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Life Is Unfair (3xLP box set + 2xCD + DVD + insert + booklet)
Cat: TPLP 1414BOX. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Girl Singing In The Wreckage (LP1: England Made Me) (2:42)
  2. England Made Me (4:00)
  3. New Baby Boom (2:11)
  4. It's Only The End Of The World (5:10)
  5. Ideal Home (2:39)
  6. Child Psychology (4:07)
  7. IC One Female (2:20)
  8. Up Town Top Ranking (3:56)
  9. Swinging (3:52)
  10. Kidnapping An Heiress (2:46)
  11. Wonderful Life (2:14)
  12. Hated Sunday (3:16)
  13. The Art Of Driving (LP2: The Fact Of Life) (4:25)
  14. Weekend (2:27)
  15. The English Motorway System (4:41)
  16. May Queen (3:39)
  17. Sex Life (2:57)
  18. French Rock 'n' Roll (3:02)
  19. The Facts Of Life (4:38)
  20. Straight Life (4:08)
  21. Gift Horse (3:31)
  22. The Deverell Twins (2:43)
  23. Goodnight Kiss (3:39)
  24. The School Song (LP3: Passionoia) (3:40)
  25. GSOH-QED (3:46)
  26. British Racing Queen (4:33)
  27. Being Number One (3:26)
  28. The New Diana (2:51)
  29. These Are The Things (3:58)
  30. Andrew Ridgeley (3:47)
  31. When Britain Refused To Sing (3:12)
  32. Girls Guide For The Modern Diva (4:08)
  33. I Ran All The Way Home (4:25)
  34. The Facts Of Life (CD1: BBrexit - single version)
  35. Start As You Mean To Go On
  36. Soul Boy
  37. The Facts Of Life (Chocolate Layers remix)
  38. Up Town Top Ranking
  39. Brutality
  40. Watch The Angel Not The Wire
  41. Rock 'n' Roll Suicide (BBC Session)
  42. The Art Of Driving (BBC Session)
  43. Straight Life (BBC Session)
  44. Goodnight Kiss (BBC Session)
  45. Land Of Our Fathers
  46. 17 & Deadly
  47. Passionoia Mega Mix
  48. Lord Lucan Is Missing (live)
  49. Keep It In The Family
  50. Do You Believe In God?
  51. England Made Me (CD2: live Is Unfair: At The Astoria 09/03/2003)
  52. The School Song
  53. Being Number One
  54. These Are The Things
  55. The English Motorway System
  56. Straight Life
  57. Girls Guide For The Modern Era
  58. The New Diana
  59. Swinging
  60. The Fascts Of Life
  61. British Racing Queen
  62. Child Psychology
  63. Lord Lucan Is Missing
  64. Andrew Ridgeley
  65. Girl Singing In The Wreckage
  66. Wonderful Life (DVD: live At The Train Driver In Eyeliner Event At The Forum On 27 October 2018)
  67. British Racing Queen
  68. England Made Me
  69. Girl Singing In The Wreckage
  70. IC One Female
  71. Child Psychology
  72. Lord Lucan Is Missing
  73. Child Psychology (Promo)
  74. England Made Me (Promo)
  75. The Facts Of Life (Promo)
  76. The Art Of Driving (Promo)
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Cat: 695618 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Analogue VCA with built-in oscilloscope
Notes: The Visual VCA is a voltage controlled, analogue amplifier module with additional waveform display. The signal amplification can be regulated via the two CV inputs. CV1 is usually controlled by the envelope. A special feature is CV2, because this input can only be used in conjunction with CV1 and is normally used for modulation effects. The integrated oscilloscope represents the waveform of the input signal and has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. With the interval controller you can set the sampling frequency.

The power consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (40 mm).
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quote 695618
Intellijel Duatt 1U Module
coming soon $72.73
Intelijel FSR 1U Module
coming soon $76.90
Cat: 747658 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all DJ controller cases
hardcase for NI Kontrol S4 MK3/ S2 MK3
Notes: A Digital DJ looking for a professional, durable case solution for your NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3/ S2 MK3 controllers? Then look no further, UDG have developed a super light EVA Hardcase designed for life on the road.
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quote 747658
Cat: 727186 Rel: 17 Sep 19 • View all DJ equipment cases
Professional, durable case solution for your Elektron Analog Four MKII, Analog Rytm MKII or Pioneer Toraiz Squid
Notes: A Digital DJ looking for a professional, durable case solution for your Elektron Analog Four MKII/Analog Rytm MKII/Pioneer Toraiz Squid? Then look no further, UDG have developed a super light EVA hard case designed for life on the road. Constructed from durable lightweight compression moulded EVA material with a laminated nylon exterior these cases provides protection against drops, scratches & liquids. Skilfully designed & moulded to fit the Elektron Analog Four MKII/Analog Rytm MKII/Pioneer Toraiz Squid, these cases are perfect for the travelling DJ that needs to protect their equipment.
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quote 727186
Cat: 745084 Rel: 17 Sep 19 • View all MIDI keyboards
Smart, versatile controller with 25 high quality keys, travel-friendly features & powerful software included - orange & white edition
Notes: A new controller keyboard from Music tech pioneers Arturia that excites both new users and experienced professionals alike. MicroLab is a small-scale MIDI keyboard with smart design features that you can take anywhere.


