts a whopping 8GB of internal memory plus an SD card slot to extend storage options.
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Cat: 412455 Rel: 06 Dec 10 • View all Hearing protection
Notes: ProGuard Earsonics Pro-Musicians Custom Earplugs give your ears the protection required to help safeguard your hearing from excessive levels of sound that may lead to tinnitus, deafness and other noise related symptoms. Fitted with the unique Earsonics acoustic filters developed over a number of years by French Musician and Sound Engineer Franck Lopez, your ProGuards will reduce the sound reaching your eardrum yet still allow you to hear the music with it's full acoustic content enhancing the lows and highs with it's built in passive loudness filter; regard it as a volume control for your ears.

ProGuard Earsonics Pro-Musicians Custom Earplugs come with a choice of three acoustic filters, 8 dB (soft Pad) used for low level protection will give excellent dynamic response,13 dB (medium Pad) allowing you to feel the musical sensation and 17 dB (Hard Pad) for efficient noise safeguard but still allowing you to hear the full acoustic experience. The Earpad is in fact the first linear Earplug with new patented loudness musical response concept, in other words the high and low frequencies are boosted to compensate for the ears natural susceptibility to lose the detail of these frequencies when the volume is reduced, a similar experience happens when you switch in the loudness button on an amplifier. The resulting sound will give amazing experience for musicians and audiophiles yet still give you the protection you need.

The custom earplug body is manufactured from hard acrylic making it completely durable, hard wearing and comfortable for long periods of use.

Check which Filter Pad is suitable for your application.

ProGuard recognise the importance of individual hearing products, we will simplify every stage of getting your own custom fit products made. Of course each product in the range will require impressions of your ears. The process is completely painless and will take no longer than 15 minutes. If you want to get a full understanding of the process where it is fully explained, go to the audiology section on this site. Because we offer a straight out of the box solution, arrangements will be made for impressions to be taken of your ears at one of our locations nationally. Once this procedure has been carried out, you just need to send them back to us in the pre-paid box supplied and in approximately 14 days your own Custom Fit hearing product will arrive at your doorstep.

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Notes: The SoundBITE Pro is a creative DJ's dream machine. Combining Red Sound's enhanced V3 bpm engine and a patented cyclic sampling technique, the SoundBITE Pro creates seamless loop samples that cycle continuously in synchronisation with the original music source. DJs can playback any combination of the available loops at the touch of a button to remix tracks on-the-fly and create stunning, individual performances. Carrying on the pioneering SoundBITE xl, the pro packs many new exciting features into this now familiar design. The SoundBITE Pro features a 1 GB loop memory that allows you to store up to 12 minutes of high quality wav audio loop samples right inside the SoundBITE Pro. You can create favourite loop libraries of up to 120 individual loops (6 loops per loop group program) and store them in memory for instant recall anytime.

The SoundBITE Pro features 96 kHz sample rate/24bit resolution ensuring a very high standard of audio quality, regardless of sample length. Via USB2.0 connection you can transfer audio WAV loop files freely between the computer and the SoundBITE Pro. This 2 way transfer process means you can sample from vinyl to the SoundBITE xl and transfer to your computer, as well as create loops and samples on computer and transfer them to your SoundBITE Pro for use in a DJ set.

Red Sound have included software for easy link up to PC & Mac. The computer software program can be used to customise and re-configure SoundBITE Pro's default loop group settings and define your own on any pad. All the same fundamental principles are featured, such as one touch sampling and amazingly accurate auto beat synchronisation. The handy reverse mode that reverses the playback of the loops and keeps everything in synchronisation is still present, as is the filter mode that applies analog style filter effects to the loop sample output. The external filter mode transforms SoundBITE Pro into an effects module is also present. The SoundBITE Pro is easy to install and comes complete with all the hardware needed to connect into existing DJ rigs.

And due to the fact that all Red Sound products are covered by a 3 year warranty there really is no reason why any DJ should be without this Swiss army knife of the sampling world.
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Cat: 347189 Rel: 11 May 09 • View all DJ effects & samplers
portable music player with extensive audio manipulation features enables you to create DJ mixes on the go
Notes: The pocket-size DJ system, Pacemaker is a revolutionary portable music player equipped with an extensive range of professional audio manipulation features, enabling limitless mixing between two independent channels. All mixes are saved to the hard drive. The Pacemaker device lets you mix, play and perform at home, work and play. Prepare and preview your sets on the go.
Bring your entire music library in your pocket.

Mixing functionality.

Dynamic beat detection: 0.1 BPM precision.

Cue: auto-cue at track start, and set cue point.