MicroLab features the same professional slim-keys as their industry standard KeyStep controller. The keybeds found on budget controllers are often not very inspiring, but the 25 expressive, velocity-sensitive keys on MicroLab are simply a joy to play. The hold button gives you instant sustain, and by holding the shift key, you can access the "Chord" mode, letting you program in a chord and replay with just one finger.


The rubberized shell protects MicroLab from and bumps and scrapes when you're on the move, and also features a recess that perfectly fits the USB cable, letting you store or pack it easily. MicroLab also includes capacitive mod and pitch controls that work in the same way that touchscreens do, these also let you swipe through and select presets with a tap. You can also quickly switch MIDI channels via the dedicated knob and numbered keys.


Arturia have designed this controller to work with you, and not get in the way. Because the cable is recessed, you can push it right up against other gear in your studio without cables getting in the way. It's the width of the average plane and train tray table, and the shell stops it from sliding around. The keys are also recessed slightly into the body, nothing sticks out, so there's nothing to catch when you slip it into your backpack.


MicroLab includes 3 great software titles for free:

- Analog Lab Lite - Explore 600 fantastic presets taken from Arturia's award-winning V Collection series. Analog and digital synths, classic organs and pianos.
- UVI Grand Piano Model D - A beautifully sampled Steinway for you to play using MicroLab's expressive, velocity-sensitive keys.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track - A powerful and innovative software studio to record, sequence, and mix your tracks. Make music right out of the box.
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quote 745084
Popular Soviet Songs & Youth Music
Popular Soviet Songs & Youth Music (trifold 3xLP + white vinyl 7")
Cat: VOD 155LP8/9/10.
  1. Tier Of Veils
  2. Ram
  3. Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI: Duir
  4. Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI: Zone
  5. Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI: Straif (La Mere Du Bois) Z Estrif
  6. Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI: White Track (Fire Frost)
  7. Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI: Veil
  8. Pesach
  9. Decoy
  10. Yezidi
  11. (Good Day)
  12. Yezidi Circle Trap: Signal
  13. Yezidi Circle Trap: Sidi
  14. Yezidi Circle Trap: Birch Brake
  15. Yezidi Circle Trap: Sein
  16. Yezidi Circle Trap: Spin (Helissein)
  17. Yezidi Circle Trap: Tan-Tal
  18. Ma-Ja
  19. Whip
  20. Veil
  21. Fearn
  22. Beak & Snout: Burning Bush
  23. Beak & Snout: Sheol
  24. Beak & Snout: Veil (Sloe Semen)
  25. Beak & Snout: Signal
  26. Charm: Chirm Ela
  27. Charm: Chirm Geis
  28. Charm: Charm Aliso
  29. Charm: Shewel
  30. Yezidi (Say)
  31. Beak & Snout: Sidhe (Riuben)
  32. Beak & Snout: Marsh
  33. Beak & Snout: Swine
  34. Beak & Snout: Marsh
  35. Beak & Snout: Signal (Circe)
  36. Beak & Snout: Migration
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Cat: 748410 Rel: 18 Sep 19 • View all DJ mixer parts
New Mini InnoFader Pro, set up for the Reloop Spin
Notes: The new mini innoFADER PRO can turn any ordinary mixer or controller into a true scratch machine for minimal cost. This model is for the Reloop Spin and comes setup to just drop in and go.

The mini innoFADER PRO offers unparalleled precision and adjustability. It can respond to DJ movements in less than a millisecond. And now the fader itself can be adjusted by controls on the front panel using the additional innoJUSTER style controls. DJs can get the dead space down to 0.1mm for super tight and fast cuts, or go to 1mm or so for clean beat juggling. The mini Innofader Pro comes standard with either light tension for scratching.
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quote 748410
Cat: 695604 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
MFB-522/Tanzbar style analogue bass drum module
Notes: The Bass-522 module is based on the 522 circuit and offers a punchy attack, long decay and wider pitch range. Adjustable noise and pitch envelope have also been added.

The sound can be triggered by Gate, M-Bus and signals like piezo pickups, dynamic mics and drum pads. The Sense parameter decides the sensibility and dynamic of attack, amplitude. decay and pitch.

The following parameters are available and can be controlled by CV:

TONE dampens the attack transient.
DECAY sets the release time of the amplitude.
TUNE defines the basic pitch from around 35 to 70 Hz.
PITCH controls the amount of pitch envelope.
NOISE mixes the noise floor (no CV control).

The module offers the new developed M-Bus connector which means you can you control everything via MIDI/CV interface or the new MFB SEQ-01 Pro Drum Sequencer without additional patching. The following addresses are supported:

Trigger with Velocity - MIDI Note #35 or #36 (switchable) and controller values for Tone, Decay, Tube, Pitch and Noise Decay.

The module has a width of 8HP (40mm).
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Cat: 695615 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Classic envelope generator - 8HP
Notes: The ADSR module is a voltage-controlled envelope generator. Normally, the characteristic is logarithmic, but a linear part can be added. With the help of the loop button, the envelope can also be used as an LFO, then Attack and Decay determine the frequency that goes far beyond 100 Hz. Another special feature is the CV inputs for Attack, Decay and Release. This can be used e.g. control or modulate the times externally. In addition to the normal output, there is an inverted output in parallel.

The power consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (40 mm).
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Cat: 695619 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Analogue 24db lowpass filter - 8HP
Notes: The 24dB VCF SSI is a voltage controlled analogue low pass filter module with the new SSI2144 chip. In addition, it has a 12dB output that works either as a low pass or bandpass (+/- 12dB). There are two inputs, one with attenuator. Another CV input with attenuator is available for the cut-off frequency. The resonance is controlled either via a controller or via another CV input with attenuator.

The power consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (40 mm).
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quote 695619
Cat: 695610 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Stereo drum mixer - 12HP
Notes: The DRUM-99 module is an audio-mixer that has been designed for the modules of the MFB-DRUM series but also for usage with other manufacturer's modules. When using multiple drum-modules in a modular system, the following processing stages like filters or VCAs often lack enough audio inputs. To route a complete drum-set through a filter, a separate mixer like the DRUM-99 comes handy.

DRUM-99 offers five monaural inputs with individual level control. Tiny trim-controls are used to set the channel panorama position for the internal stereo-bus.

A fixed level stereo-input can accommodate the signal of one or more additional DRUM-99 modules. These inputs can also be used with the DRUM-06 module (Tom Tom) that also offers a stereo-output.

All five mono signals and the stereo-input are routed to the stereo-output that can be connected to two VCAs, filters or other sound manipulating devices. The output may also be used to connect the DRUM-99 to a mixing-console or audio-interface.

The stereo-output is designed for a possible summing with additional stereo-outputs.

The module has a width of 12 HP (60mm).
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quote 695610
Cat: 695617 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Analogue VCO, switchable to DCO
Notes: The VCO/DCO is a voltage controlled analogue oscillator module. This can also be used as a DCO, eliminating the need for heating and temperature sensitivity. All functions except for the FM input are also available with the DCO. Sawtooth, triangle, rectangle and pulse are available as waveforms, with soft switching between the individual waveforms. This can also be done with a control voltage, so you have additional PWM modulation.

The power consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (40 mm).
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MFB VC LFO Module (synth module)
Cat: 695621 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Voltage controlled LFO, switchable to oneshot mode
Notes: The module VC LFO accommodates a slowly oscillating oscillator, which is primarily used for modulations. It has five waveforms, CV input with attenuator and a control range from 10 seconds to 100 Hz. In addition, the LFO has its own reset input, over which the waveform is restarted. If you set the speed accordingly and have a separate reset pulse, you can synchronize the LFO with a sequencer. The following waveforms are available: rising sawtooth, triangle, falling sawtooth, rectangle and sample & hold.

The output voltages are maximum +/- 5 volts. The module has a width of 8 HP (40mm).
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quote 695621
Cat: 695607 Rel: 16 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
Clap module based on circuit designs of the MFB-522 & Tanzbar Lite
Notes: The Clap-522 Modul contains an enhanced circuit of the MFB-522 and Tanzbar Lite. You can edit and modulate the sound in a wide range.

As modular concept you have the possibility to control the parameter PUSE, SNAP, ATTACK, DECAY and FILTER via CV-signals from Envelopes, LFOs and Step Sequencers.

The parameters are in detail:

PULSE is the amount of claps between 1 and 7.
ATTACK sets the noise level between the clap repetitions.
DECAY controls the release of the noisy reverb.
FILTER defines the colour of the noise floor.
WIDE edits the gap between the single claps.

Beside sequencer generated analogue and digital trigger-signals, drum pads, piezo pickups and dynamic mics may also be used. Here the SENS controls allow individual adjustment of the input sensitivity. Dynamic trigger also changes the volume of the clap.

The module provides the new developed M-Bus connection. MIDI signals can control following destinations:

Trigger MIDI Note #39 or #82, switchable, with Velocity. Controller values for Wide, Attack, Decay and Filter.

The module has a width of 8 HP (40mm).
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quote 695607
Cat: 744065 Rel: 17 Sep 19 • View all Synth modules
4 input audio & CV mixer
Notes: Volts Platz has 4 inputs with attenuators. Input 3 is normalled to +ve for positive offsets (up to +8V), input 4 is normalled to -ve for negative offsets (down to -8V).

The first opamp stage now includes a switch to select x1, x2 or x10 amplification. You can take a direct (inverted) output from this stage.

The second opamp features switchable clipping diodes (LEDs) which clip anything above/below +/-5V. So 'normal' Euro signals go through unaffected. Flick the amplification switch and things gets dirty.

Patch a post-VCF signal into input 1. You can then use a combination of offsets at inputs 3 and 4, and CV into input 2 to explore modulated symmetric and asymmetric clipping.

Scale, offset, amplify, clip. Or just use it as a 4 input mixer.
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quote 744065
Cat: 747784 Rel: 17 Sep 19 • View all Effects pedals
Auxiliary 2-switch for the Eventide H9
Notes: Your Eventide H9 is one of the most advanced guitar pedals, but it only has two buttons. Unleash its full potential with a new kind of auxiliary switch. Meet the OX9 - a handcrafted H9 auxiliary switch with a form-fitting design that gives you more control and takes up less space on your board.

Stop fiddling with your iPad on stage and use your feet (like we used to do it the 20th century). The OX9's two additional buttons let you unleash the full potential of your H9 (with no hands)! The OX9 saves you a ton of pedalboard real-estate versus other auxiliary switches.

The input jack on the OX9 allows you to add another button or an expression pedal. The OX9's custom designed and moulded plug ensures you can still access every jack on the back of your H9.