Change Pitch: alter speed and key of track plus or minus 100.

Bend pitch: momentarily alter speed of track.

Crossfade: set the line out and/or phones blend of the two channels.

Loop: set loop, split loop from end-point, split loop from in-point, exit loop, re-enter loop.

Audio effects: single parameter: hi-cut/lo-cut, two-parameter: roll, echo, reverb.

Kill All: reset and relaunch audio effects.

EQ: 3-band equalizer; treble, mid and bass frequencies -26 to +6 dB.

Normalized sound: globally normalize all tracks' volumes.

Gain: pre-amplification volume -26 to +6 dB.

Reverse play: P-switch. Press upwards to access features like pitch, looping, filters, effects and reversed play, through the alternate function
of all input areas. Press downwards for headphones control, as the crossfader switches to control the channel blend in the
headphones, and the headphones volume is adjustable on the touchpad.

Display: TFT display w/ 262,000 colours. 166 ppi screen resolution.

Rewind and forward: When pressing the P-switch, the rewind button sets the in-point of a loop, and the forward button the end-point. To adjust
loop in and end-points, press the P-switch upwards and either of the directional buttons, then adjust the desired point on
the touchpad.

Channel 1 and Channel 2: Press left button to control channel 1, press right button to control channel 2. Full mixing functionality is available for
both channels independently. Pressing the P-switch upwards allows for toggling between time played and time left
indication in the display.

Crossfader: Set at maximum left, channel 1 is alone in line out, set at maximum right, only channel 2 is in line out, and set in the middle, both
channels are at the same line out level. Any variations hereof are of course possible blend options. Press the P-switch downwards
and the crossfader switches to control the channel blend in the headphones.

Play/pause: The play button behaves like on any other audio player, but when in Mix Mode, the pause is 'stuttering', allowing you to search and
find the appropriate place to set the cue point. When pressing the P-switch upwards, the play button reverses the play direction.

Cue: The Cue button sets the starting point for the track and can also be used to create effects. When pressing the P-switch upwards, the Cue
button enables exiting and re-entering a loop.

Touchpad: The touchpad allows you to bend a track, change EQ values and gain levels. When pressing the P-switch upwards, the touchpad
allows for controlling and setting pitch values, filter parameters and audio effect levels. When pressing the P-switch downwards,
the touchpad allows for controlling the headphones volume. The touchpad is also used to navigate the track library and the device

Settings: The Settings button lets you turn on and turn off the device. When turned on, the Settings button gives you access to the settings menu.

Kill All: The Kill All button resets all effect values to zero, and lets you relaunch effects to latest values per track and channel.

Input and output: Line out connector, 3.5 mm stereo. Phones connector, 3.5 mm stereo. USB 2.0 connector, for data transfer.

Power and charging: Power connector, for optimal charging. Pacemaker charges from empty to full in about 120 minutes; for up to 18 hours of
playback time or up to 5 hours of mixing. USB, for alternative charging.

Hard drive: 60 GB. Audio formats supported: MP3, M4A (AAC-LC), AIFF, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, SND.

Mac system requirements: Mac OS X v10.4.4 (Intel) or later. USB 2.0 port. Pacemaker Editor for Mac. Download the Pacemaker Editor for Mac.

PC system requirements: Windows XP and Windows Vista. USB 2.0 port. Pacemaker Editor. Download the Pacemaker Editor for PC.
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Cat: 340856 Rel: 06 Sep 10 • View all Record trolleys
Trolley Deluxe holds approximately 65 vinyl records + 48 CDs, and the SlingBag approximately 45 vinyl records
Notes: Incorporating a hidden trolley system, smooth rolling in-line wheels, electroplated zippers and integrated combination lock, the world's best selling 12" trolley bag has been reinforced and strengthened to provide you with even greater protection and durability. The UDG Slingbag Trolley Set Deluxe will hold approximately 65 vinyl records and the Slingbag approximately 45 vinyl records.
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UDG Slingbag DJ Vinyl Record Trolley & Bag Set Deluxe (black) (trolley 2 x record bag holds approx 110 records)
Cat: 232592 Rel: 18 Aug 06 • View all Record trolleys
Trolley holds 65 records, shoulder bag holds 45 records
Notes: Incorporating a new hidden trolley system, smooth rolling in-line wheels, electroplated zippers and integrated combination lock, the world's best selling 12" trolley bag has been reinforced and strengthened to provide you with even greater protection and durability. The UDG Slingbag Trolley Set Deluxe will hold approximately 65 vinyl records and the Slingbag approximately 45 vinyl records.
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