The OX9 has a laser cut bottom plate, so it securely attaches to your H9 without hiding any of its sexy contours! Every OX9 is assembled, tested, and packaged in Klecknersville, PA.
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quote 747784
1977-2017: 40 Years Of UK Subs Singles
1977-2017: 40 Years Of UK Subs Singles (coloured vinyl 4x10" LP box)
  1. I Live In A Car (Summer '77 demo)
  2. Telephone In Numbers (Winter '77 demo)
  3. CID (single version)
  4. Strangehold (single version)
  5. Tomorrows Girls (single version)
  6. She's Not There
  7. Warhead (single version)
  8. Teenage (single version)
  9. IOD (live)
  10. Party In Paris (single version)
  11. Keep On Running ('Til You Burn)
  12. Party In Paris (French version)
  13. Countdown
  14. Endangered Species
  15. Self Destruct
  16. Another Typical City (7" version)
  17. The Spell
  18. This Gun Says
  19. New Barbarians
  20. Hey! Santa
  21. The Motivator
  22. Sabre Dance
  23. Jodie Foster
  24. Postcard From LA
  25. Betrayal
  26. War On The Pentagon (part 1 & 2)
  27. The Day Of The Dead
  28. Cyberjunk
  29. Riot
  30. Riot (version 2)
  31. Reclaim The Street
  32. Drunken Sailor
  33. Terroristos
  34. Product Supply
  35. 666 Yeah
  36. I Live In A Car (2008)
  37. Sin City Blues
  38. The Beast
  39. Predator
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The Elektra Albums: Volume 2 1970-84
Cat: EDSL 0029.
coming soon $51.95
My Finest Work Yet
My Finest Work Yet (limited coloured vinyl 2xLP + book)
Cat: LVR 00617.
coming soon $97.67
After Service (Standard Vinyl Edition)
Cat: MHJL 9798.
coming soon $74.81
Naughty Boys (Standard Vinyl Edition)
Cat: MHJL 88.
coming soon $54.03
Naughty Boys: Instrumental (Standard Vinyl Edition)
coming soon $54.03
Service (Standard Vinyl Edition)
Cat: MHJL 92.
coming soon $54.03
Ambiguity Manifesto
coming soon $68.57
Scanning (1982-83)
Scanning (1982-83) (10xCD box)
Cat: KYCD 1901-10.
  1. Sonagram, Nomogram, Polygram
  2. Cycloids I, Cycloids II
  3. Anisotropic Modulations I & II
  4. Anisotropic Modulations III & IV
  5. Anisotropic Modulations V, VI (Part 1) & VII (Part 2)
  6. Networks I, II & III
  7. Networks IV & V
  8. Radi, Intermodulation, Allotropic Radi
  9. Inverted Spaces, Counter Radi
  10. Array, Scanned Modulation
coming soon $76.89
Cat: 677050 Rel: 06 Feb 18 • View all Samplers
Micro sampler with 40 second sample memory & built-in recording microphone
Notes: Micro sampler offering 40 seconds of sample time, and a built-in microphone for sampling foley sounds and your own voice on-the-go. Sample any sound source using line in or the built in microphone. Melodic mode lets you play chromatic melodies and drum mode lets you play drums. Sequence it all and add effects on top.
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Cat: 661196 Rel: 23 Aug 17 • View all Hi-fi cartridges
Stylus & cartridge, featuring Magnetic Duplex Technology
Notes: The Goldring philosophy is to promote the accurate reproduction of the original recording, maintaining the creative nuances, musicality and rhythm the artist intended you to hear. The E Series is designed to capture this experience when used with all medium to high mass tonearms found on the majority of budget to medium priced turntables. This is achieved through the use of Magnetic Duplex Technology and Goldring Expert Adjustment.

The E3 cartridge, the highest in the range features the same aluminium cantilever as the E2, but benefits from a superior bonded, super-elliptical (0.3 x 0.7 mil) stylus. This gives it superior high frequency groove detail retrieval ability over ordinary elliptical (0.4 x 0.7 mil) or spherical (0.6 mil) styli due to its smaller front to back radius. Its main effect is the reduction of sibilance, especially in high level vocal recordings.

Magnetic Duplex Technology:

All cartridges in the range feature Magnetic Duplex Technology - a 'dual magnet' generator assembly which more accurately traces the record groove providing better stereo separation and a more involving and musical sound stage.

Expert Adjustment:

The E-series cartridges have been designed to allow micro-adjustments to be made during production using a special adjustment screw. This means the cartridge can be safely installed in a typical turntable because the angle that the stylus makes with the record surface has been pre-set. The result is an optimised channel balance with zero degrees of horizontal tracking adjustment required. This ensures a consistent and reassuring performance for the life of the product.


Featuring spherical styli with a choice of cantilevers, the E1 and E2 models are ideal as an upgrade to any budget, pre-fitted or obsolete cartridge.

The E3 model with its refined super elliptical stylus is a worthwhile upgrade for those wishing to squeeze even more information and detail from the record groove.
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 8 in stock $70.65
Cocoon Compilation S (limited yellow vinyl 6xLP box set + unmixed CD + insert)
Cat: CORLP 046. Rel: 28 Aug 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Love Over Entropy - "As If" (8:14)
  2. Stimming - "The Gift That Never Stops To Give" (6:17)
  3. Talaboman - "Big Room Anthemic Groovy Pounding Trance Dub Bomb Superb!" (7:47)
  4. Emanuel Satie - "Planet XXX" (6:48)
  5. Edward - "End Days" (6:13)
  6. Florian Hollerith - "KURZVOR12" (6:22)
  7. Raxon - "The Turbulent" (6:31)
  8. Mark Broom - "Jaded" (5:20)
  9. Egbert - "Tering" (7:43)
  10. Dino Lenny - "Keep Changing Basslines" (7:29)
  11. Neil Landstrumm - "Flesh Is A Prison" (4:56)
  12. Red Axes - "Hevk" (5:49)
  13. Love Over Entropy - "As If"
  14. Stimming - "The Gift That Never Stops To Give"
  15. Talaboman - "Big Room Anthemic Groovy Pounding Trance Dub Bomb Superb!"
  16. Emanuel Satie - "Planet XXX"
  17. Edward - "End Days"
  18. Florian Hollerith - "KURZVOR12"
  19. Raxon - "The Turbulent"
  20. Mark Broom - "Jaded"
  21. Egbert - "Tering"
  22. Dino Lenny - "Keep Changing Basslines"
  23. Neil Landstrumm - "Flesh Is A Prison"
  24. Red Axes - "Hevk"
Review: The annual Cocoon compilation is a perfect snapshot of what's going on in the more popular corners of the European techno scene. Curated by label head and Ibiza party king Sven Vath, this year's edition is a comparatively deep and melodic affair. A big shout goes to Talaboman for their excellently entitled "Big Room Anthemic Groovy Pounding Trance Dub Bomb Superb!" which is indeed a big room anthemic groovy pounding trance dub bomb, while Edward serves up a more twisted roller (the excellent "End Days"), Raxon goes deep with "The Turbulent" and Mark Broom hammers home with tripped out sci-fi banger "Jaded", amongst many other gems.
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Cat: 524237 Rel: 13 Mar 14 • View all MIDI converters & accessories
Compact 1 in 4 out MIDI thru box
Notes: The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru is a 1 in 4 out MIDI Thru Box. All MIDI messages appearing at the input are sent to all four Thru outputs. Active circuitry cleans up any skewing of MIDI data bits that has occurred at the input, ensuring reliable operation in setups that require daisy chaining or long cable runs.

The Quadra Thru is MIDI powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.
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quote 524237
Always Now (remastered) (limited coloured vinyl 5xLP box set + booklet in spot-varnished slip case)
Cat: FBN 3045. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Friendly Fires (2:43)
  2. Dirty Disco (5:20)
  3. CP (2:25)
  4. Loose Talk (Costs Lives) (2:45)
  5. Inside Out (2:56)
  6. Melt Close (2:54)
  7. Hit (2:59)
  8. Babies In The Bardo (5:11)
  9. Be Brave (4:42)
  10. New Horizon (6:01)
  11. Knew Noise (4:43)
  12. Up To You (4:10)
  13. Girls Don't Count (4:26)
  14. After Image (2:57)
  15. Human Puppets (2:55)
  16. Charnel Ground (3:52)
  17. Haunted (3:21)
  18. Je Veux Ton Amour (5:20)
  19. One True Path (5:44)
  20. Loose Talk (Costs Lives) (live) (3:26)
  21. Human Puppets (live) (3:12)
  22. Knew Noise (live) (3:38)
  23. Friendly Fires (live) (4:06)
  24. Girls Don’t Count (live) (4:03)
  25. New Horizon (live) (3:51)
  26. Haunted (live) (2:33)
  27. You're On Your Own (live) (4:06)
  28. One Step Backward (live) (6:19)
  29. Always Now (1:53)
  30. Visitation (3:14)
  31. Regions (3:50)
  32. The Wheel (4:08)
  33. No Abiding Place (5:03)
  34. Once Before (2:41)
  35. There Was A Time (5:27)
  36. Wretch (1:56)
  37. Sutra (14:44)
  38. Fallen Monument (1:36)
  39. Are You There? (2:05)
  40. Virtually Everything (3:25)
  41. Tape Loop (3:30)
  42. Subferior (3:24)
  43. Cry (4:33)
  44. In The Garden Of Eden (1:53)
  45. Red Voice (2:01)
  46. Floating (4:18)
  47. Reading Uni Jam With New Order 1981 (11:52)
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Cat: 358433 Rel: 18 Jun 09 • View all MIDI converters & accessories
Thru box with 1 MIDI input to 5 MIDI thru. mains adaptor included
Notes: The Kenton Thru-5 is a high quality MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI In and separate drive for each MIDI Out. It is powered from a mains adaptor (wall wart) so you can fit and forget.

PLEASE NOTE: Comes with UK 3-pin power supply
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Cat: 687873 Rel: 01 May 18 • View all Synth modules
Unique contact microphone & amplifier, based on Tom Whitwell's open-source module - 4HP
Notes: Ears is Mutable Instruments' take on Tom Whitwell's open-source Mikrophonie module - a contact microphone and amplifier.

A large palette of organic, physical sounds can be generated by scratching, tapping, and more generally collecting any kind of acoustic waves surrounding your modular case - even speaker feedback.

With its built-in envelope follower and gate detector, it can also be the gateway between external audio sources and your modular system.

Ears for your modular:

- Built-in contact microphone soldered right under the front panel, turning the panel and your entire case into a microphone.

- Increasingly spaced ridges on the panel, generating sonically interesting pulses or impulse combs when rubbed. Strike, pick or scratch digital resonators like Rings, Elements or the 4ms SMR.

- High-quality amplification stage suitable for external contact microphones, electro-acoustic instruments like guitars, or plain line-level signals.
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 More than 10 in stock $87.28
Cat: 710866 Rel: 13 Nov 18 • View all Record stabilisers
Premium quality, limited edition turntable weight in hand-numbered box, developed for club & home use
Notes: MasterSounds turntable weights are carefully designed to reduce a turntable's noise floor and thus improve the musical soundstage. Users enjoy improved bass response, tighter mids and controlled highs as the turntable weight reduces unwanted resonance when placed via the spindle on top of a record. These weights are just over 400 grams (+/- 14oz), light enough to not cause damage to a turntable's bearing system, but heavy enough to give sonic improvement.

The weights have been tested on a large variety of non-suspended belt drive and direct drive turntables with great success. Pressing plants try to achieve quality control on every record made, however there are intrinsic issues such as dished and warped records. MasterSounds turntable weights help to combat this too. DJ's love this, as it aids cueing a problematic a record prior to mixing and eliminates needle skip.

The weights have an anti-slip base, and thus each turntable weight has been designed to grip the record, which is fantastic for DJ'ing as it really stabilises records in the mix. Try using MasterSounds turntable weights for a couple of weeks, then remove to realise what a difference they make!
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quote 710866
Cat: 648930 Rel: 25 May 17 • View all Synth modules
Expander module for Pamela's New Workout - 4HP
Notes: Pexp-1 is an expander module for Pamela's NEW Workout offering additional dedicated fixed clocked outputs.

Extend Pam as a master to clock external gear with a super solid MIDI & Din Sync dedicated clock outputs.

Use extra fixed jack clocked gate outputs to free up Pamela outputs for more exotic modulation duties.

Connects to, and powered by, expander header on rear of Pamela's NEW Workout. Only a single expander is supported at any time.
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quote 648930
Cat: 718920 Rel: 23 Apr 19 • View all Synth modules
Expansion module for Zadar - 3HP
Notes: An expander for Zadar, adding one more assignable input for each Zadar channel and manual triggers.
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quote 718920
Emancipation (limited purple vinyl 6xLP box set in slip-case)
Cat: 190759 18061. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Jam Of The Year (6:11)
  2. Right Back Here In My Arms (4:41)
  3. Somebody's Somebody (4:51)
  4. Get Yo Groove On (6:31)
  5. Courtin' Time (2:47)
  6. Betcha By Golly Wow! (3:33)
  7. We Gets Up (4:19)
  8. White Mansion (4:47)
  9. Damned If Eye Do (5:26)
  10. Eye Can't Make U Love Me (6:38)
  11. Mr Happy (4:11)
  12. In This Bed Eyes Scream (6:15)
  13. Sex In The Summer (6:00)
  14. One Kiss At A Time (4:39)
  15. Soul Sanctuary (4:49)
  16. Emale (3:41)
  17. Curious Child (2:55)
  18. Dreamin' About U (3:55)
  19. Joint 2 Joint (7:10)
  20. The Holy River (7:38)
  21. Let's Have A Baby (4:15)
  22. Saviour (5:47)
  23. The Plan (1:48)
  24. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife (7:12)
  25. Slave (4:52)
  26. New World (3:51)
  27. The Human Body (5:34)
  28. Face Down (3:16)
  29. La, La, La Means I Love You (4:01)
  30. Style (6:47)
  31. Sleep Around (7:44)
  32. Da, Da, Da (5:16)
  33. My Computer (4:41)
  34. One Of Us (5:23)
  35. The Love We Make (4:35)
  36. Emancipation (4:18)
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Cat: 309170 Rel: 09 Mar 12 • View all DJ cartridges
Professional disco cartridge
Notes: A stylus that meets the high demands of DJs.

The special heavy-duty suspension of the headshell and the spherical diamond guarantee reliable tracking. An integrated weight ring creates heaviness thus allowing high bearing strength.

The design allows easy installation on all drives with SME-Disco Connection: Tighten the plug in screw cap on the tone arm, adjust contact pressure and even the professional record no bounds are set.
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Cat: 718725 Rel: 19 Mar 19 • View all Audio & MIDI interfaces
Intuitive 2-channel audio interface with 1 x XLR mic & 1 x jack input
Notes: Komplete Audio 1 is a simple, great-sounding audio interface with all the software you need to put ideas into action. From recording songs, to mixing down and playing out - it helps you go from a spark of inspiration, to finished results you can be proud of.

For the songwriters:
Easily record vocals, guitar, or any other instruments straight into your DAW in high quality. With Ableton Live 10 Lite, synths, and effects included, you've got everything you need to create songs.

For your story:
Whether it's a beatmaking vlog or a podcast you're creating, the interface give you everything you need. Record speech in high quality, then give it a pro touch of mastering with the included plugins.

For the performers:
Take your music to the bar, club, or anywhere else. Bag-friendly sized - it's a simple way to incorporate a laptop into your performance. Make quick, on-stage level adjustments using the big volume dial.

For the producers:
Break out of the box - bring synths, effects, and other gear into your productions. Flip samples from stereo sources. And polish your productions with studio-grade instruments and effects included.

Komplete Audio 1 - recording made simple:
Perfect for recording mono sounds like vocals and guitar at the same time. It gives you two different inputs - XLR for vocals, and jack for guitars or other line-in sounds. Plus, stereo RCA outputs let you connect directly to hi-fi speakers and play everything out loud.
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quote 718725
Cat: 549793 Rel: 05 May 15 • View all Drum machines
A pocket-size drum synthesiser and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-trig and punch-in effects
Notes: A pocket-sized drum synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-trig and punch-in effects.

Pocket operators are cleverly designed on a single circuit board. By placing all vital and sensitive components under the LCD display there's no need for an outer case. By saving this cost, high quality components could be used to guarantee the best possible sound and very low power consumption. The space under the display also doubles as a speaker box.

Experience a fresh new way to create music using your thumbs. With its pocket size, its animated graphics, real synthesizer engines, sync, punch-in effects, built-in speaker, alarm clock and impossibly low price, making electronic music has never been this much fun!
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Cat: 433906 Rel: 10 Sep 11 • View all MIDI converters & accessories
USB host to MIDI converter for 'Class Compliant' USB MIDI devices
Notes: Your USB device is plugged into the USB MIDI Host MkII instead of into a computer. It provides MIDI In & Out sockets for USB MIDI keyboards and controllers which have only a USB B type socket. For example, used with a USB-Solo, it allows the USB-Solo to be used in a standard MIDI setup, just like a Pro-Solo. It has a USB Host port (USB A type socket), a MIDI In and a MIDI Out (both 5 pin DIN).

MIDI data received at the MIDI In socket will be sent to the USB device. MIDI data received from the USB device will be sent to the MIDI Out socket.

The attached USB MIDI device MUST be 'Class Compliant'.

The MIDI USB HOST is powered by a regulated 5V mains adaptor (supplied), and can supply up to 1 Amp of buss power to the attached USB device. This product is supplied with a multi-region power supply suitable for use in most countries.
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quote 433906
Cat: 567651 Rel: 26 Mar 15 • View all Hi-fi styluses
Replacement JNP110 stylus with elliptical stylus and aluminium alloy cantilever
Notes: Replacement JNP110 stylus with elliptical stylus and aluminium alloy cantilever.

Fits MP110 cartridge.
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quote 567651
Sonic Temple (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (limited numbered gatefold 2xLP + blue vinyl LP box set + cassette + booklet + inserts + memorabilia)
Cat: BBQ 2151MXX. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Sun King (LP1 & 2: Sonic Temple)
  2. Fire Woman
  3. American Horse
  4. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  5. Sweet Soul Sister
  6. Soul Asylum
  7. New York City
  8. Automatic Blues
  9. Soldier Blue
  10. Wake Up Time For Freedom
  11. Medicine Train
  12. The River
  13. Bleeding Heart Graffitti
  14. Messin' Up The Blues
  15. Fire Woman (NYC Rock mix)
  16. Edie (Ciao Baby) (acoustic)
  17. New York City (LP3: live At Wembley 1989) (5:32)
  18. Automatic Blues (4:01)
  19. American Horse (7:07)
  20. Sun King (8:33)
  21. Soul Asylum (7:39)
  22. Sweet Soul Sister (5:32)
  23. Fire Woman (6:35)
  24. Sonic Temple Radio Promo (Sonic Temple demos)
  25. New York City
  26. American Horse
  27. Sun King
  28. Automatic Blues
  29. Yes Man
  30. Wake Up Time For Freedom
  31. Citadel
  32. The River
  33. The Crystal Ocean
  34. Cashmere
  35. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  36. Bleeding Hearts Revival
  37. Star Child
  38. Medicine Train (Rock demo)
  39. New York City (Rock demo)
  40. Fire (Woman) (Rock demo)
 in stock $75.85
Notes: British made high quality bespoke hand crafted 12 inch soft Olive backpack/record bag with embossed leather branded front. This Mukatsuku bag - exclusive to Juno - holds up to 50 x 12 inch records and comes with branded leather keyring, metal button badge, 1x Mukatsuku 12'' slipmat (nb.colour might vary from image), padded backpack shoulder straps, separate top carrying handle, stickers, inside zipper compartment and additional pockets for 45's/headphones etc. Please note this bag is not padded and is designed to be folded down when not in use for easy storage.
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Cat: 426908 Rel: 27 May 11 • View all Vinyl storage & shelves
Flat-packed self-assembly record box
Notes: The Glorious 12" record box 230 is a plain and solid storage system which holds 230 12" records. It is made of quality MDF wood with black shrink-wrap finish.
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quote 426908
Cat: 601627 Rel: 19 Feb 16 • View all DJ headphones
Professional lightweight headphones for high noise environments, 60 ohms
Notes: The HD 25 Light is the entry-level version for demanding consumers and cost-sensitive pro users who are looking for a good pair of mixing and monitoring headphones. The HD 25 LIGHT features a simpler headband design and slightly different drivers but brings a well-defined bass and detailed treble to any monitoring task. The headphones have an impedance of 60 ohms, a maximum SPL of 114dB and a frequency response of 30 to 16,000Hz. The straight, dual-sided steel cable (3m) comes complete with a 3.5 to 6.3mm (1/8" to 1/4") adaptor.
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quote 601627
Cat: 561425 Rel: 02 Feb 15 • View all Sequencers
2 x 8 step sequencer with a variety of sequencer modes and battery operation
Notes: When the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer appeared in 1978, it had a trusted partner in the SQ-10 step sequencer. Now, after thirty years, the MS-20 has been reborn as the MS-20 mini, and the SQ-10 has evolved into the more modern SQ-1.

The SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps. It's wealth of connection jacks allows it to be connected to the MS-20 and a variety of other synthesizers. Vintage analog synths or the latest compact synths can be controlled from this single unit. You can also switch between a variety of synthesizer modes and use the step buttons to create performances overflowing with spontaneity, just as when using a volca unit.

Liberate yourself from the numerically-bound parameter editing that's typical on a DAW; you'll enjoy truly musical inspiration as you train your ears and concentrate on what your fingertips are doing. Don't miss the experience of music that's driven by your instinct.

Rather than the commonly used V/Oct standard, the CV design of the MS-20 always used the Hz/V standard that provides excellent pitch stability limiting the step sequencers that are able to correctly control the MS-20. As a descendant of the SQ-10, the SQ-1 supports the Hz/V standard, enabling it to perfectly control the MS-20 or MS-20 mini. It goes without saying the V/Oct standard is also supported, and the voltage level of the CV output and polarity of the GATE output can be specified as appropriate for the device you've connected. This versatility will enable you to control a wide variety of other synthesizers as well.

As a connector, the SQ-1 provides two CV/GATE OUT channels, the standard MIDI OUT and USB MIDI, littleBits out (to connect to the littleBits synth kit by littleBits Electronics Inc.), plus the SYNC IN/OUT channel that allows you to connect to the volca series and monotribe. Compact and complete with all the functions you need, the SQ-1 is the ideal hardware sequencer.

The SQ-1 provides two channels (A and B) of 8-step sequencer that can operate consecutively, or be used in a variety of other modes. For example, you can run A and B following each other to function as a 16-step sequencer, ignore the order and make the steps play randomly, or use A and B to control different parameters as they run in parallel. From simple sequences to complex changes, you can choose from a variety of modes to suit your needs.

The 2 x 8 step buttons can be used in the usual way to turn notes on/off, but you can also use the MODE button to switch their function, opening up powerful possibilities such as letting you "perform" the sequence itself, as on a volca unit.

"Active Step" lets you skip steps mid-way through a sequence, and "Step Jump" lets you instantly play just the step that you press, producing irregular rhythms or effects that are reminiscent of short loops. "Slide" produces an effect in which steps are connected smoothly; using this to control a synth bass is an easy way for anyone to generate an acid sound.

Packed with carefully selected functionality, the SQ-1 features a compact and very sturdy sheet-metal body. Placed beside the MS-20 series, you'll notice a sense of solidity that gives the impression they were manufactured in the same era. The unit can operate on two AA batteries or on USB bus power.

Sequence step resolution is selectable as quarter notes, eighth notes, or 16th notes.

You can specify the way in which the step knobs control the pitch. The knob values can specify the pitch directly, or they can specify the closest note in a major, minor, or chromatic scale.
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Played by: Ali Renault
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quote 561425
Cat: 602205 Rel: 04 Apr 16 • View all Synth modules
Quad attenuator, attenuverter, mixer and DC voltage source - 28HP wide
Notes: The shorter and wider brother to the popular Triatt module!

The four handy knobs can act as active attenuators (unipolar) or attenuverters (bipolar) depending on the setting of the two-position switches above each one.

Each input is normalled to a precision +5V DC voltage source. With nothing plugged into the jacks, each knob controls a voltage range of 0 to +5 v or -5 to +5 v depending on the position of the mode switch.

- 2 modes for each channel
- 5v normalled to each input
- With external signals it acts as active/buffered attenuator/attenuverter/mixer
- Each output normalled to mix into the adjacent channel on the right making it possible to do sub mixes in groups of 2, 3 or all four channels.
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Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 (blue vinyl 3xLP box set + booklet in slipcase)
Cat: LITA 167LPB. Rel: 15 Jun 19
  1. Satoshi Ashikawa - "Still Space" (3:53)
  2. Yoshio Ojima - "Glass Chattering" (5:58)
  3. Hideki Matsutake - "Nemureru Yoru" (Karaoke version) (6:27)
  4. Ayuo Takahashi - "Nagareru" (2:54)
  5. Joe Hisaishi - "Islander" (5:01)
  6. Yoshiaki Ochi - "Ear Dreamin'" (4:43)
  7. Masashi Kitamura & Phonogenix - "Variation III" (3:14)
  8. Interior - "Park" (3:47)
  9. Yoichiro Yoshikawa - "Nube" (1:49)
  10. Yoshio Suzuki - "Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow" (3:21)
  11. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Dolphins" (3:18)
  12. Toshi Tsuchitori - "Ishiura" (Abridged) (5:07)
  13. Shiho Yabuki - "Tomoshibi" (Abridged) (2:44)
  14. Toshifumi Hinata - "Chaconne" (4:18)
  15. Yasuaki Shimizu - "Seiko 3" (1:11)
  16. Inoyama Land - "Apple Star" (5:58)
  17. Hiroshi Yoshimura - "Blink" (Abridged) (4:41)
  18. Fumio Miyashita - "See The Light" (6:30)
  19. Akira Ito - "Praying For Mother / Earth" (part 1) (4:01)
  20. Jun Fukamachi - "Breathing New Life" (4:49)
  21. Takashi Toyoda - "Snow" (4:49)
  22. Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Loom" (4:38)
  23. Takashi Kokubo - "A Dream Sails Out To Sea - Scene 3" (6:42)
  24. Masahiro Sugaya - "Umi No Sunatsubu" (1:13)
  25. Haruomi Hosono - "Original BGM" (15:51)
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